I did not realize how many people were visiting the BadCatRecords site to read the album reviews and the biographical material I've gathered on various groups.  To make that a little bit easier, I've started an alphabetical listing of all the artists I've written about over the last ten years.  Some of these write-ups were previously on the Rate Your Music website, but my contributions violated RYM formatting rules so in December 2017 I deleted roughly 2,800 reviews from RYM.  You'll find them all here along with links to other sites and embedded photos. 

 Hopefully at least some folks will buy albums they find interesting.  Regardless, enjoy the write-ups and your feedback is always welcome:.  Send comments, criticisms, and questions to:   RDTEN1@aol.com


J.J. Barnes and Steve Mancha Intruders Filet of Soul


Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah



And above you'll find links to a couple of the more interesting groups I've stumbled across in the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy.


10 CC pop 1970s UK
A's, The power-pop 1970s-1980s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A Foot In Clearwater rock 1970s Canada
Ahora Mazda progressive 1970s Holland
Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah country-rock 1970s Chicago, Illinois
Duane and Greg Allman (RIP) rock 1960s-1970s US
Almost Famous  (tax scam act) pop 1970s US
Ambergris rock 1970s US
American Breed pop 1966-70 Chicago, Illinois
Archies, The bubblegum pop 1970s US
Asgard progressive 1970s UK
Ashes psych 1960s US
Atlantics, The garage Detroit, Michigan
Barnes, J.J. soul 1960s-1980s Detroit, Michigan
Baxter, Duke pop UK
Beagles, The bubblegum pop US
Becker,Walter and Donald Fagen rock US
Bee Gees, The pop Australia
Betts, Dickey (Dickey Betts Band) Southern rock US
Betts, Richard Southern rock US
Billay pop Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Birtha rock US
Blodwyn Pig blues-rock UK
Buckingham-Nicks (pre-Fleetwood Mac) rock Los Angeles, California
Burdon, Eric rock UK
Burdon, Eric (and War) rock UK
Bushes rock Chicago, Illinois
Caboose pop Memphis, Tennessee
Cal hard rock New York
Cale, John progressive Wales
Captain Beefheart (RIP) experimental US
Charlie rock UK
Cochise country-rock UK
Cotton, Josie rock Dallas, Texas
Crosby, David rock 1960s - present Los Angeles, California
Danko, Rick (The Band) rock Canada
Delaney and Bonnie blues-rock US
Deep Purple rock UK
Dickens progressive Belgium
Dog Soldier blues-rock UK
Edgewood progressive Memphis, Tennessee
Eloy rock Germany
Endle St. Cloud rock 1968-70 Houston, Texas
Entwistle, John (RIP) rock UK
Eric Quincy Tate Southern rock Corpus Christi, Texas
Escorts, The garage Richmond, Virginia
Estus rock New Your, New York
Faces, The rock UK
Fagen, Donald (Steely Dan) rock US
Fanny rock Sacramento, California
Fantasy rock Miami, Florida
Filet of Soul rock 1969-1972 Thorp, Wisconsin
Fleetwood Mac blues-rock, pop 1960s - present UK
Fresh Air rock 1969-1970 Thousand Oaks, California
Frida (Anni Frid Lyngstad) pop 1960s - present Sweden
Frijid Pink hard rock 1960s - 1970s Allen Park, Michigan
Gator Creek rock 1970s US
Glass Harp rock Youngstown, Ohio
Golden, Lotti blues-rock 1970s - present New York, New York
Gouldman, Graham pop 1960s - present UK
Gringo progressive 1971 Somerset, UK
Heads Hands & Feet country-rock 1970s UK
Help rock 1960s California
Hi-Fis, The pop 1960s UK
