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Cover Artist Title Label Catalog Year Cover LP Price

Fifth Diminsion, The The Magic Garden Soul City SCS-92001 1967 VG+ VG+ $9.00
I know, many of you are scratching your heads wondering what the world is this one doing on a psych list?  Well it does fit.  Surprisingly enjoyable set from these popsters ... my goodness Florence LaRue and Marilyn McCoe were hotties !!!  .  

20th Century Zoo Thunder On a Clear Day Vault 122 1968 VG VG $120.00
Excellent and increasingly sought after mid-1960s California psych outfit.  

Aesops Fables In Due Time Cadet Concept LPS-323 1969 VG VG $50.00
One of those rare rock bands that got signed by Chess, to out ears their one and only LP sounds like a mix of The Young Rascals and Blood, Sweat and Tears ...

Afterglow Afterglow MTA MTS-5010 1967 VG VG SOLD
Musically this one's a mix of Association-styled top-40 and progressive-cum-psychedelia.  Worth investigating and getting very hard to find in this condition.

American Blues American Blues Do There Own Thing Uni 73044 1969 VG VG $100.00
Among the cream of 1960s Texas psych !

Anonymous Anonymous A Major Label AMLS-1002 1981 NM NM SOLD
One of the few five star albums in our collection ...  Imagine the best of West Coast psych with prime Buckingham-Nicks commerciality.  (Still sealed.)

Aorta Aorta Columbia CS-9785 1969 VG VG $80.00
Excellent Chicago outfit whose debut stands as one of the best 1960s psych LPs to be released by a major label.  We play this one frequently !!!

Aorta Aorta Columbia CS-9785 1969 VG VG $80.00
Second copy.

Aorta Aorta 2 Happy Tiger HT-1012 1970 VG VG $80.00
Their second and much rarer release.  Lacks the debut's psych edge, but still worth checking out.

Appletree Theatre Playback Verve Forecast FTS-3042 1968 VG VG $90.00
Overlooked classic slice of American psych which is starting to attract considerable attention among folks ... 

ARS Nova ARS Nova Elektra EKS-5002 1967 VG VG $30.00
For some reason this Baroque-rock outfit has yet to attract the type of fanaticism many of it's competitors have in collectors' circles.  Good for you since you can still get your hands on a copy without having to sell blood plasma.

Art of Lovin' Art of Lovin' Mainstream S/6113 1968 VG+ VG+ $300.00
One of the handful of "must own" psych LPs on the sought after Mainstream label.  (DJ stamp on the back cover.)

Ashes, The The Ashes featuring Pat Taylor Vault 125 1971 VG VG $150.00
Not the psych masterpiece dealers would have you believe, but a first rate album nevertheless ...

Astral Projection, The The Astral Scene Metromedia MD-1005 1968 VG VG $80.00
Surprisingly endearing cross between Curt Boetcher-styled sunshine pop and exploito psych moves.

Asylum Choir Looking Inside the Asylum Choir Smash SR-67107 1968 VG VG $35.00
Leon Russell and Marc Benno's debut.  Banned cover.

Asylum Choir Looking Inside the Asylum Choir Smash SR-67107 1968 VG VG $15.00
Leon Russell and Marc Benno's debut.  Replacement cover.

Asylum Choir Asylum Choir II Shelter SW-8910 1971 VG VG $15.00
Posthumous sophomore release..

Asylum Choir Asylum Choir II Shelter SW-8910 1971 VG VG $15.00
Second copy ....

Autosalvage Autosalvage RCA Victor LSP-3940 1968 VG VG $100.00
Excellent and overlooked mid-1960s psych.

Baroques, The The Baroques Chess LPS-1516 1967 VG VG $140.00
Best set of psych ever released by Chess (okay, maybe "Electric Mud").  Regardless, one of our top-20 choices for favorite psych LPs.

Bear Greetings Children of Paradise Verve Forecast FTS-3059 1968 VG VG $70.00
Excellent Boston based psych with roots going back to ARS Nova ...

Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph Confusion All American  AA-5770 1970 VG VG SOLD 
First rate set of psych guitar ...  last one we had in this condition sold the same day we listed it.

Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph South East Tour Arkama AK-036 1998 VG+ VG+ $30.00
Supposedly there's a 1971 original version of this LP on All American, but we've never seen a copy making this 1998 reissue your best shot at hearing this set ...  by the way, in spite of the title, it isn't a concert set. 

Big Lost Rainbow Big Lost Rainbow private press none 1973 G+ VG- $200.00
Rare and sought after, though we'll admit its somewhat of a mystery to us ... guess we need to check it out again.

Bit 'a Sweet Hypnotic 1 ABC ABCS-640 1968 VG VG $90.00
Excellent and overlooked Long Island pop-psych.  Includes the lyric insert

Bit 'a Sweet Hypnotic 1 ABC ABCS-640 1968 VG VG $90.00
Second copy ...

Black Diamonds, The A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix Alshire S-5520 1971 VG VG $120.00
Classic psychploitation LP ... shares many of the same tracks as The Animated Egg LP (see above).

Blessed End Movin' On TNS J248 1971 VG+ VG+ $300.00
Excellent Philadelphia band that may be a little to enthralled with Jim Morrison and the Doors.  (Still in shrink wrap.)

Bohemian Vendetta Bohemian Vendetta Mainstream S/6106 1968 VG VG $375.00
One of the few albums in my collection I'd assign a five star rating to.

C.A. Quintet Trip Thru Hell Psycho 12 1982 VG VG $35.00
How do you release an album (okay it's a bootleg) when half of the sound is missing?  Wouldn't someone notice that characteristic?

C.A. Quintet C.A. Quintet Live 1971 none none 1984 VG+ VG+ $100.00
I believe Ken Ervin was the force behind this posthumous line set.  Don't buy it expecting the same caliber of performances on the original studio set.

Colours Colours Dot DLP-25854 1968 VG VG $25.00
Lost psych classic - beats the crap out of most big ticket 'obscurities' you'll see on the market.  See detailed review.

Clover, Timothy The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover Tower ST-5114 1968 VG VG $25.00
Mildly entertaining Bosstown psych-ploitation effort.  See detailed review.

Country Joe and the Fish Together Vanguard VSD 79277 1968 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Has its moments ...

Crazy People, The Bedlam Condor CST-2457 1968 VG VG $100.00
Top-notch Canadian exploito - see detailed review

Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic SD-7203 1971 VG VG $15.00
Long forgotten solo debut from the man.  Surprisingly weird and enjoyable.

Darius Darius Chartmaker CSG 1102 1968 VG VG $450.00
Yeah, this is one of the few that lives up to the dealer hype ...

Day Blindness Day Blindness Studio 10 DBX 101 1969 VG VG+ $120.00
Largely overlooked San Francisco-based trio ...  lead guitarist Gary Pihl is now with Boston.

Dialogue Dialogue Cold Studio -- 1974 VG VG $250.00
Sought after psych classic.

Dilcher, Cheryl Butterfly A&M SP-4394 1973 VG VG $75.00
Some folks rave about this one - I'll admit that the appeal passes me by.  Gimmick, gatefold sleeve.

Donovan Barabajagal Epic BN-26481 1969 VG VG $10.00
I'll go out on a limb and say this is one of his top-three releases.

Dragonfly Dragonfly Megaphone MS-1202 1970 VG+ NM $300.00
Excellent it somewhat mysterious California based psych/rock outfit.

Dreamies Auralgraphic Entertainment Stone Theatre DMD68481 1973 VG+ VG+ $300.00
Super rare Delaware obscurity.  Includes the rare original insert.

Dreamies Auralgraphic Entertainment Stone Theatre DMD68481 1973 VG+ VG+ $300.00
Second copy ...

