Hans Pokora is a well known high end Austrian record collector who has published a series of reference 

books cataloging some of the world's rarest and most sought after rock albums.  Mind you, there's a 

gigantic gap between an item being rare and being good.  I could get into a lengthy discussion of that 

difference, but won't bore you with it since the chances are you wouldn't even be looking at this page 

unless you had some familiarity and insight into these items.  That said, keep in mind one of the reasons 

an album is exceptionally rare may have something to do with the fact that it was awful and nobody wanted 

to hear it.  Regardless, Pokora's six volume "Record Collectors Dreams" set is probably best described 

as pornography for the vinylholic.  (Yes, I count myself in that company and wouldn't even want to hazard a 

guess as to how much time I've spent looking through these wonderful books.)  


A couple of other comments.  Folks tend to overlook the fact Pokora's books are built around the concept

of rarity.  Lots of the music cover in his books is readily available.  You may not be able to readily find that

obscure Rhodesian pressing of The Doors "Strange Days" with the oddball cover art, but the standard US 

pressing has the same songs and is readily available at a fraction of the cost.  I'd suggest most folks don't 

need the Rhodesian pressing.  Also, Pokora's books which don't provide anything more a one or two word 

description on musical genre (some which are of questionable accuracy), you can read my brief 

descriptions by clicking on the band name.  Below you'll find some of the Pokora listed LPs that I have for 



One last thing - since these are original pressings, most are not cheap and there's considerable demand 

for these items so they tend to turn over quickly.



  new additions:



- 12 December 2010 - sold copy of Popcorn Blizzard "Popcorn Blizzard"



- 17 January 2011 - updated photo to show Pokora's sixth work

- 17 January 2011 - added listing and review for The Marsadees "The Marsadees" - sold

- 26 January 2011 - added listing and review for Harmony Grass "This Is Us"

- 27 January 2011 - added listing and review for Froggie Beaver "From the Pond"

- 27 January 2011 - added listing and review for Bushes "Assorted Shrubbery" - sold



- 19 October 2012 - added listing and review for New Inspiration "New Inspiration"

- 14 December 2012 - added listing and review for The Rippers "Honesty"



- 19 January 2013 - added listing and review for John Bassman Group - sold

- 03 February 2013 - added listing and review for Ahora Mazda - sold

- 02 October 2013 - added listing and review for The Atlantics "Live At the Nite-LIte"

- 22 November 2013 - added listing and review for The Guild" "Musik"



- 06 March, 2015 - added listing and review for Circus "Circus" - sold

- 18 March, 2015 - added listing and review for Bermuda Triangle "Bermuda Triangle"

- 04 April, 2015 - added listing and review for Spur "Spur of the Moment"

- 23 December 2015 - added listing and review for Magic Fern "Magic Fern"



- 15 February, 2016 - added Eyes "Stroke a Horse's Navel" - sold

- 21 May, 2016 - added Bit'a Sweet "Hypnotic 1"






LP cover Artist   LP Title Label Catalog Year Grading


To see a brief album description and track listing, be sure to click on the 'Artist'  name.

Aardvarks Aardvarks Aardvark AA-001 1982 NM cover / NM LP


Atlantics Atlantics Live At the Nite-Lite Hashish AR 696 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


A Passing Fancy A Passing Fancy Boo BST-6801 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $275.00

Aaron Music By Aaron Eastern ERS 539 1973 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; minor ring wear on cover

  SOLD $140.00

Accolade Accolade 2 EMI Regal SLRZ 1024 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor edge and corner wear

SOLD $250.00

Aces Combo, The Introducing Justice 134 1966 VG / VG; plays without any skips and with minimal noise; minor aging on cover and lower left corner has minor tear


Ache Green Man Philips 6318 005 1971 VG cover / VG+ LP


Acid Symphony A Cid Symphony private press   1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; 3 LP set; colored vinyl with original inner sleeves; no outer sleeve

