Like most of the tax scam labels, Dellwood is a curiosity.  Apparently formed in the mid-1960s by singer 

Woody Gardella, and based in Hackensack, New Jersey it actually seems to have started out as a legitimate 

concern releasing as series of obscure and highly collectable 45s that focused on local Hackensack / Saddle 

Brook New Jersey based acts:



- Woody Gardella 'Cute Dress' b/w 'You Should Know (I Love You So)' (catalog number 150)

- The Yorkshire Puddin' 'Keep Me In Mind' b/w 'Black Jacket Woman' (DEL 1)

- T.P. and the Indians 'Goodbye Good Times' b/w 'Ally or Enemy' (catalog number DEL-3029)

- The Yorkshire Puddin' 'Good Night Day' b/w 'Ain't Gonna Love You No More' (catalog number DEL-3932

- Detroit & the Intruders 'There She Goes' b/w 'Let Me Love You' (catalog number 106777)

- The Masters '(I'm) Just a Man in Love' b/w 'I've Made a Mistake' (catalog number 124658)


After going dormant in the late 1960s the label was reactivated in the mid-1970s, returning with another 

string of obscure 45s, many of them written and produced by Tony Camillo for Venture Sounds Studios

and Venture Productions located in Somerville, New Jersey:


- John Gates 'Someone Gone' b/w 'Tell Me You Love Me' (DLD-702)

- Jerimah Councill 'Amazin'' b/w 'Can't Smile without You' (DLD-703)

- Donny Kees 'Take It Nice and Easy' b/w 'If You Want It, You Got It' (catalog number DLD-704)

- Janice Koons 'If I Had It All To Do Over' b/w 'Living with Someone Who's Become a Stranger' 

  (catalog number DLD-705)

- Sandra Richardson 'Love To Be Your Woman' b/w 'Waiting for Goodbye' (catalog number DLD-706)

- The Albercini Sisters 'No One Could Ever Love You' b/w 'Did You Ever' (catalog number DLD-707)

- Bittersweet 'A Little Like Love' b/w 'Beloved Wanderer' (catalog DLD-708)

- Formula 1 (titles and catalog unknown)


If that history wasn't vague enough, at roughly the same time the label somehow got sucked into the tax 

scam business, closely associated with the better known Guinness imprint.  At that time the label also 

started to focus on releasing albums rather than 45s.  


Stylistically the known Dellwood albums are all over the map, including stabs at country, disco, rock,

and progressive genres.  Note the emphasis on 'known' releases.  A quick look at the Dellwood catalog

listing shows big gaps in the discography.  Were these titles actually released and lost?  Nobody seems 

to have the answer.



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LP cover Artist   LP Title Label catalog # Year Grading (cover/LP)


To see a brief album description and track listing, be sure to click on the 'Artist'  name.

Roe, Marlys All the Way Dellwood DLD 56002 1977 VG / VG; cut lower right corner SOLD $25.00

Butler, George Doin' It Doin' It Dellwood DLD 56003 1977 VG+ / VG+; small cut out notch on top edge $250.00

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56004 1977 unknown  

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56005 1977 unknown  

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56006 1977 unknown  

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56007 1977 unknown  

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56008 1977 unknown  

Arden House Coming Back Dellwodd DLD 56009 1977 rock


Pisani, Frank Sky Dellwood DLD56010 1977 rock SOLD $100.00

Fever Fever Dellwood DLD 56011 1977 disco $200.00

unknown unknown Dellwood DLD-56008 1977 unknown  

Zoldar & Clark Zoldar & Clark Dellwood DLD 56013 1977 progressive

SOLD $200

Disco Kids Disco Kids Dellwood DLD 56014 1977 disco $125.00