Ellie Pop Ellie Pop Mainstream S/6115 1968 VG+ VG+ $200.00
Amazing slice of Beatles-influenced pop.  

Euphonious Wail, A A Euphonious Wail Kapp KS-3668 1973 VG VG $40.00
Interesting (if somewhat late for popular tastes) mid-1970s psych effort ...

Fallen Angels, The The Fallen Angles Roulette SR 25258 1968 VG VG $60.00
Excellent debut from what may be Washington, D.C. 's best ever band.

Fallen Angels, The Its A Long Way Down Roulette SR 42011 1968 VG VG $375.00
Must own psych ...

Farm Farm Crusade Enterprises LP-465 1971 VG VG $350.00
Rare and sought after Southern Illinois-based psych/blues private press.

Felt Felt Nasco 9006 1970 VG VG+ SOLD  
Excellent and sought after Alabama-based psych/rock outfit.

Feminine Complex Livin' Love Athena 6002 1969 VG VG+ $100.00
Mysterious Nashville-based female psych outfit ... yeah, they apparently did exist.

Fields Fields Uni 73050 1969 VG VG $100.00
Interesting L.A.-based trio with a distinctive Cream fixation.

Flat Earth Society The Flat Earth Society Fleetwood none 1968 VG+ VG+ $370.00
Must own slice of mid-1960s Boston psych.

Fraternity of Man Fraternity of Man ABC ABCS 647 1968 VG VG $30.00

Fraternity of Man Get On It Dot 25955 1969 VG VG $30.00
Kind of a disappointing sophomore release ...

Freak Scene, The Psychedelic Psoul Columbia CL-2656 1968 VG VG $40.00
A must own slice of explotio psych from Mark Barkan and Rusty Evans ... (Bottom seam is taped.)

Frederic, The Phases and Faces Forte 80461 1968 VG VG $600.00
One of the holy grail in the collecting field ...

Genesis In the Beginning Mercury SR 61775 1968 VG VG $100.00
No - no the Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins monstrosity ...  Excellent L.A. based psych outfit.

Gentle Soul Gentle Soul Epic BN 26374 1968 VG VG $180.00
Sought after set with Pamela Pollards (see detailed review).

Glass Family, The Electric Band Warner Brothers WS-1776 1969 VG VG $90.00
Excellent, if overlooked L.A.-based psych trio.

Good and Plenty The World of Good & Plenty Senate 21001 1967 VG VG $50.00
Half way decent flower power psych studio group.

Hampton Grease Band, The Music To Eat Columbia 30581 1969 VG VG $50.00
I'm not even going to try to describe this weird double LP set - read the detailed review.

Harlowe, Ray and Gyp Fox First Rays Water Wheel WWR-711 1978 VG+ VG+ $125.00
Yeah, it gets some hyped reviews ...  I'm not completely sold.  See detailed review.

Heads of Our Times The Subtle Art of Self Destruction Goodgroove GS-7001 1970 VG VG SOLD
Pretty wild Canadian exploito album.

Hell Preachers Inc. Supreme Psychedelic Underground Europa E-356 1969 VG VG $100.00
Supposedly a early incarnation of Deep Purple paying their bills (doubtful).  (German pressing.)

Henske, Judy (and Jerry Yester Farewell Aldebaran Straight STS-1062 1969 VG VG $150.00
Classic, criminally overlooked psych masterpiece ... and she started out as a folkie !!!  Hard to believe.

Carolyn Hester Coalition Carolyn Hester Coalition Metromedia MD 1001 1968 VG VG $120.00
Surprisingly psych-ish offering from a woman better known for her folk leanings.

Carolyn Hester Coalition Magazine Metromedia MD-2200 1970 VG VG $120.00
Here last foray into psych and it's almost as good as the first one..

Higney, Kenneth Attic Demonstration Kebrutney KBH-516 1977 VG VG $125.00
'Nother good real people outing ...

