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Cover Artist Title Label Catalog Year Cover LP Price

Alpha Band, The Spark In the Dark Arista AB-4145 1977 VG VG $8.00
There second and most commercial offering.

Ambitious Lovers Greed Virgin 1-91903 1987 VG VG $8.00
Guess you can't blame these guys for wanting to taste popular success - not that their sophomore album sold anything ...

Anonymous Anonymous A Major Label AMLS-1002 1981 NM NM SOLD
One of the few five star albums in our collection ...  Imagine the best of West Coast psych with prime Buckingham-Nicks commerciality.  (Still sealed.)

Ballard, Russ Russ Ballard EMI America ST-17108 1984 VG VG $7.00
Surprisingly good set of AOR from the former Argent singer/guitarist.

Beck, Jeff (and the Yardbirds) I Ain't Done No Wrong Koala KOA 14797 1980 VG+ VG+ $15.00

Betts, Dickey Pattern Disruptive Epic FE- 1988 VG VG $7.00
Credited to the Dickey Betts Band, it has it's moments ... Small promo stamp on back cover; original inner sleeve.

Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell Warner Brothers BSK-3372 1980 VG VG $5.00
Sure, Ozzy's gone, but Ronnie James Dio kicks the band into recording their best album since the original line up's early 1970s heyday.  Four stars on our rating scale - would be five except for two lame effort at the end of the album.

Brooks, Terry and Stange High Flyer Star People SPR-0013 1981 VG VG $35.00
See detailed review,

Buddy Odor Stop Buddy Odor Is a Gas! Ariola ARL 5054 1980 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Hans Vandenburg solo effort (though it features most of Gruppo Sportivo).

Cale, J.J. Shades MCA MCA-5058 1980 VG+ VG+ $10.00
One of his more diverse and (to my ears), more enjoyable efforts.

California, Randy Euro-American Beggars Banquet BEGA-36 1982 VG VG $15.00
UK import - California's second solo set never saw an American release.

Camper Van Beethoven Take the Skinheads Bowling Rough Trade RTT 161 1986 VG+ VG+ $15.00
The title track provided them with a college radio hit ...

Capaldi, Jim Some Come Running Island 91024-1 1988 VG VG $7.00
A bit too AOR for my tastes, but it gets good reviews.

Carnes, Kim View from the House MCA MCA-4229 1988 VG+ VG+ $5.00
Surprisingly dull set from the woman.

Chilton, Alex Like Flies On Sherbet Aura AUL-713 1980 VG VG $40.00
Interesting effort that sees Chilton coming close to complete self-destruction.

Chilton, Alex High Priest Big Time BT-6047-1 1982 VG VG $20.00
Wow, varied beyond description ... Bill Justis' 'Raunchy'?  'Valore'?.

Clegg, Johnny and Savuka Third World Child Capitol 46778-1 1987 VG VG $7.00
Original pressing with 'Gumbo Gumba Jive'

Connells, The Fun & Games TVT TVT-2550 1989 VG+ VG+ $8.00
Critics haven't been particularly kind to their third LP, but it's actually a wonderful set of jangle rock.

Cope, Julian Saint Julian Island 90571-1 1987 VG VG $5.00
His most consistent and enjoyable set?

Davis, Spencer Crossfire Allegiance AV-422 1984 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Comeback solo LP for the singer/guitarist.

dB's, The Repercussion Albion ALB 109 1981 VG VG $20.00
Excellent sophomore effort from the Winston-Salem quartet ... beats the crap out of early REM.  (Original UK pressing, though the free cassette is missing.)

Dr. John The Brightest Smile In Town Clean Cuts CC-707 1982 VG+ VG+ $9.00
His second solo piano LP ...

Gear Daddies, The Billy's Live Bait Polydor 847251-1 1990 VG VG $20.00
Forget Wilco, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo - these guys were the real thing !!!

Gilmour, David About Face Columbia 39262-1 1984 VG VG $9.00
Sophomore solo set from the Pink Floyd guitarist.  See detailed review.

Guadalcanal Diary 2 x 4 Elektra 60752-1 1987 VG VG $9.00
Their finest album ... four stars on my grading scale.

Hamilton, Dirk Thug of Love Elektra 6E-249 1980 VG VG $10.00
His final big label release.

Hamilton, Dirk Thug of Love Elektra 6E-249 1980 VG VG $10.00
Second copy.

Harry, Debbie Def Dumb & Blonde Sire 25938-1 1989 VG+ VG+ $7.00
Her third and criminally overlooked solo outing ...

Haycock, Pete Guitar and Son I.R.S. IRS-42001 1988 VG+ VG+ $9.00
Solo effort from the former Climax Blue Band lead guitarist.  Don't expect to hear English blues since this sounds more like Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs.

Hiatt, John All of a Sudden Geffen GHS-2009 1982 VG+ VG+ $6.00
Out of print, but not exactly his most consistent effort.

