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Cover Artist Title Label Catalog Year Cover LP Price

Abraham's Children Time G.A.S. GAS 2001 1973 VG VG $40.00
Nice set of harmony rich Canadian pop.  (Canadian pressing; gatefold sleeve' 'A419 1' printed in red marker on front and back covers)


Agrati, Don Homegrown Elektra EKS-75057 1973 VG VG $20.00
Former member of The Yellow Balloon, but better known as Andy Griffith's son Robbie in 'My Three Sons'.

Alive 'n Kickin' Alive 'n Kickin' Roulette SR 42052 1972 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Remember thinking this was Tommy James and the Shondells when I first heard it.  James produced it and wrote some of the material, which may help explain the sound.

Alive 'n Kickin' Alive 'n Kickin' Roulette SR 42052 1972 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Second copy.

America Silent Letter Capitol SO-11950 1979 VG VG $5.00
Late inning American.  Not their most impressive outing, but has a couple of nice moments.

American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UALA 650 1976 VG VG $15.00
Criminally overlooked mid-1970s super group (including Craig Fuller, Steve Katz, Eric Kaz and Doug Yule) with a nice and quite commercial sound.

American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UALA 650 1976 VG VG $15.00
Second copy ...

American Flyer Spirit of a Woman United Artists UALA 720 1977 VG VG $15.00
Musically not quite as strong or appealing as the debut, but still quite enjoyable.

Amesbury, Bill Jus' a Taste of the Kid Casablanca NB 9005 1974 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Little known Canadian singer/songwriter who had a nice hit with 'Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)'.

Association, The The Association Live Warner Brothers 2SW 1868 1970 VG VG $8.00
Surprisingly this double LP set isn't half bad.

Association, The Waterbeds In Trinidad Columbia KC-31348 1972 VG VG $14.00
Their first album for Columbia turns out to be their final studio set (and one of their best releases).  Includes the original lyric insert.)

Aztec Two Step Second Step RCA Victor APL1-1161 1975 VG VG $6.00
Their sophomore release.

Barry, Yank The Diary of Mr. Gray McConnell Records Ltd. 2-001 197? VG VG $100.00
Written by former Stone Circus keyboard player Larry Cohen - outer box shows some wear; includes 78 rpm into and two LPs

Beckies, The The Beckies Sire SASD-7519 1976 VG VG $30.00
Well, not quite up to the level of The Left Banke, or even Montage, but it has more than its share of moments.

Bee Gees, The Cucumber Castle ATCO SD-33-237 1969 VG+ VG+ $15.00
No Robin on this one ...

Bee Gees, The 2 Years On ATCO SD-33-353 1971 VG+ VG+ $15.00
The Gibb's post-"Odessa" reunion and it ain't half bad.  "Back Home" shows they could rock it pushed.  (Gatefold cover.)

Beretmusic Beretmusic Aries XLP-1011 1970 VG VG $30.00
Total mystery to me ... decent Connecticut-based pop-rock trio.  (Signed on back by all three members.)

Billmuss, Trevor Family Apology Charisma CAS 1017 1970 VG VG $200.00
One of the more obscure releases on Charisma.  See detailed review.

Blue Swede Hooked On a Feeling EMI ST-11286 1973 VG+ VG+ $5.00
C'mon, admit it.  You love the title track !!!

Blunstone, Colin Ennismore Epic 65278 1972 VG+ VG+ $15.00
His second and highly enjoyable sophomore release.  (UK textured cover pressing; promo sticker on cover.)

Blunstone, Colin Ennismore Epic KE-31994 1972 VG+ VG+ $15.00
US pressing with different cover art.

Bugaloos Bugaloos Capitol 621 1970 NM NM $100.00
Remember the Saturday morning cartoon show ?

Carter, Susan Wonderful Deeds and Adventures Epic BN 26510 1970 VG VG+ $50.00
Laural Canyon lady ... see detailed review.

Chamberlain, Cathy Rock 'n Roll Revue Warner Brothers BS-3220 1977 VG VG $9.00
Leon Redbone's female counterpart ???

Cohen, Laurie Kaye Under the Skunk Playbod PB-111 1973 VG VG $10.00
Unknown singer/songwriter who trots out some Randy Newman wannabe moves.

Dee, Kiki Stay with Me Rocket BNL 1-3011 1977 VG VG $9.00
Her last for Elton John's Rocket Records.  Has a couple of moments.