Holden, Randy Population II Hobbit HB 5002 1970 VG+ VG+ SOLD
One of the select few, must own albums in the genre !!!  Almost certain this one's an original since the cover doesn't show any sign of the cut out hole that appears on some of the bootlegs.

Holman, Rex Here In the Land of Victory Pentagram PE-1001 1970 VG VG SOLD
Strange Eastern-flavored singer/songwriter project from the former actor.

Holy Ghost Reception Committee # 9 The Torchbearer Paulist P-04426 1969 VG VG $400.00
Their second and superior album ...

Hope Hope A&M P-4329 1972 VG VG $80.00
Gets high praise from the critics, but doesn't do much for me.

Id, The The Inner Sounds of the Id RCA Victor LPM-3805 1967 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Excellent California mid-1960s psych.  (Mono pressing still in shrink wrap; small cut out hole bottom right corner.)

Idle Race Birthday Liberty LST-7603 1968 VG VG $75.00
Classic UK album that should be in every collector's portfolio !

Insect Trust, The The Insect Trust Capitol ST-109 1968 VG- VG $60.00
One of the most eclectic releases on Capitol. (rough edges and corners; bullet hole; gatefold sleeve)

It's a Beautiful Day At Carnegie Hall Columbia KC-31338 1972 VG VG $25.00
A surprisingly engaging and rocking affair ...  (Gatefold sleeve with minor ring wear).

Jade Stone & Love Mosaic Pieces of Stone Jade JS 4351 1977 VG VG+ $120.00
Wonderful 'real person' set - see detailed review.

Jameson, Bob Color Him In Verve V6-5015 1967 VG+ VG+ $75.00
Same guy who recorded an LP under the name 'Chris Lucey'.

Jan and Lorraine Gypsy People ABC ABCS-691 1969 NM NM $150.00
Must own set of female psych ... amazing this one isn't attracting more attention.  See detailed review.

Japser Wrath Jasper Wrath Sunflower SNF 5003 1971 VG VG $100.00
Largely overlooked slice of progressive-cum-psych moves.

Japser Wrath Jasper Wrath Sunflower SNF 5003 1971 VG VG $100.00
Second copy ...

Jefferson Airplane Worst of Jefferson Airplane RCA Victor LSP-4459 1970 VG VG $8.00
Original gatefold release.

J.K. & Co. Suddenly One Summer White Whale WWS-787 1969 VG VG $100.00
Excellent slice of late 1960s psych - hard to believe this guy was so young when he recorded it.

J.K. & Co. Suddenly One Summer White Whale WWS-787 1969 VG VG $100.00
Second copy ...

Kangaroo Kangaroo MGM SE-4586 1968 VG VG $20.00
John Hall, Barbara Keith and company with a decent slice of lite-psych.

Kantner, Paul Blows Against the Empire RCA Victor LSP-4488 1970 VG VG $9.00
Kantner's first and best solo outting ... true all star cast of San Francisco musicians.

Kitchen Cinq, The Everything But ... LHI E12000 1967 VG VG $40
Mono pressing of a surprisingly good and overlooked charmer.

Leathercoated Minds, The A Trip Down the Sunset Strip Viva V 6003 1967 VG VG $140.00
Geez, who knew that J.J. Cale started out this way ?

Lee, Terry Magic Music Stone  -- 1971 VG VG $150.00
DJ supposedly best known for producing The Fabulous Dee-Jays - beats us if it's true.

Lemon Dips, The Who's Gonna Buy? The Lemon Dips DeWolfe DW/LP 3114 1969 VG+ VG+ $350.00
Fantastic UK "library" record.  Probably the best psych offering by this sought after label.

Lincoln Street Exit Drive It! Mainstream S/6126 1970 VG VG $350.00
One of the more sought after releases on this label.  See detailed review.

Lords Ulleogamaxbe Columbia SMC 74343 1966 VG VG SOLD
Well everyone else in the world was going psychedelic, so why not these guys?

Lost & Found Everybody's Here International Artists IA LP #3 1968 VG+ VG+ $75.00
Probably a reissue given excellent condition.

