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A's, The A Woman's Got the Power Arista 19554-1 1981 VG VG $10.00
Excellent set of new wave/power pop from these Philadelphia rockers.  Think it's their final LP ...

ABBA ABBA Live Atlantic SD-81675 1978 VG VG $6.00
Surprisingly good live set and you simply don't find copies anymore ...

Abraham's Children Time G.A.S. GAS 2001 1973 VG VG $40.00
Nice set of harmony rich Canadian pop.  (Canadian pressing; gatefold sleeve' 'A419 1' printed in red marker on front and back covers)


Alive 'n Kickin' Alive 'n Kickin' Roulette SR 42052 1972 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Remember thinking this was Tommy James and the Shondells when we first heard it.  James produced it and wrote some of the material, which may help explain the sound.

America Silent Letter Capitol SO-11950 1979 VG VG $5.00
Late inning American.  Not their most impressive outing, but has a couple of nice moments.

America Alibi Capitol SO-12098 1980 VG VG $5.00
Doesn't do much for us ...

American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UALA 650 1976 VG VG $15.00
Criminally overlooked mid-1970s super group (including Craig Fuller, Steve Katz, Eric Kaz and Doug Yule) with a nice and quite commercial sound.

American Flyer American Flyer United Artists UALA 650 1976 VG VG $15.00
Second copy ...

American Flyer Spirit of a Woman United Artists UALA 720 1977 VG VG $15.00
Musically not quite as strong or appealing as the debut, but still quite enjoyable.

Assembled Multitude, The The Assembled Multitude Atlantic SD-8262 1970 VG VG SOLD
The late Tom Peters was an interesting character.  This is mostly MOR covers of rock classics so it won't appeal to most of you, but who knows.

Association, The The Association Live Warner Brothers 2SW 1868 1970 VG VG $8.00
Surprisingly this double LP set isn't half bad.

Association, The Goodbye Columbus Warner Brothers 1786 1969 VG VG $10.00
If you're an Association fan you'll want to take a look at this pseudo-obscurity.  There's a lot of film soundtrack filler, but a couple of decent true songs (including the title track hit).

Association, The Goodbye Columbus Warner Brothers 1786 1969 VG VG $10.00
Second copy

Association, The Waterbeds In Trinidad Columbia KC-31348 1972 VG VG $14.00
Their first album for Columbia turns out to be their final studio set (and one of their best releases).  Includes the original lyric insert.)

Bag, The Real Decca DL 75057 1969 VG VG $35.00
Rather obscure New York based blue-eyed soul outfit.  Not quite as commercial as The Young Rascals, but should appeal to the same folks.  Just sold a copy to the cousin of one of the original band members ...

Beckies, The The Beckies Sire SASD-7519 1976 VG VG $30.00
Well, not quite up to the level of The Left Banke, or even Montage, but it has more than its share of moments.

Beckies, The The Beckies Sire SASD-7519 1976 VG VG $20.00
Second copy

Bee Gees, The Odessa ATCO SD-2 702 1969 VG VG $25.00
Original double LP with velvet cover.

Bee Gees, The Odessa ATCO SD-2 702 1969 VG VG $25.00
Second copy (velvet cover)

Bee Gees, The 2 Years On ATCO SD-33-353 1971 VG+ VG+ $15.00
The Gibb's post-"Odessa" reunion and it ain't half bad.  "Back Home" shows they could rock it pushed.  (Gatefold cover.)

Beretmusic Beretmusic Aries XLP-1011 1970 VG VG $30.00
Total mystery to me ... decent Connecticut-based pop-rock trio.  (Signed on back by all three members.)

Birkin, Jane (and Serge Gainsbourg) Je T'aime Fontana SRF-67610 1969 VG VG $20.00
Best description of this one I've seen ... 'so bad it is good.'

Blue Swede Hooked On a Feeling EMI ST-11286 1973 VG+ VG+ $5.00
C'mon, admit it.  You love the title track !!!

Bluebells, The Sisters Sire 25129-1 1984 VG VG $8.00
Excellent Scotish pop outfit that never made an impact in the States ...

Blunstone, Colin Ennismore Epic 65278 1972 VG+ VG+ $15.00
His second and highly enjoyable sophomore release.  (UK textured cover pressing; promo sticker on cover.)