SOLD $300.00

Affinity Affinity Paramount PAS 5027 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; US pressing; minor ring and edge wear; gatefold sleeve

SOLD $75.00

After All After All Athena 6006 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; small drill hole top right corner; bottom left corner is worn


Afterglow Afterglow MTA MTS-5010 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor ring, edge and corner wear; small "DJ" stamp on back; small metal punch in top left corner

SOLD $200.00

After Tea After Tea Ace of Cups SCL-R 1251 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP+; UK pressing


After Tea National Disaster Decca XBY 846 504 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; Dutch pressing

SOLD $100.00

Agape Gospel Hard Rock Mark MHS 2179 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor ring, edge and corner wear; little bit of hiss to start off


Agnes Strange Strange Flavour Bird Nest BRL 9000 1975 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; UK pressing

SOLD $290.00

Age of Reason, The The Age of Reason Georgetowne -- 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Ahora Mazda Ahora Mazda Catfish 5C 054-24184 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $300.00

Albatross Albatross Anvil AT-100-1 1976 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD  $110.00

American Blues The American Blues Do Their Thing Uni 73044 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


American Blues Exchange A-B-E Blueprints Tayl TLS-1 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; pop on 'Cold Iron Blues'

SOLD $400.00

Appaloosa Appaloosa Columbia CS 9819 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; still in shrink (torn); includes lyric insert


Apostles, The The Apostles On Crusade private pressing -- 1964 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Aquila Aquila RCA Victor LSP 10307 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; gatefold sleeve; UK pressing

SOLD $150.00

Arthur Dreams and Images LHI LHI-12,000 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor ring and edge wear


Art of Lovin' Art of Lovin' Mainstream S/6113 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; DJ stamp on back cover

SOLD $300.00

Ashes Ashes Vault 125 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $150..00

Askan In from the Cold London/Sire SES 97017 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor crease top left corner; small cut out hole top right (next to Sire logo); original inner sleeve


Autumn People Autumn People Soundtech SO -3020 1976 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; someone wrote a "321" in magic marker along the top left corner; gatefold sleeve


Bacon Fat Grease One For Me Blue Horizon BK-4087 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor ring wear; minor staining on back cover


Banchee Thinkin' Polydor 24 4406 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; promo sicker on cover; minor ring wear; white label


Bakerloo Bakerloo Harvest SHVL-762 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; gatefold sleeve

SOLD $250.00

Bandolero Bandolero Eclipes ERC-37925 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor ring and edge wear

SOLD $100.00

Barron, Steve Quartet The Mother of Us All Tetragrammaton T-123 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $120.00

Baroques, The The Baroques Chess LP-1516 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; mono; name written in small ink letters on front cover ('Friskics'); metal grommit top left corner


Barracudas, The A Plane View of the Barracudas Justice LP 143 A/B 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor stains on back; great overall shape


John Bassman Group Filthy Sky A.S.P. 60 600 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Bead Game Welcome AVCO Embassy AVE-33009 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle Winter Solstice SR 3338 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP

SOLD $180.00

Big Brother Featuring Ernie Confusion All American AA-5770 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; minor corner dents

SOLD $280.00

Big Lost Rainbow Big Lost Rainbow private press private press 1973 G+ / VG-;noticeable hiss; top and bottom seams are split; cover has some staining and aging; original pressing with lyric, band member inserts


Bit'a Sweet Hypnotic 1 ABC  ABC-640 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; still in shrink wrap (opened)


Blackbirds, The Touch of Music Opp 5-34 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; plays with a bit of hiss, but no skips


Blessed End Movin' On TNS J248 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; still in shrink wrap

SOLD $250.00

Blond On Blond Contrasts Janus JLS-3003 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; US pressing


Blond On Blond Rebirth Trans-World/ Ember NR 5049 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; gatefold sleeve; Canadian press


Blond On Blond Reflections On a Life Ember NR 5058 1971 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; gatefold sleeve

