One of the surprising and unanticipated outcomes of having a small website is hearing from some of the very people responsible for this music.  Not all of these folks have been thrilled with my comments about their work, but I appreciate the fact they took the time to actually write to me.  God only knows how they've stumbled across my small website, but here are some of the folks I've recently heard from:


A-440 (Carlos Luevano) 

I played lead guitar on Ulysses The Greek suite in 78. I was viewing the information on your site pertaining to the album. It is very cool to see my name on your site, I didn't think anyone would remember our  record."


Airborne (Dr. Barry Fields)


Art of Lovin' (Paul Applebaum) 

I had to laugh, someone finally liked my music!  I thought the album was dead and buried.  Nice to know that it is being kept alive.  Is there anyway that I can get copies of past critiques, articles, etc. about the band that were mentioned in the review.  Thanks again


Atlantis Philharmonic (Joe DeFazio)

Not  many people know but Atlantis Philharmonic recorded a 2nd album (Atlantis Philharmonic II: Grand Master) . I have been in contact with the other band member and the lyricist. We are planning on releasing this on CD in the next few months. 


Banchee (Victor Digilio)


Jon Bartle Thing (Larry O'Brien)

Hi, I saw your Bartel posting and thought I'd contact you. My name is Larry O'Brien. I was the guitarist and lead singer on all the recordings. John was a fantastic organist and the originator of the group. He was a strong leader and kept us on the right track. In '74 I left the group, retired from music, moved to Oregon, married and raised a family.Glad to say all the members of the band survived those years and are living very middle class domestic lives. Sadly, after becoming very successful in the document shredding industry, John was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in '06. We were able to reunite for the funeral and talk about old days. 


Beans (John Felizzi)

Thanks for a frank and positive review of the album-brought back a lot of memories.


Bit a Sweet (Phyllis Heald London wife of Mitch London)

Thanks for the Bit'a Sweet album post. My husband, Mitch London, is the bass player and lead singer in the group.  Hopefully he will have time to get back to you soon and give you his comments and thanks. Just so you know, you have the names under the pictures of the band members wrong.  Mitch London is the 2nd one and Dennis DeRespino is the 3rd one. 


Blues Magoos (Peppy Castro - February 2011)

Your review [of "Gulf Coast Bound"] in hind sight is just about right. However it was still a great experience working Pee wee Ellis and the others. Just another day to get it right. Peace  Peppy Castro


Polly Brown (Pickettywitch)

First of all, many thanks for taking time to give such an almost perfect overview of the band, but there are a couple of mistakes that I'd need you to rectify before I can link you to my website, which I'd like to do, if that's OK.  ...  Many thanks if you do these alterations (if it's there at all then it should be right!)  best wishes, Polly Browne


Frankie Carr - January 2011

Just wondering if you ever came across an album by "Frankie Carr"


Buzz Cason

Have not heard it [Foxx's "The Revolution of Emily Young"] in years.  It was innovative at the time. In case you don't know, Foxx's manager is Herbert Graham - owner with his brothers of about 40 or so nightclubs in the U.S. 


Cashman Vaquero Band (Dave Cashman)  

Scott, you are pretty accurate with your assessment of the LP.  I find that you have enough knowledge of the music genre to critique it ...


Comfortable Chair (Bernie Schwartz) 

I was happily surprised to read your review off my long ago album "The Wheel".  You know more about my past than I even remember - How did u get all the details I wonder. Thanks again for the kind words.

Comus (Glenn Goring)

A re-release of our entire collection has just been issued. Perhaps you can update your website.


The David (Mark Bird)

A very complete a interesting compendium of the group. Most of the material is correct except that the single "Slam the Door in my Face" was not one of our songs. Warren and I were 16 and Tim and Chuck were 17 when we recorded the David album. We did the singles when I was fifteen. Thanks again for taking the time to write the review.

Day Blindness (Gary Pihl)


D. Beaver (Dave Beaver)

Thanks for the nice review of the 1973 effort done by Combinations. Your knowledge of TMI and my current activity was very thorough. I was wondering how you have such updated and accurate info?


Mande Dahl

So I would love to see the way you have packaged my still fondly remembered, 12 inch EP.  I still have one copy


Far Cry ( Paul Lenart) 

I have to email you to say what a charge I got out of your review of the Far Cry album. Being that it was recorded so long ago, and someone actually listens to it (or at least you said that you did), I am flattered.