Blunstone, Colin Ennismore Epic 65278 1972 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Second copy ...

Blunstone, Colin Never Even Thought Rocket BXL1-2903 1978 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Blunstone's 5th solo effort (4th to be released in the States). (Promo stamp on back cover; original inner sleeve)

Bugaloos Bugaloos Capitol 621 1970 NM NM $100.00
Remember the Saturday morning cartoon show ?

Bugaloos Bugaloos Capitol 621 1970 VG VG $80.00
Second copy.  This one has a cut out hole in the top left corner and some wear on the cover.

Catch Catch Dot DLP-25956 1969 NM NM $40.00
Completely unknown California-based quintet.  Nice mix of pop and country-rock moves.

Clarke, Allan Legendary Heroes Elektra 6E-267 1980 VG+ VG+ $8.00
Surprisingly good solo set from the lead Hollie ... white label promo copy.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart  Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart  Capitol ST-11513 1976 VG VG $25.00
Pseudo-Monkees reunion that attracted little attention when it came out ...  It boasts a couple of interesting efforts, through the overall album is pretty disappointing.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart  Concert In Japan EMI ECS-91018 1981 VG+ VG+ $50.00
Japanese release (still hasn't seen a US release on vinyl).  Includes the original poster.

Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man Epic BN-26420 1968 VG VG $8.00
Well, it's got the two hits on it - the title track (one of the best things he's ever done) and 'Jennifer Juniper'.

Donovan Donovan Early  Treasures Bell 1135 1973 VG VG $10.00
Bell Records releases a compilation of the man's early 1960s work for Hickory Records.  Minor ring and edge wear.

Durocs Durocs Capitol ST-11981 1979 VG VG $10.00
Wonderful (if overlooked) late-1970s pop.  Brian Wilson would be proud of these guys.  (Includes original inner sleeve.)

Durocs Durocs Capitol ST-11981 1979 VG VG $10.00
Second copy

Embers, The I Love Beach Music EEE EEE 1070 1979 VG VG $15.00
Nice way to spend a summer evening ...

Embers, The This One's for You Ripete 392151 1982 VG VG $15.00
Not there most engaging set, though the 15 minute, 38 song 'Beach Medley' is included.

Everpresent Fullness, The The Everpresent Fullness White Whale WWS-7132 1970 VG VG $40.00
Excellent slice of late-1960s pop/rock, though it didn't get released until the band was already history.

Family Tree, The Miss Butters RCA Victor LSP-3955 1968 VG VG $60.00
Excellent and largely unknown Beatles-styled pop.

First Impression/Good Earth Swinging London Saga FID 2117 1968 VG+ VG+ $100.00
Compilation of material from two outfits.  The First Impression are pop-oriented; The Good Earth (who mutated into Mungo Jerry) sported a tougher R&B sounds ...

Fortunes, The It's the Real Thing Coca Cola -- 1969 VG VG $20.00
Never seen a copy of this one before ...  Decent pop from the 'You've Got Your Troubles' outfit.

Four Seasons, The Sing Big Hits ... Philips PHM 200-193 1965 VG VG $10.00
Worth owning just to hear Frankie Valli doing a side of Dylan covers ... one of the year's odder pairings ...

Free Design, The You Could Be Born Again Project 3 PR 5031 SD 1968 VG+ VG+ $40.00
Enoch Light's attempt to go pop/psych ...

Gates, David Never Let Her Go Elektra 7E-1028 1975 VG VG $8.00
His second solo effort and it could easily pass as another Bread LP.

Gibb, Robin Robin's Reign ATCO SD 33-323 1970 VG VG $60.00
You could easily mistake it for a Bee Gees set, but one of their better outtings.

Glass Bottle, The The Glass Bottle AVCO Embassy AVE-33012 1970 VG VG $10.00
Acceptable pop with a couple of decent tracks ...

Gouldman, Graham The Graham Gouldman Thing RCA Victor LSP-3954 1969 VG VG $50.00
Excellent solo set from the future Hotlegs / 10CC mainstay.