SOLD $150.00

Blues Train, The The Blues Train Condor CST 2465 1970 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; small cut out hole lower right corner $100.00

Bohemian Vendetta Bohemian Vendetta Mainstream S/6106 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; faint "D.J. not for sale" stamp on back cover $375.00

Bradbury, Ray Songs For a Sideshow of the Mind Tower ST-5172 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; cut out hole top right corner SOLD $100.00

Bram Stoker Heavy Rock Spectacular Wind Mill WMD117 1972 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; UK pressing SOLD $150.00

British Modbeats Mod ... Is the British Modbeats Red Leaf RED 1002 1967 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; SOLD $220.00

Buchette, Wilburn Wilburn Burchette Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness Ebos O.D. 0001 1972 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; includes the rare insert 'instructional' booklet SOLD $100.00

Bushes Assorted Shrubbery Growth LP 200-08 1968 VG- / VG+; water damage to the bottom edge; still in shrink wrap; torn; album plays with no problems SOLD $80.00

Chirco Visitation Crested Butte CB 701 1972 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; white label promo copy; taped top edge; radio station stamp top left corner


Colours [Texas] Colours Century 36550 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; SOLD $80.00

Cambridge Share a Song Green Dolphin 6024 N3B 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; wear on cover


Circus Circus Transatlantic TRA 2007 1969 VG+ cover / VG+ LP


Country Lane Country Lane Splendid SLP 50 108 1973 VG+ cover / VG+ LP;; original Swiss pressing; gatefold sleeve SOLD $250.00

Darius Darius Chartmaster 1102 1968 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear; radio station call letters and date  written in black ink on the back cover ('KRHM 2/69'); $450.00

David, The Another Day, Another Lifetime VMC V 124 1967 VG+ / VG+; mono promo copy; promo sticker and stamp on back cover  $175.00

Dead Sea Fruit Dead Sea Fruit Camp 603 001 1967 VG- / VG; mono pressing; minor edge wear; back panel has some discoloration, tape residue and two small torn areas along top edge $200.00

Dragonfly Dragonfly Megaphone MS-1202 1970 VG+ / NM; gatefold sleeve SOLD $380.00

Steve Drake Band Nature Intended Tiger Lily TL 14054 1977 VG / VG+; small cut out hole top right corner $300.00

Ellie Pop Ellie Pop Mainstream S/6116 1968 VG / VG; minor edge wear SOLD $200.00

Eyes Stroke a Horse's Navel The Eyes Record Company 710206 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP $150.00

Freak Scene Psychedelic Psoul Columbia CL-2656 1968 VG / VG; mono pressing; neatly taped bottom seam $40.00

Frederic, The Phases and Faces Forte 80461 1968 VG / VG; stereo sticker on cover (see picture) SOLD $600.00

Free Pop Electronic Concept, The A New Exciting Experience Ace of Clubs SCL 2036 1970 VG / VG+; Canadian pressing $150.00

Froggie Beaver Down To the Pond Froggie Beaver DSI-7301 1973 VG+ / VG+; minor ring wear  $175.00

Gandalf the Grey Gandalf the Grey I Am Grey Wizard Music SWR-007 1972 VG+ / VG+; minor ring, edge and corner wear

SOLD $350.00

Generations Combo Meet the Generations Combo Justice JLP-158 1967 VG- / VG; clean top and bottom seam splits; inscription on front cover from keyboardist Gary Jacobs $400.00

Gentle Soul Gentle Soul Epic BN-26374 1968 VG / VG; minor ring wear $150.00

Ghostdance Ghostdance Root River RRR-999 1980 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap


Gila Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Warner Brothers WB 46234 1973 VG+ / VG+; German pressing SOLD $125.00

Gilbert, John (RIP) John Gilbert / Meade River AV none 1971 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear SOLD $320.00

Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Travels Instant INLP 003 1968 VG / VG


