I'm not going to re-invent the wheel.  Swedish collector Patrick Lundberg has already published a great online 

article about the Justice label, complete with brief reviews on most of the albums.  You can find his article at:




Not mentioned in Patrick's article is the fact there are some Justice 45s.  I've only heard a couple of them 

so I can't claim to be an expert.  Among those I've managed to track down:


- Rockets Combo 'Topless a-Go-Go' b/w 'Grab This And Dance!' (Justice catalog number JS 3003)

- The Turks 'Tell Me Now' b/w 'Dancing in the Street' (Justice catalog number JS 3004)


Another tidbit not mentioned in Patrick's article is the entire Justice album catalog was reissued on CD by the 

Collectables label.  Given original Justice LPs command premium prices, the CD reissues are a good way

to check some of these releases out without having to take out a bank loan.


  recent additions:

- January 6, 2011 - added a review of The Knights 5 +1 LP

- January 17, 2011 - added a review of The Marsadees LP

- October 18, 2014 - added copy of The Variations LP for sale




LP cover Artist   LP Title Label catalog # Year Genre


To see a brief album description and track listing, be sure to click on the 'Artist'  name.

Artz, Bill and the Rhythm Kings Variety Time Justice 101 1965 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Tempos, The  Speaking of the Tempos Justice JLP-104 1966 garage

est. value $700- $800

Variations, The Dig em Up! Justice JLP-112 1966 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; signed by band members


Starlighters, The Journey with the Starliters Justice JLP-124 1966 garage

est. value $700- $800

Marlboros, The and the Jokers Six Real Live Girl Justice JLP-126 1966 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $250.00

Spekulations, The Walking the Dog In the Midnight Hour Justice JLP-132 1966 garage

est. value $800 - $900

Tony Lane and the Fabulous Spades Introducing ... Justice JLP-133 1966 garage

est. value $800 - $900

Aces Combo, The Introducing Justice JLP-134 1966 VG / VG; plays without any skips and with minimal noise; minor aging on cover and lower left corner has minor tear

for sale $300.00

Fugitives, The On the Fun with the Fugitives Justice JLP-141 1966 VG / VG; plays with some hiss in spots; no skips; 3" seam split along top edge  $400.00

Barracudas, The A Plane View of the Barracudas Justice JLP-143 1967 VG+ cover/ VG+ LP; minor stains on back; great overall shape


Bonne Villes, The Bringing It Home Justice JLP-146 1967 garage

est. value $300 - $400

Varcels, The Hang Loose with The Varcels Justice JLP-147 1967  

est. value $500 - $600

Stowaways, The In Out Time Justice JLP-148 1967 garage

est. value $600 - $700

Checkmates, The Meet the Checkmates Justice JLP 149 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Marsadees, The The Marsadees Justice JLP-150 1967 VG / VG+; vinyl shows some use, but plays without skips, or excessive noise; name in blue ink on back cover 'Brenda Kanch' SOLD $650.00

Phantom Raiders, The New Sound '67 Justice JLP-151 1967 garage

est. value $600 - $700

Skip and the Creations MOBAM Justice JLP-152 1967 VG / VG+; small amount of age spotting on cover for sale $350.00

Mod and the Rockers Mod and the Rockers Justice JLP-153 1967 VG / VG; back cover is autographed by all four members for sale $380.00

Englishmen, The Summer Is Here Justice JLP-155 1967 VG / VG for sale $375.00

Knights 5 + 1 On the Move Justice JLP-156 1967 VG+ / VG+ for sale $350.00

Invaders, The ... On the Right Track Justice JLP-157 1967 VG / VG+; minor age staining for sale $300.00

Nightriders, The Introducing ... The Nightriders Justice JLP-157 1967 VG / VG+; name written in ink on back top right corner; name written in ink on back top right corner 'Kay Dawson'; 3" seam split along top side' 4" seam split along lower edge

for sale $450.00

Generations Combo Meet the Generations Combo Justice JLP-158 1967 VG- / VG; clean top and bottom seam splits; inscription on front cover from keyboardist Gary Jacobs for sale $400.00

7th Seal, The Reflections Justice JLP- 1999 NM / NM for sale $50.00