Great Buildings Great Buildings Columbia JC-36920 1981 VG VG $10.00
Excellent pre-Rembrandts pop and roll collection.  Phil Solem and Danny Wilde seldom sounded as good in The Rembrandts.

Hardy, Francoise Francoise Hardy Vogue CHF 2 1964 VG VG $50.00
Excellent introduction to this largely forgotten French pop star ...

Hardy, Francoise Francoise ... Four Corners 1967 VG VG $35.00
Her US debut is pretty good ...

Homestead Homestead Nimbus 9 NNS-104 1970 VG VG $30.00
Mystery Canadian duo of John Finley and Bill King, produced by Jack Richardson of Guess Who fame.  (Minor ring wear)

Jones, Davy Davy Jones Bell 3067 1970 VG VG $10.00
Jones second solo album ...  the first post-Monkees release.

Joseph, Ernie An All American Emperor Arkama AK 042 19?? NM NM $30.00
Mix of singles and unreleased material (I'm guessing).  Unsealed and played once to tape it.

Left Banke, The Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina Smash SRS-67088 1967 VG VG $25.00
Classic slice of Baroque-pop.  Worth the admission price just for the title track songs.

Left Banke, The The Left Banke Too Smash SRS-67113 1968 VG VG SOLD
Far rarer than the debut and actually just as good.  Plus you get to hear a young Steve Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) at work ...

Magic Lanterns, The Shame, Shame Atlantic SD 8217 1969 VG VG $75.00
No, Ozzy Osbourne's not in this outfit, though the title track hit is on the collection.

Messina, Jim Oasis Columbia JC-36140 1979 VG VG $4.00
His solo debut ... um, that's really about all we've got to say about this former Buffalo Springfield/Poco/Loggins & Messina member.

Mob, The The Mob Colossus CS-1006 1971 VG+ VG+ $20.00
Interesting Blood, Sweat and Tears clones (on Jerry Ross' Dutch Invasion label), though their horn arrangements aren't nearly as irritating.

Monkees, The Head COLGEMS 5008 1968 VG VG $50.00
Their coolest (if not most commercial) effort.  Original foil cover.

Monkees, The Instant Replay COLGEMS COS-113 1969 VG+ VG+ $40.00
Down to a trio things start to get erratic ...

Monkees, The Re-Focus Bell 6081 1972 VG VG $9.00
Early greatest hits package.

Moore, Tim Tim Moore A Small Records Company SRS 10001 1975 VG VG $8.00
Lots of folks think he's hot stuff ...  I must be missing the point so am willing to let this one go for cheap.

Motions, The Impressions of Wonderful Negram CD-1103 1967 VG VG $150.00
Classic and hard to find Canadian release of their third set.

New Wave, The The Sounds of the New Wave Canterbury CLPM-1501 1967 NM NM $100.00
Mediocre soft pop that's gotten quite a bit of hype ...

Osmonds, The The Osmonds MGM SE--4724 1971 VG VG $5.00
Okay, laugh.  This one actually has some pretty impressive moves on it.  Sure, it ain't perfect but in spite of the pimp gear threads they actually could occasionally rock out - check out the self-penned "Sun Sun Sun"..

Pink Lady Pinky Lady Elektra 6E-209 1977 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Hard to imagine these two young Japanese ladies actually had a television variety show on NBC in the mid-1970s.

Rhodes, Emitt Emitt Rhodes Dunhill DS-50089 1970 VG VG $20.00
One of the few LPs I'd wholeheartedly give a five star designation to.

Rhodes, Emitt The American Dream A&M SP-4254 1971 VG VG $20.00
The best 'contractual obligation' album you'll ever hear ...  Shimmering pop that even Paul McCartney would envy.  One of the few albums we'd give a four star rating ...

Rhodes, Emitt Mirror Dunhill DSX 50111 1971 VG VG $20.00
Probably the weakest of his four LPs, but it's still darn good.

Rhodes, Emitt Farewell To Paradise Dunhill DSX-51022 1973 VG VG $20.00
His final (and grossly overlooked) final studio set.

Robbs, The The Robbs Mercury SR 61130 1967 VG+ VG+ SOLD
Excellent mid-1960s pop ... they went on to form Cherokee.