Hairy Chapter Eye Opp 5-21 1970 VG+ / VG+

SOLD $150.00

Harmony Grass This Is Us RCA SF 8034 1969 VG+ / VG+; UK pressing $125.00

HiFis, The Snakes and HiFis Star-Club 158 035 STY 1967 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $250.00

Hillow Hammet Hammer House of the Fox HOF-LP-2 1969 VG+ / VG+ $200.00

Kak Kak Epic BN-26429 1969 VG+ / VG+

SOLD $150.00

Koala Koala Capitol ST-167 1968 VG / VG; gatefold sleeve; minor edge wear $120.00

Krystals, The The Krystals Fourmost MS-8943 1968 VG+ / VG+; minor ring and edge wear


Lacewing Lacewing Mainstream S/6132 1970 VG+ / VG+


Ossie Lane Show Maddox 2 Edigsa CM 241 LS 1969 VG+ / VG+; band signatures on back cover


Landslide Two Sided Fantasy Capitol ST-11006 1972 G+ / VG SOLD $90.00

Lemon Dips, The Who's Gonna Buy? the Lemon Dips DeWolfe SW/LP 3114 1969 VG+ / VG+: UK issue; mono pressing $325.00

Leathercoated Minds, The Trip Down the Sunset Strip Visa V 6003 1967 VG+ / VG+


Lily V.C.U. Bellaphon BLPS-19144 1973 VG / VG; German pressing; creased lower right corner SOLD $150.00

Lily and Maria Lily and Maria Columbia CS 9707 1968 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap (opened) $100.00

Liverbirds, The The Liverbirds Star Club 158 003 STY 1965 VG / VG; German pressing; stereo pressing SOLD $150.00

Liverbirds, The More of The Liverbirds Star Club 158 021 STY 1966 VG+ / VG+; German pressing; stereo pressing $200.00

Lucas, Ted Ted Lucas OM OM-5374 1975 VG+ / VG+; no insert or Stanley Mouse postcard $200.00

Magic Bubble, The The Magic Bubble Columbia ES-90038 1969 VG / VG; minor ring wear; 2 small creases under the title, Canadian pressing $300.00

Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Mushroom 200 MR 972 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $350.00

Magic Fern Magic Fern Piccadilly PIC 3386 1980 NM cover / NM LP; sealed copy


Magic Mixture This Is the Magic Mixture Saga FID 2125 1968 VG / VG; UK pressing (thin cover) with a couple of creases, though this is one of the best sounding Saga pressings I've heard  $200.00

Major Arcana Major Arcana A Major Label AMLS-1001 1976 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap; includes the Peter Poplaski poster/lyric sheet $500.00

Marcus From the House of Trax private press NR10788 1978 NM / NM; has the paste on blue photo cover over the generic white sleeve $500.00

Marsadees, The The Marsadees Justice JLP-150 1967 VG / VG+; vinyl shows some use, but plays without skips, or excessive noise; name in blue ink on back cover 'Brenda Kanch' $650.00

Marsupilami Arena Transatlantic TRA 230 1971 VG / VG; UK pressing with thin cover; light ring wear; vinyl excellent condition $150.00

Mason Harbour Eleventh Hour 1001-S 1971 VG / VG; original cover $200.00

Matthews, Milt For the People Catalyst CAS-1111 1971 VG+ / VG+ $120.00

Maypole The Real Colossus CS-1007 1971 VG / VG; minor edge wear $100.00

Maximillian Maximillian ABC ABCS 696 1969 VG / VG+: gatefold sleeve; ring wear on cover $100.00

Maze, The Armageddon MTA MTS-5012 1969 VG / VG; wrinkled lower left corner; small drill hole top right side SOLD $375.00

Meltzer, Tina and David Poet Song Vanguard VSD-6519 1969 VG / VG+; small cut out notch top right corner $100.00

Merseys, Les Les Merseys DSP International INT 137 1969 VG / VG; minor ring wear; small cutout hole bottom right corner $100.00