Farm (Mike Young) 

As far as the end of our recording career, [your review is] mostly correct.  All original members did re-record these same tunes in a 90's style a few years ago but never released it.


Farmer, Lee (RIP 2004) 

Heard from Farmer's daughter who was kind enough to provide some of the details on her late father's career.


Felix Harp (Eric Beam)

Thank you for reviewing the three Felix Harp albums!  I was amazed at how much about us and the recordings you got correct. You must be good at research!  


Felt (Tommy Gilstrap)

Greetings,   I just came across your review of an album I was a part of more than 35 years ago.  I'm glad you enjoyed the music, it was great fun creating it. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the band and just how we came about recording our one and only LP.   Look forward to hearing from you,  


Felt  (Mychael John Thomas)


I stumbled across the site on Felt, which was mine and Mike Neel's original project.  I've since changed my name to Mychael John Thomas (1988), for obvious reasons...NO JOKES PLEASE, that's why I changed it.  I thought you might be interested in what I pursued since Felt...
Yes, I did one solo album titled Myke Jackson, ALONE in 1975 where I performed all the instruments and vocals.  And from there, of course, I went on to Nashville and eventually signed with RCA/Free Flight...
I've been back in Alabama since October 1987.  I was saved on Sept 11, 1987 and worked in youth ministry for 10 years.  I am now an independent record producer, musician, and part-time music teacher, & worship leader, among the other 100 hats I  

Filet of Soul (Mike Peace)

Very nice website you have.  I will have to spend more time looking it over.  I was  wondering where you were able to get all your information together. It amazes me how much you can find once you start looking


Flaming Ember (Julie Marinko Plunk wife of drummer/singer Jerry Plunk)


Flyte (Ruud Wortman)

Hereby, I would like to thank you for your review about the album "Dawn Dancer" by the group FLYTE on the internet


Game (Chuck Kirkpatrick)

What a surprise!  I didn't think anybody would have - much less remember - that first album.

GNP Crescendo Records (owner Neil Norman) 

Cool Site you have!  Rainbow...$80?? .....Wow .....I was there !


Hi-Fis (Malcolm Lenny) 

I've just read your review of our Star Club Album, Snakes and Hi-Fi's. My God! I've never read so many compliments about the band anywhere before! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Hope (Boyd Sibley) 

I read your review for the Hope album. I can only say that your taste in what good, inspirational music differs from our dedicated HOPE fans and the many who found their own unique spiritual path through the music of HOPE.


Hot Poop (Larry Praissman)

 I'd be honored to be on your web site. 


Les Irresistibles (Tom Arena) 

Read your review of an album we did in the 60's. Pretty observant! Almost like you know us.  - November 2010


Koala (Joey Guido) 

In reference to you review on The Koala album, I am one of the original members.  If you would  like more information on the band you can contact me.


Krystals (Stan Erbrink) 

I read your comments and critics on our record and sort of agree with you, what you think of us is more or less correct.


Robb Kunkel 

My name is Robb Kunkel and I recorded Abyss for tumbleweed records in 1972 - nice review you did - there are others under my name - if you would  like more info feel free to write me - Robb"


Lake (Geoff Peacey)

I was browsing your excellent page about Lake the other day and noticed a comment about Red Lake “with some pseudo-Beach Boy vocals” . Check the credits and you’ll see Carl Wilson help us on the backing vocals for Red Lake.  Thanks and keep up the good work."


Lily and Maria 


Magic Carpet (Alisha Sufit)


Terry Manning 

I love your site.


Marcus McDonald (Marcus)

 I really appreciate the great review on my first album but the review on The Return Album seemed a little .  Hey to each his own after all you are entitled to your opinion. In hindsight I myself thought it needed some remixing.  Maybe you will like my new one better.


Mason (Morgan Hampton)


Max & 1 (Ira Stone)

Again, thanks for the review and I am glad a few of the tunes resonated with you.



The Moon (Carrie Marks wife of David Marks) 

My husband is David Marks from The Moon. He and David Jackson also  recorded with The Colours when not in the studio with the Moon.  David played on a lot of Danny Moore's productions. I don't know where Jack is these days but David is still friends with Gary Montgomery & Danny and Matt Moore and a  few others from those days.  Some great music came out of that era." 