Rocky Fellers, The Killer Joe Scepter 512 1963 VG VG $100.00
Has any other outfit from the Philippines made the top-40 charts?

Rosanova, Joe (and the Vineyard) In Dedication To the Ones We Love Astro Sonic D-AP-4000 1968 VG+ VG+ $150.00
Excellent and overlooked pop set ...

Rose, Biff Children of Light Tetra T-116 1969 VG VG $30.00
His second release for the Bill Cosby-owned label ...  Early Bowie influences ...

Screams, The The Screams Infinity INF 9009 1979 VG VG $8.00
One of the nicer recent surprises we've picked up.  Singer David Adams even read our review and got in touch !!!

Shades of Blue, The Happiness Is the Shades of Blue Impact 1001 1966 VG VG SOLD
Excellent Detroit-based blue-eyed soul.  Edwin Starr discovered 'em ....

Sheridan/Price This Is To Certify That ... Gemini GME-1002 1970 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Excellent Move-styled pop by Mike Sheridan (ex-Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders) and Rick Price (ex-Move).

Shocking Blue At Home Pink Elephant MLP 15-353 1969 VG VG SOLD
This is the original Dutch LP and is far superior to the US Colossus release.

Shocking Blue Scorpio's Dance Pink Elephant MLP 15-377 1970 VG VG $40.00
Probably our favorite Shocking Blue LP - Dutch release.

Shocking Blue Venus Colossus CS-1000 1970 VG VG SOLD
Cheap way to get the worldwide hit, as well as a couple of earlier Dutch singles.

Shocking Blue Venus Colossus CS-1000 1970 VG VG SOLD
Second copy ...

Shocking Blue Ham Pink Elephant PE 877.038-G 1972 VG+ VG+ SOLD
Overlooked by most critics, this is actually one of their more commercial and enjoyable LPs.  Love Mariska Vera's heavily accented English ...  Original Dutch pressing; gatefold sleeve.

Spanky and Our Gang Without Rhyme or Reason b/w Anything You Chose Mercury SR 61183 1968 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Overlooked era classic.  (Includes original inner sleeve.)

Starry Eyed & Laughing Thought Talk Columbia PC-33837 1975 VG VG $15.00
Their second and equally impressive release.

Steam Steam Mercury SR 61254 1969 NM NM $20.00
Y'all know the hit 'Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye' but you probably don't realize that the rest of the album is actually quite good.  Was sealed, opened and played once.

Stec, Joey Joey Stec Playboy PB-412 1975 VG VG $20.00
Ex-Millennium singer/guitarist strikes out with his one and only solo album ...  Excellent power pop that should appeal to Badfinger and Raspberries fans.

Stevenson, B.W. Lead Free RCA Victor SP-4794 1972 VG VG $8.00

Stevenson, B.W. My Maria RCA Victor APL1-0088 1973 VG VG $10.00
Okay, the title track may be the best thing he ever did, but the LP has quite a few other little gems.

Stevenson, B.W. We Be Sailin' Warner Brothers BS-2902 1975 VG VG SOLD

Sugar Bears, The Presenting the Sugar Bears Big Tree BTS- 1972 VG VG $40.00
Ah, a young Kim Carnes gets her start as singer and songwriter.  Possibly one of the top-5 bubblegum albums ever ...

Tee Set, The Join the Tee Set Tee Set TELP 023 S 1967 VG VG $100.00
Original Dutch pressing with the die cut cover and insert.

Tony's Tygers Little By Little Teen Town TTLP-102 1968 VG- VG $125.00
Surprisingly lame pop ...  (two tears on back cover; minor ring, edge and corner wear)

Utopia Utopia Network 60183 1982 VG VG $8.00
Todd Rundgren and company's best effort (3 sides).

various artists Goofy Gold HRB HBR-5000 1978 VG VG $12.00
Double LP collection of some of rock's odder hits and misses.

Williams, Mason Music Warner Brothers 1788 1969 VG VG $10.00
Long forgotten follow-up to his hit ...

Yellow Balloon, The The Yellow Balloon Canterbury CPLS-1502 1967 VG VG $30.00
Excellent mid-1960s Beach Boys-styled pop-rock with Don Grady and Gary Zekley participation.


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