Mirthrandir For You the Old Women Mirthrandir LP 2276 1976 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink SOLD $150.00

Miserables, Les Les Miserables Jupiter JDY 7011 1966 VG / VG; small cut out hole lover right corner $150.00

Mod and the Rockers Mod and the Rockers Justice JLP 153 1967 VG / VG; back cover is autographed by all four members $380.00

Moonstone Moonstone Baldwin CS-8200 1977 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $225.00

Mormos Great Wall of China CBS S 64439 1971 VG / VG; French pressing; original lyric insert $300.00

Mormos The Magic Spell of Mother's Wrath CBS S 64979 1972 VG / VG+; French pressing $350.00

Mouse Lady Killer Sovereign SVNA 7262 1973 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve; UK pressing not for sale

Mouzakis Magic Tube British Main BM 90069 1971 VG+ / VG+ $150.00

Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, The The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Carole CAR 8001 1967 VG / VG; minor ring wear; has two small drill holes bottom left and top right corners SOLD $90.00

Nazca Line Outer Space Connection Nazca Productions



1979 VG / VG; minor wear along lower seam $250.00

New Breed The Many Faces of the New Breed New Breed  R13634 1970 VG+ / VG+


New Colony Six, The Breakthrough Sentar LP 101 1966 VG+ / VG+; minor ring wear on cover $450.00

New Inspiration Inspirated Decca SSS 515 1968 VG+ / VG+


New Inspiration New Inspiration Decca SSS 594-S 636 1972 VG / VG $125.00

New Wave The Sound of the New Wave Canterbury CLPM-1501 1967 VG+ / VG+; mono pressing; white label promo copy SOLD $100.00

Nirvana The Story of Simonpath Bell 6015 1967 VG+ / VG+; US pressing' still in shrink wrap - we opened it to hear it - played once SOLD $150.00

One Way Ticket Time Is Right President PTLS-1069 197? VG / VG+; UK pressing $380.00

Guild The Musik KM KM 4182 1980 VG+ / VG+ $75.00

Popcorn Blizzard Explode De-Lite DE-2004 1969 VG+ / VG+; 'DJ' stamp on back cover SOLD $300.00

Poor Richard Place of the Sun Kazoo 4105N1 1978 VG+ / VG+ $200.00

Pugsley Munion Just Like You J&S SLP 0001 1970 VG+ / VG+ SOLD  $80.00

Random Element Afternoon In Milan Rocking Horse RHR-5521 1977 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap (open and torn) SOLD $200.00

Rattles, The Greatest Hits New Recording Star Club 158 023 STY 1966 VG / VG; German pressing


Rattles, The Remember Finale Ligure Star Club 158 031 STY 1967 VG / VG; German pressing; 3" of clear tape along bottom seam

SOLD $100.00

Raye, Jerry The Many Sides Of Jerry Raye Featuring Fenwyck Deville DV=LP=101 1967 VG+ / VG+; red vinyl, still in loose shrink wrap SOLD $200.00

Relph, Eric Pretty darlin' Evy Pollen ER-1-2-48 1978 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $100.00

Revolution Francaise, La C Cool CAMUSA CLJ 33-112 1968 VG / VG SOLD $100.00

Rippers, The Honesty Saga FID 2142 1968 VG+ cover / VG LP; minor hissing in sports SOLD $120.00

Rivets, The Yes It's Time Star Club 158 019 STY 1966 VG+ / VG+ $275.00

Royalaires, The Royalaires Live Vol. 1 RPC Z-28861 1967 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap (opened)

SOLD $200.00

Rust Come with Me Hor Zu SHZEL 69 1969 VG/ VG; German pressing $175.00

Sailor (US band) Sailor 700 West #761130 1976 VG / VG; includes lyric sheet SOLD $80.00

Sapphire Thinkers From Within Hobbit H.B. 5003 1969 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear; small crease along right edge; small punch out hole $150.00

