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Id, The The Inner Sounds of the Id RCA Victor LPM-3805 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; mono pressing; minor ring wear on front cover; small punch out hole lower right side SOLD $80.00

Idle Race Birthday Liberty LST-7603 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; original inner sleeve $80.00

If Tea-Break Over - Back On Your 'Heads! Capitol ST 11244 1975 G+ cover / VG LP-; cover has considerable wear but is intact; vinyl looks worn, but plays well SOLD $12.00

Impact Impact ATCO SD 36-135 1976 VG cover / VG+ LP; still in shrink wrap (torn and opened); minor creasing to front right side SOLD $20.00

Impala Syndrome Impala Syndrome Parallax P--4003 1968 VG / VG; minor warp; sticker on cover SOLD $300.00

Impressions, The Keep On Pushing ABC ABCS-492 1965 VG / VG; BB hole; original inner sleeve; minor water stain on back cover $12.00

Impressions, The The Never Ending Impressions ABC Paramount ABCS-468 1965 VG / VG; mono pressing SOLD $12.00

Impressions, The One By One ABC Paramount ABCS-523 1966 VG / VG; mono pressing $12.00

Impressions, The Ridin' High ABC Paramount ABCS-545 1966 VG / VG; minor pops throughout, though no skips; stereo pressing; original inner sleeve SOLD $15.00

Impressions, The We're a Winner ABC Paramount ABCS-635 1968 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink (opened); stereo pressing inner sleeve $25.00

Impressions, The 16 Greatest Hits ABC ABCS-727 1970 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink (unopened, but torn)   $15.00

Impressions, The This Is My Country Curtom CRS 8001 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Impressions, The Times Have Changed Curtom CRS 8012 1972 VG / VG; minor ring, edge and corner wear; gatefold sleeve SOLD $6.00

Impressions, The Loving Power Curtom CU 5009 1976 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap SOLD $10.00

Impressions, The It's About Time Cotillion SD 9912 1976 VG / VG; promo copy; promo sticker on cover (not shown in picture); cut out hole SOLD $10.00

Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band, The The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt Poison Ring PRR 2240 1972 VG / VG;  'FORD' written in magic marker on back cover $50.00

Os Incriveis Os Incriveis RCA BBL 1500 1969 VG+ / VG+: Brazilian pressing $80.00

Independents, The Chuck, Helen, Eric, Maurice Wand WDS 696 1973 VG+ / VG+ $15.00

Independents, The Discs of Gold Wand WDS 699 1974 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; cut out hole lower right


Indian Summer Indian Summer Neon/RCA BE 3 1071 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap; gatefold  sleeve; cutout hole SOLD $55.00

Innes, Neil Taking Off Arista SPARTY 1004 1977 VG cover / VG+; cur lower right corner $25.00

Innes, Neil The Innes Book of Records Polydor 2382 556 1979 VG+ / VG+: UK pressing $25.00

Insect Trust, The The Insect Trust Capitol ST 109 1968 VG / VG; rough edges and corners; bullet hole; gatefold sleeve $50.00

Insect Trust, The Hoboken Saturday Night ATCO SD 33-313 1969 VG+ / VG+ $75.00

International Galactic Traveling Band International Galactic Traveling Band Passport PB 9823 1977 VG / VG+; includes insert $25.00

International Submarine Band, The Safe At Home LHI LHS-12001 1968 VG+ / VG+; minor cover wear $110.00

Intruders, The The Intruders Are Together Gamble SG-5001 1967 VG / VG SOLD $80.00

Intruders, The When We Get Married Gamble LPSG 5008 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $25.00

Intruders, The The Intruders Greatest Hits Gamble SG-5006 1969 VG- / VG; 3 inch seam split along top; minor edge wear elsewhere SOLD $10.00

Intruders, The Save the Children Gamble KA 31991 1973 VG+ cover /  VG+ LP


Invaders, The ... On the Right Track Justice JLS-157 1967 VG / VG+; minor age staining $500.00

Invictas, The The Invictas a go-go Sahara 101 1965 VG / VG $150.00

Incredible String Band, The The Big Huge Elektra EKS-74037 1969 VG / VG;  name written in pen on back cover and inner label $15.00

Incredible String Band, The Liquid Acrobat As Regards the Air Elektra EKS-74112 1969 VG / VG;  gatefold sleeve $15.00

Incredible String Band, The No Ruinous Feud Reprise MS-2139 1973 NM / NM; promo white label copy with insert; still in shrink wrap (opened) $20.00

Irish Coffee Iirish Coffee Guerszen Gues5072 2008 NM / NM; includes liner note insert $50.00

Irish Coffee Live Rockpalast 2004 Second Battle SB LP 069 2006 NM / NM; double LP; gatefold sleeve; German pressing $60.00

Ironhorse Ironhorse Scotti Brothers SB-7103 1979 VG+ / VG+; cut out notch lower edge $15.00

Irresistibles, The The Story of Baxter Williams CBS S7 63458 1968 VG+ / VG+; French pressing $180.00

Isley Brothers, The Givin' It Back T-Neck TNS 3008 1971 VG / VG+; gatefold sleeve SOLD $20.00

Isley Brothers, The Go For Your Guns T-Neck PZ 34432 1977 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve; includes original custom inner sleeve   $20.00

Isopoda Acrostichon Twinkle BGL  730108-201 1977 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $80.00

I-Three, The Beginning EMI America ST-17222 1986 VG/ VG SOLD $15.00

It's a Beautiful Day Live at Carnegie Hall Columbia KC-31338 1972 VG / VG; minor ring wear; gatefold sleeve $20.00

IIvers, Peter Nirvana Peter Warner Brothers 1-25213 1984 VG+ cover / VG+ LP