How's that old saying go?  "Opinions are like as*holes.  Everyone has one."  Record reviews are clearly similar, with the added caveat that most reviewers can't play a musical note to save their lives (I'll readily admit that's my situation).  That said, take all of my reviews with a grain of salt. That hasn't stopped a number of band members from dumping all over me for poor reviews of their work. The reviews are done for fun and out of love for this music.  They represent my opinions at a particular point in time and are liable to change with time and differ from what other folks think.  The one thing I can say with a straight face is that I've tried to be honest with my comments.  Most of these records are for sale and unlike a lot of dealers, I've made no effort to hype stuff just to sell it.  Accordingly you'll find some high priced items with crappy reviews and some low cost albums with glowing reviews.  Honesty is clearly the best policy and just because I don't like a particular album doesn't mean it won't strike a chord with someone else. Above all remember that rarity doesn't mean it's necessarily good.  It may be rare for the simple fact that it sucks!


So after three years it dawned on me that I'd never bothered to explain my rating scale (one to five stars).


1 star * = candidate for being donated to my local Salvation Army

2 stars ** = see if I can sell it at a yard sale

3 stars *** = file it in the garage and give it another chance in a couple of years

4 stars **** = a keeper for the collection

5 stars ***** = good enough that I made a CDR for personal use


Nothing on my website is copyrighted, so you're free to borrow material.  If you want to use something  feel free to do so, but please have the courtesy to let me know, or at least provide a credit back to my website.  Sadly I've come across repeated instances where folks have lifted material without bothering to let me know, or providing a credit.  There's one blog that's repeatedly grabbed reviews without credit leaving the impression they were written by others and I'm aware of at least one set of liner notes for a recent CD reissue that were cribbed verbatim from one of my reviews without any attempt to contact me.  Poor internet manners at the very least ...





One of the coolest things that's happened to me is hearing from some of the very people responsible for this music.  Not all of them have been thrilled with my comments, but I appreciate the fact they took the time to actually write to me. God only knows how they've stumbled on to my small website, but here are some of the folks I've recently heard from:


A-440 (Carlos Luevano) 

I played lead guitar on Ulysses The Greek suite in 78. I was viewing the information on your site pertaining to the album. It is very cool to see my name on your site, I didn't think anyone would remember our  record."


Art of Lovin' (Paul Applebaum) 

I had to laugh, someone finally liked my music!  I thought the album was dead and buried.  Nice to know that it is being kept alive.  Is there anyway that I can get copies of past critiques, articles, etc. about the band that were mentioned in the review.  Thanks again


Banchee (Victor Digilio)


Jon Bartle Thing (Larry O'Brien)

Hi, I saw your Bartel posting and thought I'd contact you. My name is Larry O'Brien. I was the guitarist and lead singer on all the recordings. John was a fantastic organist and the originator of the group. He was a strong leader and kept us on the right track. In '74 I left the group, retired from music, moved to Oregon, married and raised a family.Glad to say all the members of the band survived those years and are living very middle class domestic lives. Sadly, after becoming very successful in the document shredding industry, John was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in '06. We were able to reunite for the funeral and talk about old days. 


Bit a Sweet (Phyllis Heald London wife of Mitch London)

Thanks for the Bit'a Sweet album post. My husband, Mitch London, is the bass player and lead singer in the group.  Hopefully he will have time to get back to you soon and give you his comments and thanks. Just so you know, you have the names under the pictures of the band members wrong.  Mitch London is the 2nd one and Dennis DeRespino is the 3rd one. 


Cashman Vaquero Band (Dave Cashman) - 

Scott, you are pretty accurate with your assessment of the LP.  I find that you have enough knowledge of the music genre to critique it ...


Comfortable Chair (Bernie Schwartz) 

I was happily surprised to read your review off my long ago album "The Wheel".  You know more about my past than I even remember - How did u get all the details I wonder. Thanks again for the kind words.

Day Blindness ( Gary Pihl)


Far Cry ( Paul Lenart) 

I have to email you to say what a charge I got out of your review of the Far Cry album. Being that it was recorded so long ago, and someone actually listens to it (or at least you said that you did), I am flattered.


Farm (Mike Young) 

As far as the end of our recording career, [your review is] mostly correct.  All original members did re-record these same tunes in a 90's style a few years ago but never released it.