Lothar and the Hand People Presenting Lothar and the Hand People Capitol ST-2297 1968 VG VG $35.00

Lucas, Ted Ted Lucas Om OM-5374 1975 VG VG SOLD
Former Spikedriver singer/guitarist's solo debut ...

Magic Bubble, The The Magic Bubble Columbia ES 90038 1969 VG VG SOLD
Siblings Frank and  Rita Rondell turn in an excellent and quite rare slice of late 1960s Canadian psych.  Extra kudos to guitarist Wade Brown who turns in several first rate performances.

Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Mushroom 200 MR 1972 VG+ VG+ $350.00
Sought after UK folk-cum-psych LP.

Magic Mixture, The This Is the Magic Mixture Saga FID 2125 1968 VG VG $200.00
Pre-Charlie Terry (Jim) Thomas and company.  Excellent UK effort ... see detailed review.

Mandrake Memorial Mandrake Memorial Poppy PYS-40,003 1968 VG VG $50.00
Wonderful mix of pop and lite-psych.  Should have been a major hit !!!  (Small cut out hole along lower bottom.)

Marcus House of Trax private press none 1979 VG+ VG+ $500.00
If you're swallowing hard at the price on this legendary rarity then you don't need to read the review ...

Maze, The Armageddon MTA MTS 5012 1969 VG VG $350.00
Surprisingly impressive San Francisco-based quartet.

Mesmerizing Eye A Musical Light Show Smash MGS-28090 1967 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Interesting mid-1960s exploito effort.

Morning Glory Two Suns Worth Fontana SRF-67573 1968 VG VG+ $50.00
Killer San Francisco outfit that's completely overlooked - worth it just for the track 'Jelly Gas Flame'.

Mystery Meat Profiles Shadoks 41 2002 NM NM $50.00
Shadoks reissue ... an original will set you back $3,000 +  Is it worth $3,000?  Save yourself $2,950 and see ...

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Carol CAR-8001 1967 VG VG $100.00
Interesting mid-1960s Southern California psych ...

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Clip-Out, Put-On Book Carol CARS-8003 1968 VG VG SOLD
Scarcer sophomore LP ...

New Zealand Trading Company New Zealand Trading Company Memphis MS 1001 1970 VG+ VG+ $50.00
Unknown classic !  Check out the detailed review.

Next Morning, The The Next Morning Calla SC-2002 1971 VG VG $200.00
Nice Hendrix-inspired early-1970s psych-rock outfit.  Getting quite hard to find.

Nirvana All of Us Bell 6024 1968 VG VG $140.00
Their sophomore release and it's almost as good as the debut.

One St. Stephen One St. Stephen none 710 197? VG VG $50.00
Boot copy ... original will set you back $600 - $700?

Orange Groove Crystal Blue Persuasion and Other Sounds of Today Sommerst SF-34000 1969 VG VG $75.00
Exploito psych LP, but nine of the ten tracks are originals.

Oxfords, The Flying Up Through the Sky Union Jac 1970 VG+ VG+ $400.00
Classic Louisville pop/lite psych - what The Free Design and The Association really wanted to sound like.

Perth County Conspiracy, The The Perth County Conspiracy Does Not Exist Columbia ELS-375 1969 VG VG $80.00
Canadian hippy commune turns in a surprisingly enjoyable major label debut.

Perth County Conspiracy, The The Perth County Conspiracy Alive Columbia PEG 90037 1972 VG VG $80.00
Double album live set recorded in Toronto church.

Phantom's Divine Comedy Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1 Capitol ST-11313 1974 VG VG $100.00
Gets kind of a bum rap, but is actually quite entertaining ...

Phantom's Divine Comedy Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1 Capitol ST-11313 1974 VG VG $100.00
Second copy ...

Pink Floyd The Piper At the Gates of Dawn Fame FA 3065 1967 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Reissue of their classic.