DeShannon, Jackie Songs Capitol ST-772 1971 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Her sole release for Capitol - nice change of pace from the usual pop pap.

DeShannon, Jackie Quick Touches Amherst AMH 1016 1978 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Nice set of commercial pop that naturally vanished without a trace.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart  Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart  Capitol ST-11513 1976 VG VG $25.00
Pseudo-Monkees reunion that attracted little attention when it came out ...  It boasts a couple of interesting efforts, through the overall album is pretty disappointing.

Donovan Donovan Early  Treasures Bell 1135 1973 VG VG $9.00
Bell Records releases a compilation of the man's early 1960s work for Hickory Records.  Minor ring and edge wear.

Duncan, Leslie Sing Children Sing Columbia  C 30663 1971 VG VG $20.00
Talented UK based singer/songwriter better known for her work as a sessions singer - really good LP that occasionally recalls a more commercial Sandy Denny !

Duprees, The The Italian Saphalt & Paving Co. Presents Duprees Gold Colossus CGS-5000 1970 VG VG $9.00
Surprise !  This actually has a couple of enjoyable blue-eyed soul efforts on it.

Egan, Joe Out of Nowhere Ariola SW 50064 1979 VG+ VG+ $15.00
The other half of Stealers Wheel steps out with a solo album.  Very good start !!!

Embers, The I Love Beach Music EEE EEE 1070 1979 VG VG $15.00
Nice way to spend a summer evening ...

Eyes, The Stroke a Horse's Navel Eyes Record Company 1977 VG+ VG+ $100.00
Surprisingly good Cleveland power-pop, though rawer and more rock oriented than The Choir, or The Raspberries.

Gates, David Never Let Her Go Elektra 7E-1028 1975 VG VG $8.00
His second solo effort and it could easily pass as another Bread LP.

Germany Germany Crystal 064 CRY 32 480 1977 VG+ VG+ $100.00
Excellent German pop.

Gibb, Robin Robin's Reign ATCO SD 33-323 1970 VG VG $60.00
You could easily mistake it for a Bee Gees set, but one of their better outtings.

Glass Bottle, The The Glass Bottle AVCO Embassy AVE-33012 1970 VG VG $9.00
Acceptable pop with a couple of decent tracks ...

Gomm, Ian Summer Holiday Albion ALBG-100 1978 VG+ VG+ $25.00
Original UK gatefold press.

Hardy, Francoise Star Peters International PLD-2016 1977 VG VG $20.00
Not her most spectacular offering, but still worth hearing.

Harris, Shaun Shaun Harris Capitol ST-11168 1973 VG+ VG+ $40.00
Ex-West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band member ...  um, guys why the stalker photo?

Hayward, Justin Songwriters Deram DES 18073 1977 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Solo debut for the Moody Blues front man (technically I should say this is his debut LP).

Homestead Homestead Nimbus 9 NNS-104 1970 VG VG $30.00
Mystery Canadian duo of John Finley and Bill King, produced by Jack Richardson of Guess Who fame.  (Minor ring wear)

Hudson Brothers, The Totally Out of Control Rocket MCA-460 1974 VG VG $9.00
Simply one of the best Beatles wannabe LPs out there ...

Jones, Davy Davy Jones Bell 3067 1970 VG VG $10.00
Jones second solo album ...  the first post-Monkees release.

Kennedy, Mike Louisiana ABC ABCX-754 1972 VG VG $35.00
Decent pop from the former lead singer for Spain's Los Bravos.

Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution ABC ABCS-715 1970 VG VG $75.00
Steve Hoffman (ex-Mystic Astrological Crystal Band) and one of the better cartoon bubblegum LPs.

Lavender Hill Mob Lavender Hill Mob United Artists UALA-818-G 1978 VG VG $6.00
Pleasant but forgettable mid-1970s pop.

Lightman, Aaron Aaron Lightman Poppy PYS-40,010 1970 VG VG $80.00
Interesting Philly-based singer/songwriter who sounds a little like a cross between The Bee Gees and Donovan.

Lodge, John Natural Avenue London PS-683 1977 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Moody Blues bassist goes solo ...

Lords, The The Lords SR International 79395 1970 VG VG $100.00
Strange, late inning release from one of Germany's leading beat bands.

Mahogany Rush Mahogany Rush IV Columbia PC- 1976 VG VG $9.00
Fourth and most consistent studio set.

