US Postal Service rates changed again in June 2007.  The impact on domestic packages is minimal, but international rates have gone up substantially (see below)  Unlike many dealers I make no effort to run up shipping and handling charges.  Mailing is not a profit center for me.  


I ship all domestic orders via United States Postal Service priority mail with normal 3 - 5 day delivery times).  If you want me to use some other shipping service or delivery class, let me know and I'll make the arrangements.


Overseas orders are now shipped via United States Postal Service International mail.  Cost for one LP is usually about $14.00.


If you live in Italy you must insure your purchase for the full value, or I will not sell to you.


Ever have someone mail you an LP in a pizza box?  I have and as you probably guessed, it wasn't a pleasant outcome.  I ship all orders in specially designed LP mailers purchased from Bags Unlimited.  I add $1.00 (my costs)  to the actual postage charges to cover the actual costs of the mailers and cardboard inserts.  


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