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Cover Artist Title Label Catalog Year Cover LP Price

I Three, The Beginning EMI America ST-17222 1986 VG VG $15.00
Marcia Griffith, Rita Mowatt, and Rita Marley ...

Marley, Bob (and the Wailers) Early Music Calla 34760 1977 VG+ VG+ $8.00
Nice introduction to their early work and the influence of American soul. 

Mighty Diamonds, The Indestructible Alligator AL 8303 1981 VG VG $15.00
Excellent collection of reworked earlier efforts.

Tosh, Peter Legalize It Columbia PC-34 1976 VG VG $10.00
His first and possibly best solo effort ...

Tosh, Peter Bush Doctor Rolling Stone COC-39109 1978 VG VG $10.00
His first one for the Stones ...  not  quite as good as "Legalize It", but close.

Tosh, Peter Mystic Man Rolling Stone COC-39111 1979 VG VG $8.00
Tosh at his most socially active ... the grooves are still there though.

Tosh, Peter Wanted Dread & Alive Rolling Stone SO-17055 1981 VG VG $9.00
His final release for the Stones' label.

Tosh, Peter Peter Tosh Captured Live EMI America ST-17126 1984 VG VG $8.00
Decent concert set recorded at L.A.'s The Greek Theater.

various artists Music and Rhythm PVC PVC-201 1982 VG VG $20.00
Double LP set spearheaded by Peter Gabriel in support of his WOMAD project.

Velez, Martha Escape from Babylon Sire SASD-7515 1976 VG+ VG+ $20.00
Bob Marley's first outside production job ...  His work's great, but Velez doesn't hold up her part of the bargain.

Velez, Martha Escape from Babylon Sire SASD-7515 1976 VG+ VG+ $20.00
Second copy ...

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