Blue Water

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  line up 1 (1977)

- Debbie Bluewater -- vocals

- Geno Bluewater -- vocals 

- Joerey Bluewater -- vocals, guitar

- Sabrina Bluewater -- vocals 

- Sandra Bluewater -- vocals 

- Steve Bluewater -- vocals

- Steve Sr. Bluewater -- vocals

- Timmy Bluewater -- vocals




- none known





Genre: pop

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Blue Water

Company: H&L

Catalog: HL-60020-698

Country/State: New Mexico

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: radio programming sticker on top left corner

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 5878

Price: $20.00


This one's a mystery to me.  Judging by the liner notes they were an extended native American family - mom, dad, four kids (ranging in age from 24 to eight), and one spouse.  Imagine an alternative version of The Partridge Family ... okay the dad was still around ... 


This is nothing more than speculation on my part, but perhaps the mid-1970s attention garnered by bands like Redbone led  Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore's H&L Records to sign them to a contract in 1977.  Teamed with producer Paul Vance (who also co-wrote the bulk of the ten tracks), the group made their debut with 1977's'  "Bluewater".   Given the group cover photo I was expecting to hear something with a heavy folk vibe (lots of fringe in the cover photo), or perhaps even religious overtones.  As usual I was wrong.  Then-21 year old Steve Bluewater was the focal point for the outfit.  As the group's lead singer Bluewater had a deep and rugged voice that was quite likeable and commercial.  Imagine a younger Tony Joe White with better diction ... Unfortunately none of the Bluewater clan wrote so they found themselves stuck with outside material - mostly penned by Vance.  Vance's selections seemed crafted to get the family on the talk show circuit - commercial, but also highly MOR in orientation.  Nothing remotely close to a real rock song, let alone anything controversial.  


About all I can say is it was a shame Vance opted for such a lame sound for these guys, especially when Steve Bluewater had such a phenomenal voice.


"Blue Water" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) One Step Forward, Two Steps Back    (Paul Vance - Perry Cone) - 3:28   rating: **** stars

Given my initial expectations 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back' started the album with a surprisingly rocking tune. You certainly wouldn't confuse them with Ozzy and Black Sabbath, but the song had a great beat, a killer hook and some exquisitely cheesy mid-1970s synthesizer.  Very nice ...

2.) If I were You (and You Were Me)   (Paul Vance - Gary Portnoy - Bonnie Sanders) - 3:24   rating: **** stars

Showcasing Steve (Jr.) big voice, 'If I were You (and You Were Me) ' was a very commercial ballad.  A bit on the MOR side, but nice harmony vocals and the unexpected Spanish lyrics were great giving it kind of a Mocedades 'Eres Tú' groove.   H&L released it as a promotional single:





- 1977's 'If I were You (and You Were Me) (stereo)' b/w 'If I were You (and You Were Me) (mono)' (HL-4688)








3.) The Door To Your Room    (Gary Portnoy - Ruth Rosen) - 3:07   rating: ** stars  

'The Door To Your Room' was another big ballad.  Unfortunately this time out the results were distinctively MOR-ish.  Imagine something Lobo might have recorded and you'd be in the right ballpark.   

4.) Remember     (Paul Vance - Perry Cone) - 3:47    rating: * star

'Remember' found the group moving into Paul Anka cocktail jazz territory.  Yeah, Steve had a nice voice, but it was thoroughly wasted on stuff like this.  Yech.     

5.) When I'm Loving You   (Paul Vance - Gary Portnoy) - 2:40   rating: ** stars  

Highly orchestrated, 'When I'm Loving You' was an okay mid-tempo number.  Better than the ballads, but nothing you were going to remember five minutes down the road.   


(side 2)
1.) I'm Still Shaking Yet    (Paul Vance - Gary Portnoy - 2:58   rating: ** stars  

'I'm Still Shaking Yet' was one of those poppy, radio-friendly tracks that was simply too cute for its own good.  It would have been perfect for Tony Orlando and Dawn ...  Major irritation.   

2.) I'll Never Find Another You, Babe   (Carlos Carr) - 3:18  rating: ** stars  

'I'll Never Find Another You, Babe' was another big, overblown ballad.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz   

3.) Lady of My Life  (Paul Vance - Steve Ortiz Jr.) - 3:23  rating: ** stars  

Hey, how about another ballad?  Sounds like a good idea to me.  So 'Lady of My Life' added tinkling piano and a couple of Spanish lyrics to the mix.   Well the chorus was interesting for cramming the word 'love' in seemingly a dozen times.   

4.) Silently    (Paul Vance - Gary Portnoy) - 3:24  rating: ** stars  

'Silently' sounded like something Billy Joel might have recorded for a Broadway stage show.  Having the family singing the backing harmonies didn't help this one.   

5.) As Long As We Danced To the Music   (Paul Vance - Gary Portnoy) - 2:59  rating: ** stars  

'As Long As We Danced To the Music' was another show tune masquerading as a pop tune.   







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