Felt (Tommy Gilstrap)

Greetings,   I just came across your review of an album I was a part of more than 35 years ago.  I'm glad you enjoyed the music, it was great fun creating it. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the band and just how we came about recording our one and only LP.   Look forward to hearing from you,  


Filet of Soul (Mike Peace)

Very nice website you have.  I will have to spend more time looking it over.  I was  wondering where you were able to get all your information together. It amazes me how much you can find once you start looking


Flaming Ember ( Julie Marinko Plunk wife of drummer/singer Jerry Plunk)


Game ( Chuck Kirkpatrick)

What a surprise!  I didn't think anybody would have - much less remember - that first album.

GNP Crescendo Records (owner Neil Norman) 

Cool Site you have!  Rainbow...$80?? .....Wow .....I was there !


Hot Poop (Larry Praissman)

 I'd be honored to be on your web site. 


Koala (Joey Guido) 

In reference to you review on The Koala album, I am one of the original members.  If you would  like more information on the band you can contact me.


Robb Kunkel 

My name is Robb Kunkel and I recorded Abyss for tumbleweed records in 1972 - nice review you did - there are others under my name - if you would  like more info feel free to write me - Robb"


Lake (Geoff Peacey)

I was browsing your excellent page about Lake the other day and noticed a comment about Red Lake “with some pseudo-Beach Boy vocals” . Check the credits and you’ll see Carl Wilson help us on the backing vocals for Red Lake.  Thanks and keep up the good work."


Lily and Maria 


Magic Carpet (Alisha Sufit)


Terry Manning 

I love your site.


Marcus McDonald (Marcus)

 I really appreciate the great review on my first album but the review on The Return Album seemed a little .  Hey to each his own after all you are entitled to your opinion. In hindsight I myself thought it needed some remixing.  Maybe you will like my new one better.


Mason (Morgan Hampton)


The Moon ( Carrie Marks wife of David Marks) 

My husband is David Marks from The Moon. He and David Jackson also  recorded with The Colours when not in the studio with the Moon.  David played on a lot of Danny Moore's productions. I don't know where Jack is these days but David is still friends with Gary Montgomery & Danny and Matt Moore and a  few others from those days.  Some great music came out of that era." 


Moonstone (Joe Cicero)


The Napoleons (Renald De Levo) 

Like you said in your article ... "These guys were just as good as their Anglo competition."  You were certainly right and 40 years later it makes me feel good to see comments like that.  We didn't care about the money, we didn't care what other jealous bastards thought about us, we only had one thing in mind:  play that rock and roll music like it should be played and enjoy seeing people dancing and having a good time and trying to keep us there for the night."


Oz Knozz (Dave Massey)


Thanks for your kind words re: Ruff Mix (the comparison to Geddy Lee is hilarious and fairly accurate). We have recently released a new CD with more of the same, albeit with a new singer (well, from the 80's at least), and recently played at the South Texas Festival. The website is being managed by a fellow musician from San Antonio, and has recently been updated with audio tracks. We are certainly not a band looking for fame and fortune, just a band that wants to put out our own music on our own terms, and we plan on doing at least one more disc before we can't remember where all the notes are.

Peace & Quiet (Chuck Witherow) 

I don't know where you get your information but your take on Peace & Quiet is a  little distorted.  I have yet to explore your site but it looks like a lot of fun. (he set me straight)


Peon Records (owner/producer Bob Fletcher) 


Pickettywitch (Keith Hall)

I have just finished looking through your information on the 70's group "Pickettywitch". There are a number of discrepancies in your text, not least in the correct spelling of the band members names and length of service. 


Quatrain ( Jim Lekas)


The Roamin' Brothers (Ron Meyer) 

Thanks for your kind words and largely accurate review. You've rekindled a pretty cool flame in this almost 35-years-a-priest 61-year-old former Roman Seminarian/composer. God bless.


Ron and Shirley ( Tom Boyer) 

Thanks for your comments about our only album and your comments about my playing. It's nice to here such encouraging words after all these years.  I am puzzled though--how did you get a copy and I'm amazed that you think it is good enough to give it such a high dollar value. I always thought that the writing was good and Ron's singing was always very good, but I never imagined it would get such a glowing review on  the  internet--what a hoot! I do have several albums in my possession, a few of which are the very rare silver covered ones-ha ha. I'm still doing music and have produced and co-wrote a couple of records.

The Screams ( David Adams)


SMUBBS ( George Utter) Scott, Yes I ordered the Smubbs album. I was in the group and don't have a playable copy.

  Last time I looked online [about 1-2 years ago] there was nothing.