Kantner, Paul Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra RCA Victor AFL1-4320 1983 VG VG $10.00
Another Kantner sci-fi epic ... notice I made no comment on whether that was good or bad.  Read the detailed review.

Lake Ouch! Caribou JZ-37083 1981 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Their fourth studio release is a partial return to form.  Probably too commercial for many of their original progressive leaning fans, but quite catchy.

Lets Active afoot IRS SP-70503 1983 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Excellent debut that any self-loving pop fan should have in their collection.

Lets Active Every Dog Has His Day IRS 22151-1 1988 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Their final and toughest outing ...

Linnegar, Steve Classic Epics Snake LK-1000 1982 VG VG $325.00
Classic South African rock that bares more than a little resemblance to David Gilmour and Pink Floyd at their more commercial.

Marcus The Return private press -- 1995 VG+ VG+ $75.00
It only took 18 years to release a sophomore album ...

Martyn, John Sapphire Island 90248-1 1985 VG VG $5.00
Geez, hard to imagine this is the same guy who recorded as an early-mid 1970s folkie ...

Moby Grape Legendary Grape Del Val V 006 1989 VG+ VG+ $40.00
Very nice reunion ... but my detailed review for the real story.

Nazareth The Fool Circle A&M SP-4844 1981 VG VG $8.00
See detailed review ...

Nazareth 2XS A&M SP-4190 1982 VG VG $9.00
Excellent late-inning release that's surprising commercial

Nena It's All In the Game Epic FE-40144 1985 VG+ VG+ $5.00
Yawn ...  Aren't you glad I save you the time and effort in reviewing these ...

Nixon, Mojo (and Skip Roper)  Bo Day Shush !!! Enigma ST-73272 1987 VG VG $9.00
Worth the investment for 'Elvis Everywhere'.

Notting Hillbillies, The Missing ... Presumed Having a Good Time Warner Brothers 26147-1 1990 VG VG SOLD
Nice change of pace from Mark Knopfler and friends.  Perhaps a little too country and bluesy for some.

NRBQ Groovies In Orbit Bearsville 23817 1983 VG VG $8.00
Their most commercial release.

Reivers, The The End of the Day Capitol C1-90119 1989 VG VG $9.00
Wonderful set of jangle power-pop from a little known Austin, Texas-based quartet.

Renwick, Tim Tim Renwick CBS 84082 1980 VG+ VG+ SOLD
Ex-Quiver, Sutherland & Quiver, Lazy Racers, etc.

Rutherford, Mike Smallcreep's Day Passport PB-9843 1980 VG+ VG+ $8.00
Pretty good debut from the Genesis guitarist ...   Still in shrink wrap and includes the original inner sleeve.

Rutherford, Mike Smallcreep's Day Passport PB-9843 1980 VG+ VG+ $8.00
Second copy ...

Ryder, Mitch Look Ma, No Wheels Quality QRFC-2097 1981 VG+ VG+ $12.00
Easily one of his best post-Detroit Wheels outings ...  rocks from start to finish.

Sahm, Doug Hell of a Spell Takoma TAK-7075 1980 VG VG $10.00
Excellent comeback for the man ...  see detailed review.

Sahm, Doug Hell of a Spell Takoma TAK-7075 1980 VG VG $10.00
Second copy ...

Silver Condor Trouble At Home Columbia PC-38799 1983 VG VG $9.00
Sophomore LP's not as good as the debut ...

Sir Douglas Quintet Rio Medina Sonet SNTF-912 1984 NM NM $30.00
Second LP for the Swedish Sonet label.

Sorts, The More There Slowdime 13 1997 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Mystery group to me - see detailed review.

Stewart, Eric Frooty Rooties Mercury MERS 9 1983 VG VG $110.00
10 CC front man takes a stab at a solo career.  UK pressing.

Thin Lizzy Life - Live Warner Brothers 1-23986 1983 VG VG $15.00
Double LP, posthumous live set.  Surprisingly good.

Trower, Robins Passion GNP Crescendo GNPS-2187 1987 VG+ VG+ $12.00
Not a bad mid-career set - see detailed review.

Walsh, Joe Got Any Gum Full Moon 25606-1 1987 VG VG $5.00
Terry Manning produced and it was recorded in Memphis' Ardent Studios.  So why's it so disappointing?  (Original inner sleeve.)

Wetton Manzanera Wetton Manzanera Geffen 24147-1 1986 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Much better than the critics would have you believe ...

White, Tony Joe The Real Thang Casablanca NBLP-7233 1981 VG+ VG+ $10.00
Hum, odd to think of the swamp rocker on a label known for disco fodder ...see detailed review.

White, Tony Joe Dangerous Columbia FC 38817 1983 VG+ VG+ $5.00
I can live without this one ...

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