Every dealer claims they're tough and conservative graders so it probably won't surprise you when I say the same thing.  The difference is that I actually make an effort to be honest about it.  


I try to grade material based on Goldmine standards and since I buy this stuff to actually listen to it, virtually everything for sale has been play graded.    


If you're skeptical (and you should be), check my Amazon, Discogs and MusicStack feedback ratings (available under the name BadCat Records).  You'll see I generate favorable feedback from customers   


I also recognize that grading is highly subjective.  I'm bound to screw up from time to time.  When I do  just get in touch with me and let me know what the problem is.  We'll work out an agreeable solution. 


For what it's worth, here are a couple of recent comments from customers.  The first two remain my all-time favorite slices of feedback:


I am satisfied because the condition was very good. Thank you!!

Tetsuya Yamagucho (May 2015)



I feel that I listen to this LP happily. Thank you. 

Ishibasi Kimie (December 2006) 



Running a close third ...  Collectors are by their very nature a special breed, but vinyl hounds are in a league of their own.  This piece of feedback left me shaking my head in wonderment, if only due to the fact the individual had just left a positive rating on the GEMM sales site.  It clearly takes all kinds and in the end I need this individual's business about as much as he needs mine.  As the soup Nazi use to say - "No records for you !!!"


Feedback: Excellent - Avoid his website.  Apparent neophyte acting big like llama !!

Chris (January 2010)


Chris, Chris, Chris - perhaps you should think about getting a real life



Some other feedback that stood out:. 


I received the lp today and it's just beautiful.  Buying records online (and before that mail order) has always been a bit of a crapshoot, and it seems to be getting worse lately.  A large percentage of lps that I receive are just not as described.  This time, however, everything was exceptional.  Thanks very much for the accurate grading and the easy transaction.  I will definitely take a closer look at your website and place additional orders in the future.

Gary (July 2014)

Wow man. I'm just bringing my record store to the internet, and checking out the community, I've been so disgusted with most on-line stores, most of which are extremely boring or much worseófull of bullshit brags about mediocre records. ( No that's not "classic funk psyche," that's actually some middle-aged men from Reno, Nevada playing extremely crappy pop-rock.) It's often a matter of opinion but.. Anyway, your site is great, like a breath of fresh ocean air after working the overtime shift at the papermill.

Winch (October 2011)



I just received my copy of Buckingham Nicks in the mail today and I just have to say that it wasn't what I expected. THANK YOU!!! Having been burned a couple times by online purchases, I feared that my record might not be in the best condition, but this album sounds GREAT! Thank you again, BadCat Records, you've made my weekend!!!!

Kelsey (March 2011)



The priority package arrived today. Thank you for staying on top of this!  I will definitely refer you to other people. Also I like the fact that Badcat includes insightful reviews for the records. It's hard to find info on many of these items and I've found your write-ups to be very helpful and accurate.

 thanks again, John (March 2010)

First I want to say I love your web site. A lot of treasures to be found and my Visa is itching to pick up some of the stuff you offer.  Your Tax Scam piece is incredible and fascinating reading!
Eric (August 2009)



The LP arrived safely and in perfect condition. Thanks for a great LP and speedy efficient service.  

Neil (June 2009)



WOW!  Thanks so much for the excellent Del Shannon LP.  Perfect condition ...  Made my day!
Scott (December 2008)


Got the Royalaires here, nice copy indeed, thanks! Despite your reservations I think it's a fairly enjoyable frat/club LP with a nice live feel. Too bad the band members share no info except their first names -- circa 45 years later it seems likely that we will never get the story behind this album.

 Best, Patrick (April 2009)

 PS I admire your Justice page. I think you and I may be the last 2 Justice fans standing ...


Perfect - thanks!

Christof Ratzinger (September 2008)



Beautiful LP - Thanks for the transaction and quick shipping.

Larry Deering (July 2008)



Killer site my friend, one of the most user friendly record sites that I have been on. Your reviews are bang on as well. Regards John Ashley (June 2008)


Don't miss Bad Cat's great choice, low prices and fast delivery - the perfect seller!

Jeremey Moorehouse (May 2008)



Thanks for asking, the LP arrived 2 days ago but I wasnít at home, so I went to collect it from my local Post Office today. Just played it through and I have to say that if anything your grading was very modest indeed! Excellent quality and a most reasonable price for an album which, as you rightly state, has quietly become rather rare in recent times. Iíd like to say thanks also for the great communication and service Iíve received from BadCat Records Ė Iíve been a DJ for over 20 years and rest assured I shall be passing on your name to all my record buying friends Ė great job!

Jez Morewood (May 2008)



Hello, I received the Kaplan Bros LP and if this is any indication of how conservative your grading is, I wouldn't mind paying you full price for [the other LPs] that you have listed on your website.  Zac February 2008


 I got the LPs, and they're excellent quality! I am very impressed. The packaging is really sturdy. The albums are in pristine condition. And I'm soooooooo happy to receive them. Scott, thank you very, very much. All the best to you! Therese (January 2008)



Thanks again for the record and its speedy delivery.  It sounds Great! The cover and record condition is better than I expected.  I'm thrilled to have it in my collection. I hope to buy from you again,
Risha (December 2007)


Just wanted to say well done on this fantastic website. I use it a lot to check album reviews and find your comments really valuable. Unfortunately is does mean that I am spending far too much on those obscure 60's US LP's. I must get around to buying some stuff from you one day. 

Andy Larkin, Drill Hall Library University of Greenwich (December 2007)



Got the music today. Thanks very much. It sure was good going down memory lane. :-) 
After all these years I could still remember some of the lyrics. It's been at least 30 years since I heard this album. Wow. Or, as I used to say, Farrrr out man! ;-) 
 Julie (December 2007)



Got the records today. Nice condition on all of them. FANTASTIC ALBUMS!!!!!

Ben (December 2007)



I was blown away by the condition of the Buchanan LP and the Colours LP is sealed!  How on earth do you find a copy of a nearly 40 year old record still sealed?  I want to record it onto my hard drive but I'm kind of reluctant to open it!  Anyway, thanks for the great records. 

Michael (January 2007)



Perfect item! Super fast shipment! SUPER RECOMMENDED! THANKS a lot! A+++++   

Black Widow Records (January 2007)



I received "The Mob" LP yesterday. It was nice to do business with a honest guy.

Chuck (November 2005)



Received record; thank you as usual everything was on time.  Too bad not all the companies are as good as yours.     

Tony C (August 2005)



I do quite a bit of shopping on line and rarely have I come across an e-business as willing and eager to please.   Bad Cat records is also personable which is almost a lost attribute today.

Randy (August 2005)



I bought this record in 1988 at a corner bodega in "the hood" for $3. Eventually someone stole this rare item from my collection.  Now I have it again! THANK YOU!  and just on time...what an excellent father's day gift!
Maliq Griffin Eastern Conference Records (June 2005)



A prompt, reliable and honest seller...wish they all could be like this!  Thanks very much!

Seth Wimpfheimer (June 2005)



Just got the Kaplan LP, what a killer. Itís just fantastic in all ways, nice with the picture of them. Thanks for the deal.
Morten Larsen (May 2005)



Queen Anne's Lace LP which I purchased was in stellar shape, and a beautiful record to boot.  Many thanks - excellent seller!

Richard Lewis (May 2005)





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