SOD and Loadstone ( Larry Devers) 

I formed the band in Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 1960s.  We cut two albums of which I haze zero copies.  Before SOD I had a group called Loadstone that cut one album on Barnaby.  I don't have a copy of that one either.  I'll keep a close eye on your site.  Who knows you may find them as well.  Thanks for being there.


Peter Stark (Mushroom Country)


Stark Naked (Paul Venier)

Thank you first for the extremely nice things you said about my bands' album. I was in the band, 'Stark Naked'  and my name is Paul Venier.  Thanks again for the nice things you wrote about the music, it is truly appreciated immensely. We were all only in our teens back then and it was a terrific time of our young lives.


Stone Circus (Larry Cohen (aka Jonathan Caine)

My stage name was Jonathan Caine (not to be confused with the keyboard player from Journey) and my real name is Larry Cohen (also not to be confused with the film writer and director).  I'm just dropping you a line to clear up some misconceptions and set the record straight about Stone Circus. Thanks for the interest in the band. It's good to know that our music is still out there.


Sweet Toothe ( Pierce D. Bratton) 

That history [you wrote] on us ... it's all right.  I'm flattered that someone took the time to check us out.


Swift Rain ( David West son of  Paul "Wrangler" West) 

My Dad is the bass player on that album and was shocked to see that someone still has a copy.  If you don't mind me asking how do you know so much about the band? Were you a fan or follower of the band? Where do you come by your information. It's not that far off my dad says. I'm sure they all have there own version of what happened. It's funny for me to see my dads nickname as  wrangler ... the  guys still call each other by there nicknames.


The Toy Factory (Joe La Costa)


Thundertree (Bill Hallquist)


Wild Butter (Jerry Buckner)

I happened to read your review for my old group Wild Butter. You mentioned my ties to the "irritating" record Pac Man Fever. Apparently it didn't irritate some 1 1/2 million people since they took the time to walk into a store and purchased it. I am curious to know how many hits you have supplied the music industry with.


The Winstons (Richard Spencer)

Okay, enough back patting.  On with the reviews.  Simply click on the artist name to see the applicable review.  If you're interested, the far right column tells you if we have a copy for sale and the asking price.



Albums and accompanying reviews added within the last 30 days are now annotated as NEW