Moonstone (Joe Cicero)


Mud In Your Eye (Jimmi Accardi) 

I was just turned on to your site. I was in the band "Mud in Your Eye" who did the album "Million" that you have shown on your page.


The Napoleons (Renald De Levo) 

Like you said in your article ... "These guys were just as good as their Anglo competition."  You were certainly right and 40 years later it makes me feel good to see comments like that.  We didn't care about the money, we didn't care what other jealous bastards thought about us, we only had one thing in mind:  play that rock and roll music like it should be played and enjoy seeing people dancing and having a good time and trying to keep us there for the night."


Oz Knozz (Dave Massey)


Thanks for your kind words re: Ruff Mix (the comparison to Geddy Lee is hilarious and fairly accurate). We have recently released a new CD with more of the same, albeit with a new singer (well, from the 80's at least), and recently played at the South Texas Festival. The website is being managed by a fellow musician from San Antonio, and has recently been updated with audio tracks. We are certainly not a band looking for fame and fortune, just a band that wants to put out our own music on our own terms, and we plan on doing at least one more disc before we can't remember where all the notes are.

Peace & Quiet (Chuck Witherow) 

I don't know where you get your information but your take on Peace & Quiet is a  little distorted.  I have yet to explore your site but it looks like a lot of fun. (he set me straight)



Peace & Quiet (Reuben D. Ferguson) 

I just stumbled onto your website after doing a Google search for Jim Tolliver.  Lo and behold, I am mentioned on your site!  Wonders will never cease.  I like your site.  Keep up the good work!



Peon Records (owner/producer Bob Fletcher) 


Los Perdidos (Norm Greenough)

An old high school friend with obviously little to do this winter sent me an e-mail after stumbling across your website and finding one of the few remaining copies of our record album listed. Needless to say, the e-mails have been flying around between all the band members and we have had a good laugh at your write-up (yes, the truth hurts...blown notes!). Thanks for giving us a big smile today.


Pickettywitch (Polly Browne)

First of all, many thanks for taking time to give such an almost perfect overview of the band, but there are a couple of mistakes that I'd need you to rectify before I can link you to my website, which I'd like to do, if that's OK.  ...  Many thanks if you do these alterations (if it's there at all then it should be right!) 


Pickettywitch (Keith Hall)

I have just finished looking through your information on the 70's group "Pickettywitch". There are a number of discrepancies in your text, not least in the correct spelling of the band members names and length of service. 


Quatrain ( Jim Lekas)


Eric Relph (solo act)


The River City Street Band (Tommy Byrd) 

I saw the information about River City Street Band...thanks.  Well done


The Roamin' Brothers (Ron Meyer) 

Thanks for your kind words and largely accurate review. You've rekindled a pretty cool flame in this almost 35-years-a-priest 61-year-old former Roman Seminarian/composer. God bless.


Ron and Shirley (Tom Boyer) 

Thanks for your comments about our only album and your comments about my playing. It's nice to here such encouraging words after all these years.  I am puzzled though--how did you get a copy and I'm amazed that you think it is good enough to give it such a high dollar value. I always thought that the writing was good and Ron's singing was always very good, but I never imagined it would get such a glowing review on  the  internet--what a hoot! I do have several albums in my possession, a few of which are the very rare silver covered ones-ha ha. I'm still doing music and have produced and co-wrote a couple of records.

The Screams (David Adams)


Smoke (Stan Ayeroff)  Thanks for your kind words about The Smoke record. I was the guitarist, sometimes bassist and composer of 3 songs… "Looking Through The Mirror", "Umbrella" and "The Hobbit Symphony". It's not a big deal after so many years but I would appreciate being listed as the composer of those songs. It was an interesting time ....


SMUBBS (George Utter) Scott, Yes I ordered the Smubbs album. I was in the group and don't have a playable copy.  Last time I looked online [about 1-2 years ago] there was nothing.


SOD and Loadstone (Larry Devers) 

I formed the band in Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 1960s.  We cut two albums of which I haze zero copies.  Before SOD I had a group called Loadstone that cut one album on Barnaby.  I don't have a copy of that one either.  I'll keep a close eye on your site.  Who knows you may find them as well.  Thanks for being there.