Satans, The Raisin' Hell private press 3262 1962 VG / VG; tape top and lower seams


Staccatos, The Hear and Now NEM NEMS-300 1968 VG+ / VG+ $200.00

Scorpion Scorpion Tower ST-5171 1969 VG / VG+; punch out hole top right corner (see picture); still in opened shrink wrap SOLD $250.00

Serpents Noirs, Les Les Serpents Noirs Olympia LPT 3371 1967 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear; Belgian pressing


Seventh Dawn Sunrise Project Aquarius P.A. 001 1995 VG / VG; reissue with original cover # 17 of 25; includes lyric insert and mail order postcard  $150.00

Sex The End of My Life Trans-Canada TC-786 1971 VG / VG; small tear on front cover (not shown in picture) $250.00

Shape of the Rain Riley, Riley, Wood and Waggett Neon NE 7 1971 VG+ / VG+; UK pressing; gatefold sleeve $450.00

Sharpe, John. E (and the Squires)  (RIP) Maybelline CBS ALD 6962 1966 VG+ / VG+; South African pressing; promo sticker removal stain on cover; stamp from band's management company on back  $450.00

Short Cross Arising Grizly S-160-13 1972 G+ / VG; scratch impacts side two, track 1 ("On My Own"); white cover shows some dirt; minor ring wear; split bottom seam; name written in ink on bottom right and on inner label $180.00

Singing End, The The Romantic Vocal Sound of The Singing End Resono SLR 15006 1971 VG / VG; German pressing; minor ring wear $150.00

Sinners, Les Vox Pipulia Jupiter JOY 7009 1968 VG / VG SOLD $200.00

Sir Henry and His Butlers Sir Henry & His Butlers Are Serving You Sonet SLPS 1211 1965 VG / VG; minor crease on rear seam; Danish pressing SOLD $100.00

Skip and the Creations MOBAM Justice JLP-152 1967 VG / VG+; small amount of age spotting on cover $350.00

Sloopy and the Guys Somethin' WIld Mark Recording Company XCTV-107449 1966 VG+ / VG+ $275.00

Smith, Bob The Visit Kent KST-551 1970 VG / VG; double LP; gatefold sleeve; minor ring wear on back cover; no poster $200.00

Sonset Discoteca Hit Parade HP-LP-107 1967 NM / NM; sealed copy $150.00

Soundstations, The Shout Phalanx LP-PH-001 1966 VG / VG; minor aging SOLD $200.00

Spiffys, The The Spiffys none  none 1967 VG / VG; minor tear on back cover $200.00

Spiffys, The The Spiffys 68 none  none 1968 VG+ / VG+; minor edge and ring wear $300.00

Spring Spring Neon NE 6 1971 VG / VG; three panel gatefold sleeve; name 'D. LisPouee Spet 72 (26)' in small blue ink on back cover; small '26' in a circle on cover; small sticker tear top right corner front cover SOLD $350.00

Springuns, The Revel Weird and Wild Decca SKL 5262 1976 VG / VG+; UK pressing; includes the rare lyric insert SOLD $350.00

Steppeulvene Hip Metronome BO 7701 1967 VG / VG SOLD $150.00

Spur Spur of the Moment Cinema CSLP 1500 1968 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; 1990s bootleg $90.00

Stone Circus, The Stone Circus, The Mainstream S/6119 1969 VG+ / VG+;  still  in shrink wrap; "D.J. not for sale" stamp on back cover SOLD $300.00

Stone Harbour Emerges Stone Harbour Records 398 A/B 1974 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $600.00

Stud Stud Deram SML-R 1084 1971 VG / VG+; still in shrink wrap (opened); lower right corner has a crease SOLD $150.00

Stud September BASF 20 29054-9 1972 VG / VG; German pressing gatefold sleeve SOLD $100.00