Artist Album Title Genre For sale
Numeric Band Names
4th Cekcion RARE 4th Cekcion rock $150.00
5th Dimension, The The Magic Garden pop $10.00
5th Dimension, The Reflections pop $3.00
801 801 Live progressive $10.00
9th Creation, The Falling In Love soul sold $40.00
10cc 10cc rock $20.00
10cc Sheet Music rock $15.00
10cc 100cc rock $10.00
10cc How Dare You! rock $5.00
10cc Deceptive Bends rock $5.00
10cc Bloody Tourists rock $8.00
10cc Look Hear? rock $8.00
10cc Ten Out of 10 rock $8.00
10cc Windows In the Jungle rock $20.00
13thFloor Elevators Live (picture disc) psych $70.00
13thFloor Elevators Bull of the Woods psych $70.00
20th Century Zoo RARE Thunder On a Clear Day psych $150.00
25ieme Regiment, Le Le 25ieme Regiment pop sold $100.00
$27 Snap On Face RARE $27 Snap On Face In Heterodyne State Hospital bizarre sold $100.00
31st of February RARE The 31st of February psych sold $150.00
49th Parallel, The RARE 49th Parallel rock sold $250.00
100 Proof Aged In Soul Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed soul $35.00
100 Proof Aged In Soul 100 Proof Aged In Soul soul $40.00
A artists
A-440 (double LP) Ulysses - The Greek Suite progressive $35.00
A's, The Woman's Got the Power pop sold $10.00
A Band Call O (ex-Parlour Band) Oasis rock $25.00
A Passing Fancy RARE A Passing Fancy psych sold $275.00
Aalon   Cream City soul sold $20.00
Aaron RARE Music By Aaron rock sold $180.00
ABBA ABBA Live pop sold $5.00
Abdnor, John Howard Intro To Change rock sold $25.00
Abner Jay (RIP) RARE The Backbone of America is a Mule and Cotton bizarre $100.00
Abraham's Children Time pop $40.00
Abstracts, The The Abstracts psych sold $40.00
Accolade Accolade progressive sold $80.00
Accolade RARE Accolade 2 progressive sold $150.00 
Ace, Johnny (RIP) The Johnny Ace Memorial Album soul sold $75.00
Aces Combo, The RARE Introducing the Aces Combo garage $300.00
Ache RARE Green Man progressive sold $150.00
A Cid Symphony RARE A Cid Symphony psych sold $300.00
Acklin, Barbara (RIP) Love Makes a Woman soul sold $60.00
Acklin, Barbara (RIP) Someone Else's Arms soul $20.00
NEW Acqua Fragile Mass-Media Stars progressive $25.00
Adams, Johnny (RIP) From the Heart soul $10.00
Adverts, The Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts punk sold $40.00
Aesops Fable In Due Time psych $50.00
After All RARE After All psych sold $200.00
After Tea RARE After Tea psych sold $180.00
Affection Collection, The The Affection Collection pop $40.00
Affinity Affinity rock $75.00
Afrique Soul Makossa soul sold $100.00
Afterglow RARE Afterglow psych sold $200.00
Agape RARE Gospel Hard Rock rock (Christian) $150.00
Agnes Strange RARE Agnes Strange progressive $280.00
Agrati, Don (ex-Yellow Balloon) Homegrown pop $20.00
Aina RARE Lead Me To Your Garden folk-rock sold $150.00
AJ Last Song First Side psych sold $100.00
Akkerman, Jan (ex-Focus) Jan Akkerman progressive yes
Akkerman, Jan (and Lux Kaz) Eli progressive $10.00
Alabama State Troupers The Alabama State Troupers Road Show rock $9.00
Alarm, The The Alarm rock $8.00
Albatross RARE Albatross progressive $300.00
Alexander Rabbit The Hunchback of Notre Dame  psych sold $80.00 
Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice Through the Looking Glass folk-rock sold $50.00
Alien City RARE Alien City real people $100.00
Alive 'n Kickin' Alive 'n Kickin' pop $30.00
Allman, Duane (RIP) An Anthology rock sold $15.00
Allman, Gregg & Duane Duane & Gregg Allman rock sold $20.00
Allman, Gregg & Duane Gregg & Duane Allman rock sold $10.00
Allman Joys, The The Allman Joys - Early Allman rock $8.00
Alpha Band, The Spark In the Dark rock $8.00
Amazing Blondel England folk-rock $15.00
Amazing Blondel Blondel folk-rock $15.00
Ambitious Lovers Greed rock $8.00
Amboy Dukes, The Journey To the Center of the Mind psych $10.00
Amboy Dukes, The Survival of the Fittest - Live rock $15.00
Amboy Dukes, The Tooth Fang & Claw rock $15.00
Ambrose Slade Ballzy rock $80.00
America Silent Letter pop $5.00
America Alibi pop $5.00
America Perspective pop $5.00
America Is Hard To Find RARE America Is Hard To Find bizarre $100.00
American Blues RARE American Blues Do Their Thing psych sold $80.00
