Act of Creation

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Genre: pop

Rating: 1 star *

Title:  Act of Creation

Company: C.C. Records

Catalog: CC-BB-2031

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: still in shrink wrap (opened)

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 6218

Price: $500.00


The short-lived C.C Records imprint is a complete mystery.  Apparently another tax scam label, it was based in New York City, releasing a handful of albums with seemingly no interest in actually selling music.


In typical tax scam format, 1977's "Act of Creation" was a thoroughly anonymous affair providing no bibliographical, or performance information.  In fact, the liner notes didn't even get the song listing correct (more below).  Here's what the brief liner notes had to say:


"Prepare to enjoy yourself !  This album, one of a series has been carefully programmed to provide you with the ultimate in listening pleasure.  The Artists represented in this series are many of the new and exciting talents which abound in the United States. They have been gathered from all fields of music and all parts of the Country.  Many of the original compositions reflect the most innovative and contemporary writing.  Old standards have been culled from the lists of most requested songs.  They have been skillfully blended into programs to fit any mood.  The entire collection will enrich the musical life of everyone.  It s the sincere hips of C.C. Records, N/V, that with this series of musical presentation many of these young and talented new performers will become tomorrow's stars.  You may be holding in your hand a Barbara Streisand, a Peter Frampton, or a Barry Manilow of the future."


Yeah, this was essentially 100% crap.  


'm guessing these guys were a bunch of New York-base studio pros out to make a little bit of quick cash on the side.  So what did you get for you investment on this one?


"Act of Creation" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Won't Get Fooled Again   (Pete Townshend) - rating: ** stars

Giving credit where due, whoever these guys were, their cover of The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled' wasn't half bad.  It wasn't about to make you forget the original and, the synthesizer parts didn't exactly stick with the original score, but so what.  Still, as far as imitation went, it brought quite a bit of energy to the affair.  

2.) unlisted track   rating: *** stars

The second song wasn't even show on the liner notes. Starting out as an atmospheric jazz-rock fusion instrumental, the song's emphasis was on a nifty lead bass line. The track then morphed into a Yes-styled progressive piece, complete with tons of squealing synthesizers.   I didn't actually dislike this one, though the ending was a bit abrupt, as was the song's continuation on side two.

3.) Every Night - Part 1  (Paul McCartney) -   rating: * stars

Listed as 'You Can Feel It", this song was actually a cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Sir Duke'.  Technically the song was a wreck with the microphone sounding like it was lodged half way down the anonymous singer's throat.  This was nothing more than sub-par wedding band fodder.  Yech !!!    


(side 2)
1.) unlisted track

2.) Every Night - Part II  (Paul McCartney) - 

2.) You Can Feel It   (Vetter) - 

3.) Sneakin' Out the Back Door   (Stevie Wonder) -   rating: * stars

So why stop with one Stevie Wonder song when you had the opportunity to destroyed two in a row?  Sadly, though it was listed as 'Sneakin' Out the Back Door', the second victim of this aural abuse was Wonder's 'I Wish'.  This one was simply so terrible, you had to hear it - howling, out of tune vocals, blown notes, forgotten lyrics, and the flute solo was something that just had to be heard.  I'll give it one star just for the horror factor.


Easily one of the worst tax scam records I've ever heard.