I receive a steady stream of offers to trade and purchase LPs.  I seldom trade (too many unpleasant experiences), but will occasionally buy something.  That said, keep a couple of things in mind.


- First the bad news; most albums are worth very little.  That includes your parent's Beatles collection.  Before offering me a copy of "Abbey Road" for $50 check around to see what your albums are really worth and then expect a dealer to offer you perhaps 10-25% of that retail value.  It isn't that dealers are crap (okay some are), rather remember that they're trying to make a living out of this gig so if they offer you full part they won't be able to make any money.


- Where can you go to see potential values?  Ignore published price guides available in bookstores and libraries.  They're worthless as market value indicators, though they make good doorstops.  Try looking at past sales on eBay, or for more obscure LPs go to Popsike.com - http://www.popsike.com/index.html.  You can also poke around the internet and see what other dealers are asking for the same items.  If you run into problems finding comparative sales, let me know and I'll try to help.


- Since I'm usually interested in hearing an album, rather than reselling, I'm likely to pay you more than what you'd typically get from a dealer.  That also means I'm pretty selective in what I'll purchase.   


- Feel free to send me a list of what you have to offer and your asking prices.  I'll respond even if not interested and may have some suggestions on how to sell your items.  If I'm interested, we'll make further arrangements.


- DON'T send LPs to me without checking first.  I will not accept them.



My 'wanted list' goes on for pages, so I'll just show a handful of items that have recently raised my curiosity


- The Blackbirds "In Touch" (Saga catalog number Opp-5-24)

- James Parker Compton "To Luna"

- James Dewar "Stumbledown Romancer" Chrysalis (CD is fine as I don't think it saw a vinyl release)

- King George Discovery "King George Discover" (Haparanda)

- Michel Magne "Moshe Mouse Crucifixtion" (Spot/Sonopress)

- Dan Penn "Nobody's Fool"

- Rain "Rain" on Project 3 label

- Root Boy Slim "Dog Secrets" Congressional Records

- Snake In the Grass "Hot Und Sweet Mit Beat"

- Andy Zwerling "Opportunity Knocks" (CD is fine)

- Anything on the Justice label

- garage, psych, progressive, etc.


- My email is:  RDTEN1@aol.com






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