American Blues Exchange A-B-E Blueprints blues-rock $400.00
American Dream, The The American Dream rock $40.00
American Flyer American Flyer rock $15.00
American Flyer Spirit of a Woman rock $15.00
American Gypsy American Gypsy rock $60.00
American Revolution The American Revolution psych sold $40.00
Amesbury, Bill Jus' a Taste of the Kid pop $10.00
Anderson, Al (ex-NRBQ) Al Anderson rock $40.00
Anderson, Al (ex-NRBQ) Party Treats rock $10.00
Angel White Hot rock $4.00
Anglo Saxon Brown Songs for Evolution soul sold $25.00
Animals, The The Best of the Animals rock $7.00
Animals, The The Best of Eric Burden and the Animals Vol  2 rock $10.00
Animals, The Every One of Us rock sold $15.00
Animated Egg Animated Egg psych sold $120.00
Anonymous MUST OWN LP   Inside the Shadow (aka Anonymous) rock sold $150.00
Anthem Anthem psych sold $10.00
Any Trouble Wheels In Motions new wave $15.00
Aorta RARE Aorta psych $80.00
Aorta RARE Aorta 2 rock $80.00
Apple Corp Behind the Tears rock $40.00
Apple Pie and Motherhood Band Apple Pie and Motherhood Band rock $20.00
Apple Pie and Motherhood Band Apple Pie rock $20.00
Appletree Theatre RARE Playback psych $90.00
Apostles, The RARE The Apostles On Crusade garage $350.00
NEW Aquila Aquila progressive $150.00
Arcesia Reachin' [reissue] real people $150.00
Area Code 615 Trip In the Country rock $8.00
NEW Argent In Deep rock $9.00
NEW Argent Nexus progressive $10.00
NEW Argent Encore Live In Concert progressive $15.00
NEW Argent Circus progressive $9.00
Armageddon RARE Armageddon (US) rock $150.00
ARS Nova ARS Nova psych $25.00
ARS Nova Sunshine and Shadows psych sold $25.00
Art RARE Supernatural Fairy tales psych sold $100.00
Art of Lovin' RARE Art of Lovin' psych $300.00 
Artful Dodger Artful Dodger rock sold $25.00
Artful Dodger Honor Among Thieves rock $15.00
Artful Dodger Babes On Broadway rock $20.00
Artful Dodger Rave On rock sold $15.00
Arthur RARE Dreams and Illusions folk-rock $150.00
Ashes, The RARE The Ashes Featuring Pat Taylor psych $175.00
Ashkan RARE In from the Cold progressive $100.00
Assembled Multitude, The The Assembled Multitude pop sold $8.00
Association, The Birthday pop $7.00
Association, The Soundtrack "Goodbye Columbus" pop $10.00
Association, The The Association Live pop $8.00
Association, The Waterbeds In Trinidad pop $15.00
Astral Projection, The The Astral Scene psych $80.00
Asylum Choir (banned cover) Looking Inside the Asylum Choir psych $35.00
Asylum Choir (replacement cover) Looking Inside the Asylum Choir psych $15.00
Asylum Choir Asylum Choir II psych $15.00
Atkinson, Sweet Pea Don't Walk Away soul $7.00
Atlantic Rhythm Section Back Up Against the Wall rock $20.00
Atlantic Rhythm Section Third Annual Pipe Dreams rock $20.00
Atlantic Rhythm Section Dog Days rock $20.00
Atlantic Rhythm Section Are You Ready! rock $20.00
Atlantis Philharmonic RARE Atlantis Philharmonic progressive $80.00
Atomic Rooster In Hearing of Atomic Rooster progressive $15.00
Auldridge, Mike (ex-Seldom Scene) Mike Auldridge & Old Dog country $10.00
Aum Bluesvibe rock sold $25.00
Aum Resurrection rock $20.00
Automatic Man Automatic Man rock $10.00
Automatic Man Visitor rock $6.00
Autosalvage Autosalvage psych $100.00
Autumn People RARE Autumn People progressive $250.00
Average White Band Feel the Fret soul $4.00
Aztec Two Step Second Step pop $6.00
B artists
Baby Huey RARE The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend soul sold $125.00
Bacon Fat RARE Grease Me Another One blues-rock yes
Bad Company Holy Water rock sold $10.00
Badfinger Magic Christian Music rock $15.00
Bag, The Real blue-eyed soul yes
Bagatelle 11pm Saturday pop sold $15.00
Baldry, Long John It Ain't Easy blues-rock $5.00
Baldry, Long John Good To Be Alive blues-rock $10.00
Baldwin, Gary and Mass Murder If I Could Only Play Piano bizarre sold $100.00
Ballard, Russ  (Argent) Barnet Dogs rock $15.00
Ballard, Russ  (Argent) Russ Ballard rock $10.00
Bamboo Bamboo rock sold $25.00
Banchee Banchee rock sold $50.00 
Banchee RARE Thinkin' rock $150.00
Bandolero Bandolero rock $100.00
Bangles, The The Bangles rock $15.00
Bangor Flying Circus, The Bangor Flying Circus rock $25.00
