Even among the strange world of tax scam labels, the Diplomat / Rocking Horse label stands as an oddity.  The label started out in

the late 1950s with their prime focus being children's albums.  What makes the label interesting to music collectors is that by the 

mid-1970s the catalog had expanded their niche to include a number of more conventional pop and rock releases.  None were 

printed in massive quantities, so title like "Barbas", "Lemonade" and "Random Element" are sought after.



  Recent additions:



- 21 September 2010 - Added better photo of The Edens and revised estimated value

- 02 October 2010 - Added review of Random Element



- 02 February 2011 - Added entries for Kirby Donaldson Trio, Goldenrod, London Bridge, and Steve Sanger (thanks to Carl Weiss)

- 03 February 2011 - Added photo of the Steve Sanger LP

- 04 February 2011 - Added photo of Creation Station LP

- 10 August 2011 - Added photo of Rotten Punks LP

- 22 August 2011 - Added review of Rotten Punks LP



- 01 May, 2013 - Added photo of Kirby Donaldson Trio "Adventures In Paradise" LP

- 08 December, 2013 - Added photo of Goldenrod LP (thanks to Benjamin Lowengard for the photo)



- 03 November, 2014 - Added photo of London Bridge "Out Front" LP

- 03 November, 2014 - Added photo of Rocking Horse Orchestra "Cuddly Teddy Bear" LP

- 14 December, 2014 - Added photo of Danny Curtis "Doin' the Classics" LP



- 25 February, 2017 - Added  picture of Joy Mann "Mann" LP

- 25 February, 2017 - Added picture of Annie Maxwell "Annie Does Live Here" LP

- 14 October, 2017 - Added photo of Stix Evans Band "Lollipops" LP

- 14 October, 2017 - Added photo of Long Island Express "Makin' All the Stops" LP

- 21 November, 2017 - Added photo of Godfathers "Meet the Godfathers" LP (Thanks to Zach Barbera)


Came across your site while researching a tax scam record I won in an online auction. It is a Rocking Horse release for a band 

named The Godfathers. The most unusual thing about it is that it is actually signed by the artists. Which seems highly unusual since 

they were not meant to be even seen in the wild let alone have much artist participation. Ever see a signed tax scam record before 

donít have it in hand yet, so not much to go on aside from a few pictures  Thanks Zach




LP cover Artist   LP Title Label catalog # Year Genre


unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5500 1977    

unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5501 1977    

unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5502 1977    

Curtis, Danny Doin' the Standards Rocking Horse RHR-5503 1977 classical est. $20 - $40


Lee Reiser Pretzels Rocking Horse RHR 5504 1977 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap $100.00

Executives, The Live In Las Vegas Rocking Horse RHR-5505 1977 pop est. $20 - $40

Stix Evans Band Lollipops Rocking Horse RHR 5506 1977   ???

Long Island Express Makin' All the Stops Rocking Horse RHR-5507 1977   ???

Steve Clayton Steve Not David Rocking Horse RHR-5508 1977 pop  

Rotten Punks Rotten Kids Rocking Horse RHR 5509 1977 VG / VG for sale $60.00

unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5510 1977    

unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5511 1977    

Lemonade Lemonade Rocking Horse RHR-5512 1977 rock for sale  $100.00

Barabas Barabas Rocking Horse RHR 5513 1977 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap (opened)

for sale $100.00

Creation Station Creation Station Rocking Horse RHR-5514 1977    

Slow Poke Taking Off Rocking Horse RHR-5515 1977 rock SOLD $200

Edens, The Black Jack Rocking Horse RHR-5516 1977 jazz/soul $75-$100

unknown unknown Rocking Horse RHR-5517 1977    

Kirby Donaldson Trio Adventures In Paradise Rocking Horse RHR-5518 1977 jazz est $30 - $40

London Bridge Out Front Rocking Horse RHR-5519 1977   est $100

Cook, Doug Band Late Nights and Bar Fights Rocking Horse RHR-5520 1977 country for sale $40

Random Element Afternoon In Milan Rocking Horse RHR-5521 1977 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap (open and torn) SOLD $200.00

Ken Knight Scarlet Lady Rocking Horse RHR-5522 1977 VG / VG+; taped corners for sale $75.00

Steve Sanger Whatever Rocking Horse RHR-5524 1977 pop $50 - $100

Rocking Horse Orchestra Cuddly Teddy Bear Rocking Horse RHR-5525 1977 children's est $10

Goldenrod Goldenrod Rocking Horse RHR-5526 1977 rock unknown

Mann, Joy Joy Rocking Horse   1977 ??? $50.00

Maxwell, Annie Annie Does Live Here Rocking Horse   1977 ??? $50.00

Godfathers, The The Godfathers Rocking Horse   1977   ???