POE In Through the Spiral Uni 73099 1971 VG+ NM $80.00
Excellent Texas-based concept psych LP inspired by Edgar Cayce.

Purple Fox Tribute To Jimi Hendrix Mondio Music MM 69 1961 VG VG $125.00
One of the better Hendrix tributes - French pressing

Quill, The The Quill Atlantic SD 9017 1970 VG VG $75.00
Surprisingly hard to find for a major label release.  Also surprisingly enjoyable.

Racket Squad, The Corners of Your Mind Jubilee JGS-8026 1969 VG+ VG+ $60.00
Surprisingly impressive sophomore psych flavored release from these Pennsylvania natives ...

Rebecca and the Stunny Brook Farmers Birth Musicor MS 3176 1969 VG VG $200.00
One of the most eclectic, but likeable LPs we heard over the last year.  Ilene Novog and Ilene Rappaport went on to record as Chunky, Novi and Ernie.

Rebirth Rebirth Avant Garde AVS-136 1972 VG VG $150.00 
In case anyone cares, Pokora has this one listed in the 2001 rarities book.  Normally Christian rock doesn't do a great deal for us, but this is one of those isolated exceptions.  Nice, early-1970s Harrisonburg, Virginia-based folk-rock outfit who actually soft peddle their religious agenda.

Sapphire Thinkers From Within Hobbit H.B. 5003 1969 VG VG $180.00
Wonderful if little known slice of sunshine pop with a distinctive psych edge.

Scorpion Scorpion Tower TS-5171 1969 VG VG+ $200.00
Excellent Detroit psych/funk outfit ... one of the best releases on Tower.

Serpent Power Serpent Power Vanguard VSD-79252 1967 VG+ VG+ SOLD
Largely overlooked collection of mid-1960s psych.

Shannon, Del The Further Adventures of Charles Westover Liberty LST 7539 1968 VG VG SOLD
Yeap, everyone alive in the 1960s seems to have had at least a brief psych phase ...

Smith, Bob The Visit Kent KST-551 VG VG $200.00
Excellent double album collection - see detailed review.

Smoke, The The Smoke Sidewalk ST-5912 1968 VG VG $125.00
Michael Lloyd's criminally overlooked psych/pop record.  Should be in every psych fans collection!

Spirit The Family That Plays Together Epic KE 31461 1969 VG VG $8.00
Probably won't slay you, but not a bad effort.

SRC Traveler's Tale Capital ST 273 1970 VG VG $50.00
Third and final studio set for Capital - a little more progressive than the other two.

Stained Glass Crazy Horse Road Capitol ST-154 1968 VG VG $100.00
Wonderful, fuzz packed San Jose outfit ...  front man Jim McPherson went on to play with Copperhead.

Stark, Peter Mushroom Country Montage none 1976 NM NM SOLD
Mildly entertaining self financed effort.  The album cove provides one of the highlights.

Status Quo Pictures of Matchstick Men Cadet Concept LPS-315 1968 VG+ VG+ $50.00
Killer title track and the rest of the LP is almost as good.

Stone Circus Stone Circus Mainstream S/6119 1969 VG+ VG+ $300.00
One of the best releases on Mainstream.  See detailed review.

Stone Harbour Emerges Stone Harbor Records 398 A/B 1974 VG VG $600.00
Yes, it is one of those rarities that llives up to the dealer hype.

Sugar Creek Please Tell a Friend Metromedia MD-1020 1969 VG+ VG+ $200.00
Pre-Jonathan 'Sunshine' Edwards blues and psych.

Sugar Cube Blues Band Sugar Cube Blues Band Rockadelic RRLP-21 1996 VG VG SOLD
Wonderful set of psych oriented material from Grenada, Mississippi !

Sum Pear Sum Pear Euphoria EST-1 1969 VG VG $100.00
Surprisingly entertaining Long Island based outfit.