Banks, Darrell  (RIP) Here To Stay soul $110.00
Banks, Tony  (Genesis) Soundtracks progressive yes
Barbarians, The Are You a Boy, or a Girl garage yes
Barclay James Harvest Once Again progressive $25.00
Barclay James Harvest Early Morning Onwards progressive $20.00
Barclay James Harvest Baby James Harvest progressive $10.00
Barclay James Harvest Everyone Is Everybody progressive $10.00
Barclay James Harvest Live Tapes (double LP) progressive $25.00
NEW  Baron, Steve Quartet The Mother of Us All rock $100.00
Barracudas, The In Plane View of the Barracudas garage sold $420.00
Baroques, The MUST OWN LP The Baroques psych $150.00
Barry, Yank RARE pop $100.00
Bartel, Jon (RIP 2006) The Jon Bartel Thing rock $50.00
Baskerville Hounds RARE The Baskerville Hounds Featuring Space Rock, Part 2 garage yes
Battered Ornaments  RARE Mantel Piece progressive sold $150.00
Beach Boys, The Wild Honey pop $15.00
Beach Boys, The Close-Up pop $15.00
Bead Game RARE Welcome rock sold $120.00
Beagles, The RARE Here Come the Beagles pop $150.00
Bear Greetings Children of Paradise psych sold $50.00
Beau Brummels Triangle rock sold $40.00
Beauregard Ajax Deaf Priscilla psych sold $50.00
Beck, Jeff (and the Yardbirds) I Ain't Done No Wrong rock yes
Beck, Joe Beck jazz $10.00
Beck, Joe Watch the Time jazz $9.00
Beckies, The The Beckies pop yes
Bee Gees, The Odessa pop $25.00
Bee Gees, The Cucumber Castle pop $15.00
Bee Gees, The 2 Years On pop $15.00
Bee Gees, The To Whom It May Concern pop $10.00
Bee Gees, The Mr. Natural pop $10.00
Bees Make Honey Music Every Night pub rock sold $40.00
Belew, Adrian Twang Bar Kind progressive yes
Bell, Archie (and the Drells) I Could Dance All Night soul $10.00
Bell, Archie (and the Drells) Where Will You Go When the Party's Over soul sold $30.00
Bermuda Jam, The The Bermuda Jam pop sold 40.00
Beretmusic Beretmusic pop yes
Berry, Chuck Bio rock yes
Bethlehem Asylum Commit Yourself rock $15.00
Betts, Dickey  (Allman Brothers Band) Highway Call rock $7.00
Betts, Dickey  (Allman Brothers Band) Pattern Disruptive rock $8.00
Big Brother & the Holding Company How Hard It Is rock $20.00
Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph Confusion psych $280.00
Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph Southeast Tour psych $30.00
Big Lost Rainbow  RARE Big Lost Rainbow psych $200.00
Big Star MUST OWN LP Number One Record rock $70.00
Big Star MUST OWN LP Radio City rock $40.00
Big Star MUST OWN LP 3rd rock $40.00
Big Star MUST OWN LP Big Star's Third: Sister Lovers rock $40.00
Big Wha-Koo Big Wha-Koo rock $15.00
Big Wha-Koo Berkshire rock $20.00
Big Wha-Koo Wha-Koo rock $15.00
Billmuss, Trevor RARE Family Apology pop $200.00
Billy RARE (ex-Thundertree) Peresphone rock $150.00
Birkin, Jane (& Serge Gainsbourg Je T'aime pop sold $20.00
Bit'a Sweet Hypnotic 1 psych $90.00
Black Diamonds, The RARE A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix psych $120.00
Black Ivory Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind soul $30.00
Blackfoot, J.D.  RARE The Ultimate Prophecy psych sold $150.00
Blessed End  RARE Movin' On psych yes
Blind Faith Blind Faith (original cover) rock $6.00
Blind Faith Blind Faith (replacement cover) rock $7.00
Bliss  RARE Bliss psych sold $250.00
Blonde On Blond  RARE Contrasts progressive $80.00
Blonde On Blond  RARE Rebirth progressive $150.00
Blonde On Blond  RARE Reflections On a Life progressive $150.00
Bloomfield, Mike (and Al Kooper) The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and ... rock yes
Blue, David  (RIP) David Blue folk-rock sold $40.00 
Blue Cheer Oh! Pleasant Mode rock $20.00
Blue Ridge Rangers, The The Blue Ridge Rangers country-rock $10.00
Blue Swede Hooked On a Feeling pop yes
Bluebells, The Sisters pop yes
Blues Project, The Archetypes rock $15.00
Blunstone, Colin (ex-Zombies) One Year pop $25.00
Blunstone, Colin (ex-Zombies) Ennismore (UK pressing) pop $15.00
Blunstone, Colin (ex-Zombies) Ennismore (US pressing) pop $15.00
Blunstone, Colin (ex-Zombies) Never Even Thought pop $15.00
Bodine Bodine country-rock $35.00
Bohemian Vendetta  RARE Bohemian Vendetta psych $375.00
Bold Bold psych sold $80.00
Bond, Graham  (RIP) Solid Bond blues-rock $40.00