SOD (Cal Arnold)

I was the bass player in SOD, on Decca Records - Robert "California" Arnold. I enjoyed the fine review you gave our second LP, "Face The Music". I have also recorded with Clydie King, "Brown Sugar" - RCA/Chelsea 1973; Edgar Winter's White Trash, "Recycled" - CBS/Blue Sky 1977; Billy Branch, " The Blues Keep Following Me Around" - Verve/Gitanes 1995. Thanks for your good words. 


Staton Brothers (Michael Staton aka Billy London)


Peter Stark (Mushroom Country)


Stark Naked (Paul Venier)

Thank you first for the extremely nice things you said about my bands' album. I was in the band, 'Stark Naked'  and my name is Paul Venier.  Thanks again for the nice things you wrote about the music, it is truly appreciated immensely. We were all only in our teens back then and it was a terrific time of our young lives.


Ed Strnad


Hi, I don't know who you are or how you ever got a copy of my 36-year-old student-produced LP, "The Counterweight Record," but I gotta admit you gave it a remarkably fair review! And I like how you sussed-out extra info on me and the other performers. You have a good ear not only for musical talent, instantly picking out the best performers on the CW Record (Kenya Dworkin and New York Central), but also for being able to appreciate the care I tried to take with the audio quality of the recording, considering I was a poor 21-year-old student working on a shoestring budget with NO professional studio involved.  But I was/am an audiophile, too. There are long but boring stories behind everyone who worked or sang on that record, but I'll spare you the details. Suffice it to say most of us are still above the sod and get our thrills by seeing this relic of our past become a weird item puzzled over on various websites like yours. Keep up the great work!!

Stone Circus (Larry Cohen (aka Jonathan Caine)

My stage name was Jonathan Caine (not to be confused with the keyboard player from Journey) and my real name is Larry Cohen (also not to be confused with the film writer and director).  I'm just dropping you a line to clear up some misconceptions and set the record straight about Stone Circus. Thanks for the interest in the band. It's good to know that our music is still out there.


Sweet Toothe (Pierce D. Bratton) 

That history [you wrote] on us ... it's all right.  I'm flattered that someone took the time to check us out.


Sweet Toothe (David Leedy) 

Sorry about the ending. We did the whole album in 3 days. We never had a chance to mix the extra tracks, that's why there were so many guitar parts on there, we never meant for it to be that way. The record company sent the original 24 track tape for print without any final mix. What you here on that record are original tracks without any final mix or equalization.



Swift Rain (David West son of  Paul "Wrangler" West) 

My Dad is the bass player on that album and was shocked to see that someone still has a copy.  If you don't mind me asking how do you know so much about the band? Were you a fan or follower of the band? Where do you come by your information. It's not that far off my dad says. I'm sure they all have there own version of what happened. It's funny for me to see my dads nickname as  wrangler ... the  guys still call each other by there nicknames.


T.S. Truck (James Merideth - January 2009)

I was amazed and flatter to see your listing for the TS Truck LP.  I produced the album, wrote one song, and my 
brother Tom was the singer.  Thank God I hung on to a copy and still have the test pressing.

Timbercreek (Doug Osburn - March 2012)

By the way I think your review of the album is right on. The music is derivative but has a hand crafted feel that I still enjoy listening too, especially my playing in 1975 in comparison to my playing now. Green vs. seasoned.



The Toy Factory (Joe La Costa)


Thundertree (Mike Dagger aka Mike Ventimiglia) (Februrary 2011)

First I want to thank you for the review of our Albums.   As you can imagine after 35 years, it is still nice to know someone out there is still 
listening to Thunderhead stuff.  You were right in stating that we had no knowledge of that recording release (Guinness). I know that a very 
few people had those tapes and I am wondering how this Guinness got them. 


Thundertree (Bill Hallquist)


Truth (Michael DeGreve)

Michael DeGreve here.  My friend John Latini recently got in touch and we've been talking about the old days. He told me about your site.  I played on both the Visit and the Truth records.  I was one of the 3 members of Truth.  It was produced by Mickey Stevenson (Motown) and it was quite an adventure for a 20 year old beginner.  Great memories.


Truth (John Latini)


Wild Butter (Jerry Buckner)

I happened to read your review for my old group Wild Butter. You mentioned my ties to the "irritating" record Pac Man Fever. Apparently it didn't irritate some 1 1/2 million people since they took the time to walk into a store and purchased it. I am curious to know how many hits you have supplied the music industry with.


The Winstons (Richard Spencer)


Witsend (aka Wit's End) (Lang Montgomery)




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