Sweet Pants Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants Barclay LP-1141 1972 VG VG $200.00
Rare Pennsylvania psych outfit.  Reknown psych collecter Hans Pokora included this as a two LP rarity in his book 1001 Record Collector Dreams

T. Swift & His Electric Bag Are You Experienced Custom CS 1115 1967 VG+ VG+ SOLD
One of the best exploito LPs out there.

Tangerine Zoo Tangerine Dream Mainstream S/6107 1967 VG VG $170.00

Tangerine Zoo Inside Looking Out Mainstream S/6116 1968 VG VG $200.00
Their rarer but less consistent sophomore release.

Tea Company, The Come and Have Some Tea with the Tea Company Smash SRS-67105 1968 VG VG $70.00
Overlooked quality psych LP.

These Trails These Trails Sinergia SR-4059 1973 VG VG SOLD
Rare slice of Hawaiian psych ...

Thorinshield Thorinshield Philips PHS600251 1967 VG VG $40.00
Excellent if overlooked LA based sunshine pop/lite psych.  Four stars in my book.

Thunderpussy Thunderpussy MRT RL 3748 1973 NM NM $300.00
Okay, this one might fit better under progressive ... sue me.

Tiffany Shade, The The Tiffany Shade Mainstream S/ 1969 VG+ VG+ $200.00
First-rate Cleveland psych.

Touch Street Suite Mainline LP-2001 1969 VG VG- SOLD
You're not going to find a mint copy of this album for $150 ...  the record is quite scratched and plays with considerable noise in places; it has several skips on track one; gatefold sleeve; extremely thick sleeve and vinyl

Tripsichord Tripsichord Janus JLS-3016 1971 VG VG $300.00
Lost amidst all the worship of the Airplane and the Dead, but this is simply one of the "must own" San Francisco psych releases.

Truth and Janey No Rest for the Wicked Montross MR-376 1976 VG+ VG+ $320.00
One of the holy grails among psych/guitar fanatics.  Read the detailed review.

Turner, Velvert (Group) Turner Velvert Group Philips 6369 154 1972 VG VG $150.00
One of the best Hendrix wannabes we've encountered.  (German pressing - don't ask em why it saw a German release ...)

various artists Epitaph of a Legend International Artists 13 1980 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Double LP, 27 track compilation from Leland Rodgers' International Artists vaults.  Some great stuff, some okay stuff and some dreck.

Wailers, The Walk Thru the People Bell 6016 1968 VG VG $80.00
Their last studio set seems them going psych with good results.

Washington Apples Fresh Country Apples Delicious RAJ-71 1970 VG VG $200.00
Weird commercial ad/psych collection ...  Has to be fairly rare and is surprisingly enjoyable.

Wendy & Bonnie Genesis Skye SK-1006D 1969 VG+ VG+ SOLD
Excellent slice of long forgotten female psych.  See detailed review.

Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill The Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey, etc. Uni 73034 1968 VG VG $120.00
One of the hardest Uni releases to score ... see detailed review.

Whitley, Dan In Search of Justus Continental Recording Inc, CSF- 1969 NM NM $120.00
One of the better private press recordings I've stumbled across.  See detailed review.

Wild Butter Wild Butter United Artists UAS 6766 1970 VG VG $60.00
Okay, the Bee Gees cover has to go, but the rest of this Arkon, Ohio-based quartet's album is pretty damn good.

Wilkinson Tri-Cycle Wilkinson Tri-Cycle Date TES-4016 1969 VG VG $90.00
Excellent, if little known late 1960s trio.  See detailed review for more information.

Wilkinson Tri-Cycle Wilkinson Tri-Cycle Date TES-4016 1969 VG VG $90.00
Second copy ....

WItch Lazy Bones !! Shadoks 081 2007 NM NM $106.00
Yes, it's a reissue of a Zambian obscurity and the asking price is insane.  Good luck finding a copy.

Yama and the Karma Dusters Euphoria Blimp Works Presents Yama and the Karma Dusters Up from the Sewers Manhole #1 1971 VG VG $450.00

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