Bonfire, Mars Mars Bonfire psych sold $35.00
Booker T. & the MG's The Spirit of Christmas soul sold $25.00
Booker T. & the MG's Hip Hug-Her soul $15.00
Booker T. & the MG's Doin' Our Thing soul $15.00
Booker T. & the MG's McLemore Avenue soul $10.00
Booker T. & the MG's Booker T. & the M.G.'s  Greatest Hits soul $6.00
Booker T. & the MG's The Booker T. Set soul $8.00
Booker T. & the MG's Universal Love soul $9.00
Boots, The Here Are the Boots (3 LP compilation) garage $100.00
Boston Tea Party, The The Boston Tea Party psych sold $75.00
Bown, Andy (ex-Herd) Gone To My Head! rock $9.00
Boxer Absolutely rock $10.00
Braddock, J. Leland  RARE Evil Is On My Mind blues (bizarre) yes
Brainticket Cottonwoodhill / Psychonaut psych sold $70.00
Bram Stoker  RARE Heavy Rock Spectacular rock $120.00
Brass Monkey Brass Monkey rock $25.00
Brautigan, Richard   RARE Listening To Richard Brautigan spoken word sold $120.00
Bread On the Waters rock $5.00
Brennan, J.D. Pot of Gold bizarre $50.00
Brethren Brethren country-rock sold $50.00
Brew, The  RARE A Very Strange Brew rock $100.00
Brinsely Schwarz Silver Pistol rock $10.00
Brinsely Schwarz Original Golden Greats rock $15.00
Brinsely Schwarz Brinsley Schwarz (2LP set) rock $20.00
British Modbeats, The  RARE Mod ... Is the British Modbeats garage yes
Broken Bow Arrival pop/country sold $50.00
Broken Bow & Idabell  RARE This Album Is Different rock $150.00
Brooks, Terry and Strange High Flyer rock $35.00
Brother Fox and the Tar Baby Brother Fox and the Tar Baby psych yes
Brother To Brother In the Bottle soul $60.00
Brother To Brother Let You Mind Be Free soul $20.00
Brown, Arthur The Crazy World of Arthur Brown psych $15.00
Brown, Arthur Journey progressive $25.00
Brown, Arthur Dance with Arthur Brown rock $15.00
Brown, Arthur The Lost Ears progressive $30.00
Brown, Bobby The Enlightening Beam of Axonda real person / bizarre sold $50.00
Brown, Bobby Live real person / bizarre sold $25.00
Brown, Bobby Prayers for a One Man Band real person / bizarre sold $75.00
Brown, James Papa's Got a Brand New Bag soul $25.00
Brown, James Cold Sweat soul $30/00
Brown, James Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud soul $30/00
Brown, Pete  RARE Golden Country Kingdom progressive sold $80.00
Brown, Pete  RARE My Last Band progressive $75.00
Browne, Severin Severin Browne rock $10.00
Brownsville Station Yeah! rock $10.00
Bubble Puppy  RARE A Gathering of Promises psych $60.00
Bubble Puppy  RARE Wheels Go Round psych $35.00
Bubblegum Machine, The The Bubblegum Machine pop sold $50.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) Roy Buchanan blues-rock $15.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) Roy Buchanan Two blues-rock $12.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) That's What I Am Here For blues-rock $12.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) Live Stock blues-rock $12.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) A Street Called Straight blues-rock $10.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) You're Not Alone blues-rock $9.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) My Babe blues-rock $15.00
Buchanan, Roy (RIP) When a Guitar Sings the Blues blues-rock $15.00
Buckingham Nicks MUST OWN LP Buckingham Nicks rock $25.00
Buckley, Tim (RIP) Tim Buckley folk-rock $30.00
Buddy Odor Stop, The Buddy Odor Is a Gas rock $15.00
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield rock $8.00
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again rock $10.00
Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around rock $10.00
Buffalo Springfield Retrospective rock $6.00
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield rock $12.00
Bugaloos, The RARE Bugaloos, The pop $80.00
Burchette, Wilburn Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness bizarre $100.00
Burke, Solomon Proud Mary soul sold $20.00
Burke, Solomon We're Almost Home soul $25.00
Butler, Jerry You and Me soul sold $30.00
Butler, Jerry Nothing Says I Love You Like I Love You soul yes
Butler, Jerry The Sagittarius Movement soul sold $30.00
Bunyan, John  RARE John Bunyan's Progressive Pilgrims psych sold $120.00