Hollins Ferry rock 1970s Baltimore, Maryland
Hot Butter pop
Hotlegs pop 1970s UK
Intruders, The soul 1960s-1980s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Isopoda progressive 1970s Aalst, Belgium
J.B. and the Playboys garage 1970s Montreal, Canada
Junior's Eyes psych 1960s UK
Kapt Kopter and His (Fabulous) Wirly Birds psych Los Angeles, California
Keef, James (RIP) rock UK
Keith, Barbara folk-rock US
Knopfler, Mark (ex-Dire Straits) rock UK
Koala rock Brooklyn, New York
Lake rock Germany, Scotland
Laxton, Julian rock Johannesburg, South Aftrca
Lily progressive Frankfurt, Germany
Liverbirds, The rock Liverpool, UK
Love psych Los Angeles, California
Machiavel progressive Belgium
Mancha, Steve (aka Clyde Wilson) (RIP 2011) soul 1960s-1980s Walhall, South Carolina
Marks and Lebzelter (RIP) experimental New York, New York
Morrison, Van rock Belfast, Ireland
Move, The psych Birmingham, UK
Next Morning rock Brooklyn, New York and Trinidad
Nilsson, Harry (RIP) pop UK
Oxpetals, The country-rock Roanoke, Virginia
Parsons, Gram (RIP) country-rock US
Peel, David and the Apple Band rock New York, New York
Peel, David and the Lower East Side rock New York, New York
Perfect, Christine (pre-Fleetwood Mac) rock UK
Pisani, Frank rock Chicago, Illinois
Pop, The power-pop Los Angeles, California
Quiver country-rock London, UK
Rasputin's Stash funk Chicago, Illinois
Redding, Noel (RIP) rock UL
Redding, Otis (RIP) soul US
Renwick, Tim rock UK
Rhinoceros rock US
Room progressive Blandfort, Dorset, UK
Roots of Madness experimental/real people San Jose, Califormia
Rotary Connection soul 1960s, 1970s Chicago, Illinois
Roundhouse rock Wisconsin
Royalettes, The soul Baltimore, Maryland
Rust rock Germany
Rustix rock Rochester, New York
Savoy Brown blues-rock UK
Schaffer, Janne jazz-rock Stockholm, Sweden
Shoes, The pop Zion, Illinois
Simone, Nina (RIP) blues US
Sleepy Hollow pop (tax scam artist) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Smyle pop-psych Burlington, Canada
Soundsations, The garage Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sparks rock US
Starfire soul Richmond, Virginia
Steely Dan rock New York
Stevens, Gregg pop US
Stewart, Eric rock UK
Stewart, Rod rock UK
Stone the Crows blues-rock UK
Stoughton, David progressive US
Sugar Bear bubblegum pop US
Sumac, Yma (RIP 2008) world music 1950s - 1980s Peru
Sunset county-rock (tax scam) US
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver pop UK
Swimming Pool Qs pop 1980s Atlanta, Georgia
Temptations, The soul Detroit, Michigan
Ten CC rock UK
Them rock Belfast, Ireland and US
Things To Come garage 1960s Huntington Beach, California
Titus, Libby pop (tax scam LP) 1970s US
Toms, The pop 1970s New Jersey
Traffic rock 1960s - 1970s UK and US
Trainer, Phil rock 1970s UK
Tramline blues-rock 1970s UK
Trapeze progressive 1960s - 1970s Wolverhampton, UK
Trimble, Bobb psych 1980s - present Marlbourough, Massachusetts
Truk rock 1970s Oklahoma
Turtles, The pop 1960s - 1970s US
Undisputed Truth, The soul 1960s - 1970s US
Uriah Heep hard rock 1960s - present UK
Watchpocket rock 1970s Memphis, Tennessee
White Chocolate rock 1970s UK
Wilson, Brian pop 1970s - presemt US
Wilson, Carl (RIP) pop 1970s US
Wilson, Dennis (RIP) pop 1970s US
Winwood, Steve rock 1970s - present UK
Womack, Bobby (RIP) soul 1960s - 2000s US
Womb rock 1960s Sacramento, California
Womega progressive 1970s Belgium
Year One progressive 1970s Miami, Florida