McDonald, Michael hat Was Then, The Early Recordings of Michael McDonald Arista ABM-2006 1982 VG VG $50.00
Pre-Steely Dan, pre-Doobie Brothers solo efforts.

Mob, The The Mob Private Stock PS 2005 1975 VG VG $20.00
Their second and harder to find release.  See detailed review.

Moore, Tim Tim Moore A Small Records Company SRS 10001 1975 VG VG $8.00
Lots of folks think he's hot stuff ...  I must be missing the point so am willing to let this one go for cheap.

Paul, Louis Reflectsion of the Way It Really Is Enterprise ENS-1034 1973 VG VG $20.00
Ex-Guiloteens lead man goes solo ...

Pickettywitch Pickettwitch Pye NSPL 18357 1970 VG VG $20.00
UK original pressing.  Polly Brown was one hot singer ...

Pink Lady Pinky Lady Elektra 6E-209 1977 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Hard to imagine these two young Japanese ladies actually had a television variety show on NBC in the mid-1970s.

Rhodes, Emitt Emitt Rhodes Dunhill DS-50089 1970 VG VG $20.00
One of the few LPs I'd wholeheartedly give a five star designation to.

Rhodes, Emitt Mirror Dunhill DSX 50111 1971 VG VG $20.00
Probably the weakest of his four LPs, but it's still darn good.

Richards, Turley Expressions Warner Brothers WS 1918 1971 VG+ VG+ $20.00
Excellent sophomore LP on Warner Brothers.  See detailed review.

Richards, Turley Therfu Atlantic SD-19260 1979 VG VG $10.00
Mick Fleetwood was executive producer which may explain the slightly AOR leanings

Ross, Jerry Symposium The Jerry Ross Symposium Colossus CS-1003 1970 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Easy listening covers of some of his Dutch Invasion hits.

Sheridan/Price This Is To Certify That ... Gemini GME-1002 1970 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Excellent Move-styled pop by Mike Sheridan (ex-Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders) and Rick Price (ex-Move).

Shocking Blue Scorpio's Dance Pink Elephant MLP 15-377 1970 VG VG $40.00
Probably our favorite Shocking Blue LP - Dutch release.

Shocking Blue Ham Pink Elephant PE 877.038-G 1972 VG+ VG+ $75.00
Overlooked by most critics, this is actually one of their more commercial and enjoyable LPs.  Love Mariska Vera's heavily accented English ...  Original Dutch pressing; gatefold sleeve.

Sinners, Les ? Chelsea CHL-511 1975 VG VG $20.00
Somewhat strange late-inning release from these French-Canadian garage rockers ... English performances this time around.

Spring Spring United Artists UAS 557 1972 VG VG $120.00
Beach Boy related outing.  See detailed review.

Springfield, Dusty Living without Your Love United Artists UALA936-H 1978 VG VG $10.00
So so late-1970s comeback ...

Stamford Bridge The First Day of Your Life Panny Farthing PELS 515 1971 VG+ VG+ $150.00
Classic John Carter - Ken Lewis power pop.

Starry Eyed & Laughing Starry Eyed & Laughing CBS 80450 1973 VG VG $25.00
Their sought after debut ...  UK pressing..

Stec, Joey Joey Stec Playboy PB-412 1975 VG VG $20.00
Ex-Millennium singer/guitarist strikes out with his one and only solo album ...  Excellent power pop that should appeal to Badfinger and Raspberries fans.

Stevenson, B.W. My Maria RCA Victor APL1-0088 1973 VG VG $9.00
Okay, the title track may be the best thing he ever did, but the LP has quite a few other little gems.

Sullivan, Tom If You Could See What I Hear Perception PLP-25 1972 VG VG $9.00
Kind of bland (and blind) singer/songwriter ... he enjoyed a big selling book with the same title.

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Reach for the Sky Columbia PC 33982 1975 VG VG $10.00
This may be the best mid-1970s pop album that you never heard ... simply great.

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Sailing Island ILPS-9358 1976 VG VG $10.00
UK best of compilation ...

Upset, The Sunshine Guinness GNS-36057 1977 VG VG $50.00
Fairly rare offering on the infamous tax scam label ...  nice '70s-styled pop.

White, Chris Mouth Music Charisma CA 1018 1976 VG+ VG+ $50.00
Ex-Zombie (?) steps out with an album that no self-respecting Beach Boy/Brian Wilson fan should be without.   


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