Welcome to BadCatRecords.  Over the years I've collected all kinds of albums, with a heavy emphasis on 

1960s and 1970s country-rock, folk, pop, progressive, psych, rock and soul offerings.  Most of these albums were 

purchase because I wanted to hear them, rather than with the intent of resale.  


I've kept the website design simple, slowly uploading a mix of obscure and personal favorites from a collection 

that once totaled 30,000+ LPs.  That's obviously way too much vinyl for anyone to own so I've begun to cull the 

collection down (making my wife and family happy).


Unlike a lot of other dealers I don't gouge buyers on postage costs.  I charge you the actual mailing costs and a dollar 

to cover the cost of  LP mailers and cardboard inserts I use.  


Since April 2004 the BadCatRecords website has had over 2 million visits.  That's not putting me in direct competition 

with Amazon.com, but isn't half bad for a small, after-hours hobby.  I've sold roughly 10,000 LPs and 45s during that 

timeframe and as of December 2022 had less than a dozen complaints about grading, or some other facet of a 

transaction.  Not perfect customer satisfaction, but not half bad.


If you're not happy with a transaction, contact me and we'll figure out some sort of agreeable solution.


Recent changes:

Started increasing size of LP cover images

Started increasing font size to 12 pitch Arial for better legibility

Streamlined the layout


March 2015 BadCatRecords was featured in an update to The Day After the Sabbath website.  You can read the 

article at: http://www.aftersabbath.com/2015/03/the-day-after-sabbath-115-top-of-scotts.html


January 2018, revamped and updated the general site layout


January 2021, set up link where you can LP reviews regardless of whether the LP is still available for sale.


March 2022, added link to top 50 recent adds