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Zager and Evans Zager and Evans RCA Victor LPS-4302 1970 VG / VG; gatefold sleeve; cut lower left corner


Zaharoff, Pete Tiger Rose Guinness GNS 36063 1977 VG+ / VG+; still in shrink wrap


Zakatek, Lenny Lenny Zakatek A&M SP 4447 1979 VG / VG; promo stamp on back cover

SOLD $20.00

Zappa, Frank We're Only In It for the Money Verve V6 5045X 1967 VG / VG; original inner sleeve

SOLD  $30.00

Zappa, Frank Absolutely Free Verve V6-5013 1967 VG / VG; original inner sleeve


Zappa, Frank Cruising with Ruben & the Jets Verve V8 6065 1968 VG+ / VG+; minor ring wear; 4" seam split along top; gatefold sleeve


Zappa, Frank Hot Rats Bizarre RS-6356 1969 VG / VG; minor ring wear; gatefold sleeve


Zappa, Frank Burnt Weeny Sandwich Reprise RS-6370 1970 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve; German pressing


Zappa, Frank Chunga's Revenge Reprise MS-2030 1970 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve; minor ring wear

SOLD $20.00

Zappa, Frank Mothers Live at the Fillmore East June '71  Bizarre MS-2042 1971 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap

SOLD $15.00

Zappa, Frank Soundtrack "200 Motels"  United Artists UALA-996 G 1971 NM / NM; double LP, gatefold sleeve, includes insert


Zappa, Frank Just Another Band from L.A. Bizarre 2075 1972 VG+ / VG+


Zappa, Frank Waka/Jawaka Bizarre BS-2094 1972 VG+ / VG+


Zappa, Frank Over Nite Sensation Discreet MS-2148 1973 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve


Zappa, Frank One Size Fits All Discreet DS-2216 1974 VG+ / VG+; gatefold sleeve


Zara's. The The Zara's Way Kerston LP 65 001 1965 VG / VG+; minor hiss on a couple of tracks


Zavaroni, Illena Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me Stax STS-5511 1974 VG / VG


Zerfas Zerfas Radioactive   2005 NM / NM; #533 of 1000


Zaza Zaza Baby Grand SE-1033 1977 VG+ / VG+


Zig Zag People The Zig Zag People Take Bubble Gum Music Underground Decca DL 75110 1969 VG / VG; over has some wear; spine is split and bottom seam is large split

SOLD $20.00

Zodiac The Cosmic Sounds of the Zodiac Elektra EKS 74009 1967 VG+ / VG+


Zoldar & Clark Zoldar & Clark Dellwood DLD 56013 1977 VG+ / VG+

SOLD $200.00

Zombies, The Odessey & Oracle Date TES 4013 1967 VG+ / VG+; minor edge and corner wear; initials on back cover

SOLD  $80.00

Zombies, The Time of the Zombies Epic KEG-23861 1973 VG+ / VG+; double album set; gatefold sleeve


Zombies, The The Zombies Live On the BBC 1965-67 Rhino RNLP-120 1985 VG+ / VG+; double album set; gatefold sleeve


Zoo, The The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose Sunburst 7500 1969 VG / VG; minor ring and edge wear; small drill hole through middle of LP

SOLD $150.00

Zoss, Joel Joel Zoss Arista AL 4056 1977 VG / VG; cut corner (top right); original inner sleeve; promo sticker residue on back cover


Zuider Zee Zuider Zee Columbia PC-33816 1976 VG / VG+; cut corner; promo copy, with timing strip on bottom


Zuider Zee Zuider Zee Columbia PC-33816 1976 NM / NM; sealed

SOLD $50.00

Zweebop Zweebop Baby Grand SE- 1977 NM / NM; still in shrink wrap (opened)


Zwerling, Andy Spiders In the Night Kama Sutra KSBS 2036 1971 VG+ / VG+; promo copy


Andy Z & Leslie Opportunity Rocks (and Rolls) Snow Beach Inc. SNN B 888 1980 VG+ / VG+


Zwerling, Andy Hold Up the Sky Snow Beach SNB02 2008 NM / NM; CD format

not for sale

ZZ Top Rio Grande Mud London XPS 612 1972 VG / VG; original textured cover and inner sleeve


ZZ Top World Wide Texas Tour London PS-X-1001 1976 VG / VG; radio station promo;  minor ring, edge and corner wear;   pop on 1st side, 1st band

SOLD $40.00