Sugar Creek Please Tell a Friend Metromedia MD-1020 1969 VG / VG $200.00

Summerhill Summerhill Tetragrammaton T-114 1969 VG / VG $80.00

Sum Pear Sum Pear Euphoria EST 1 1971 VG+ / VG+ $100.00

Sweet Pants Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants Barclay LP 1141 1972 VG / VG; minor warp to bottom left hand side of sleeve SOLD $200.00

Sweet Toothe Testing Dominion NR 7360 1975 VG / VG; top and bottom seams  largely split; original pressing ; LP plays great $275.00

T Kail Somewhere, Sometime Jade BBW 8001 1980 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $320.00

T2 It'll All Work Out In Boomland London PS 53 1970 VG / VG; minor ring, edge and corner wear; two pops on 2nd side; original inner sleeve SOLD $150.00

T.C. Atlantic Recorded Live at the Bel-Rae Ballroom Dove LP-4459 1967 VG / VG; minor ring wear $150.00

T.S. Truck T.S. Truck Smokey Soul SS062973 1972 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear; top right corner show some wear SOLD $150.00

Tangerine Zoo Tangerine Zoo Mainstream S/6107 1967 VG / VG; minor sticker residue on front cover; name written on back cover (E.W. Crocker); minor stain along back left spine; scratch on front and back, but doesn't impact playing (no skips); slight hiss on quiet passages $100.00

Tangerine Zoo Outside Looking In Mainstream S/6116 1968 VG / VG $200.00

Tea and Symphony An Asylum for the Musically Insane Harvest SHVL-761 1969 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $300.00

Thee Muffins Pop Up! Fan Club -- 1966 VG / VG;  front and back covers signed by guitarist Condi $200.00

Them Now and Them Tower TS 5104 1968 VG / VG $170.00

Them Time Out!, Time In for Them Tower TS 5116 1968 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $250.00

Them Them Featuring Van Morrison London BP 71053-4 1973 VG+ / VG+; double LP; gatefold sleeve $20.00

These Trails These Trails Sinergia SR4059 1973 VG / VG SOLD $200.00

Thompson, Don Jupiter Sunday KS5101 1975 VG+ / VG+; original Sunday pressing; gatefold textured sleeve; no bonus 45 (some of the original pressings apparently had such); includes inserts SOLD $125.00

Thunderpussy Documents of Captivity MRT RL 3748 1973 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap; includes lyric insert SOLD $350.00

Thundertree Thundertree Roulette SR-42083 1970 VG / VG; white label promo copy; DJ stamp on back cover $200.00

Timbercreek Hellbound Highway Renegade JAH 95014 1975 VG+ / VG+; no insert $200.00

Tiffany Shade Tiffany Shade Mainstream   1969 VG+ / VG+ $200.00

Tino and the Revlons By request at the Sway-zee Dreaborn SLP 1004 1966 VG / VG; sticker on cover with initials 'D.M.E.'; signed by the band members in blue ink on cover $150.00

Toad Toad Bellaphon BLPS 19047 1971 VG / VG; German pressing with gatefold sleeve, minor corner wear SOLD $250.00

Tony's Tygers Little By Little  Teen Town TTLP 102 1968 VG+ / VG+ $150.00

Touch Street Suite Mainline LP 2001 1969 VG / VG-; record is quite scratched and plays with considerable noise in places; has several skips on track three; gatefold sleeve; extremely thick sleeve and vinyl SOLD $150.00

Tractor Tractor Dandelion 2130 217 1972 VG+ / VG+ SOLD $350.00

Tripsichord Music Box Tripsichord Janus JLS-3016 1971 VG / VG; small drill hole through middle of the LP; Janus/San Francisco Sound inner label SOLD $300.00

Truth and Janey No Rest for the Wicked Montross MR 276 1976 VG+ / VG+; minor crease bottom right corner SOLD $320.00

Twentieth Century Zoo Thunder On a Clear Day Vault 122 1968 VG / VG+   $200.00

Voice, The To Have a Friend Somerset 755 1972 VG+ / VG+: German pressing

SOLD $120.00