Burns, Randy I'm a Lover, Not a Fool folk-rock $9.00
Butterfingers Butterfingers rock sold $75.00
Byrds, The MUST OWN LP The Notorious Byrd Brothers rock $15.00
Byrds, The Sweethearts of the Rodeo country-rock $8.00
Byrds, The Byrdmaniax rock $8.00
Byrds, The Untitled rock $9.00
Byrds, The Sanctuary rock $8.00
C artists
C.A. Quintet Trip Thru Hell (reissue) psych $35.00
C.A. Quintet   RARE C.A. Quintet Live 1971 psych $100.00
Cactus Restrictions rock $8.00
Cake A Slice of Cake pop sold $50.00
Cal   RARE Homegrown rock $100.00
Cale, J.J. Shades blues-rock yes
NEW  Cale, John Vintage Violence rock $10.00
NEW  Cale, John Slow Dazzle rock $15..00
Cale, John MUST OWN LP Guts rock $15.00
Cale, John Words for the Dying progressive $15.00
California, Randy (RIP) (ex-Spirit) Euro-American rock yes
Cameron, G.C. (ex-Spinners) You're What's Missing In My Life soul $20.00
Camper Van Beethoven Take the Skinheads Bowling rock $15.00
Cannabis  RARE Joint Effort pop sold $150.00
Canned Heat Future Blues blues-rock $15.00
Canned Heat Live At Topanga Corral blues-rock $8.00
Canned Heat Historical Figures and Ancient Heads blues-rock $10.00
Canned Heat The New Age blues-rock $8.00
Cannon, Frances   RARE The Singing Psychic bizarre sold $150.00
Canterbury Music Festival   RARE Rain & Shine psych sold $375.00
NEW  Capability Brown From Scratch rock $50.00
NEW  Capability Brown Voice rock $20.00
Capaldi, Jim   (RIP) (ex-Traffic) Whale Meat Again rock $9.00
Capaldi, Jim   (RIP) (ex-Traffic) Some Come Running rock $7.00
Capitols, The We Got a Thing soul sold $70.00
Captain Beefheart Safe As Milk rock $75.00
Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid rock $25.00
Captain Beefheart Clear Light rock $25.00
Captain Beefheart Bluejeans and Moonbeams bizarre $10.00
Carr Frankie (All Natural Band) Frankie Carr's All Natural Band rock $250.00
Carter, Clarence Hooked On Love soul yes
Carter, Susan Wonderful Deeds and Adventures pop $50.00
Cash, Alvin  RARE Twine Time soul $90.00
Cashman Vaquero Band, The In Memory of Berry Oakley rock sold $150.00
Catapilla  RARE Catapilla progressive $160.00
Catch Catch pop $40.00
Cate Brothers, The The Cate Brothers rock $10.00
Cathedral  RARE Stained Glass Stories progressive yes
Cesar et les Romains Cesar et les Romains pop $75.00
Chairmen of the Board The Chairmen of the Board soul $30.00
Chairmen of the Board In Session soul $25.00
Chaparrals, The  RARE Times To Remember garage $320.00
Charlie MUST OWN LP No Second Chance rock $10.00
Charlie Good Morning America rock $7.00
Chakachas Jungle Fever funk sold $50.00
Chalmers, David  RARE Primeval Road rock $100.00
Chalmers, David  RARE Looking for Water rock $100.00
Chamaeleon Church Chamaeleon Church psych sold $40.00
Chamberlain, Cathy Rag 'n Roll Revue pop $10.00
Chanceliers, Les  RARE Les Chanceliers pop $150.00
Chaplin, Blondie Rock + Roll rock $20.00
Charisma Charisma rock $50.00
Chase Chase / Ennea rock sold $16.00
Cheech and Chong Cheech and Chong comedy yes
Checkmates, The  RARE Meet the Checkmates garage on hold
Chee Chee and Peppy Chee Chee and Peppy soul sold $25.00
Chicken Shack Imagination Lady blues-rock sold $40.00
Chickenman The Best of Chickenman comedy sold $30.00
Chilliwack Chillwack rock $20.00
Chilton, Alex Like Flies On Sherbert rock $40.00
Chilton, Alex High Priest rock $20.00
Chirco  RARE The Visitation rock sold $140.00
Choice Four, The The Choice Four soul $15.00
Christmas  RARE Lies Too Live By psych sold $120.00
Chunky, Novi & Ernie Chunky, Novi & Ernie rock $40.00
City, The (Carole King) RARE Now That Everything's Been Said rock $80.00
Clark-Hutchinson A=MH2 progressive sold $40.00
Clark, Chris  RARE C.C. Rider pop sold $40.00
Clark, Gene MUST OWN LP Gene Clark and the Godsin Brothers country-rock sold $25.00
Clark, Gene White Light country-rock sold $10.00
Clark, Gene Firebyrd country-rock $15.00
Clarke, Allan (ex-The Hollies) Legendary Heroes pop yes
Classels, Les Les Trois Cloches pop $90.00
Classics IV, The Spooky pop $5.00
Classics IV, The Mamas & Papas/Soul Train pop $7.00
Classics IV, The Golden Greats Volume 1 pop $5.00
Classics IV, The Traces pop $5.00
Classics IV, The Song pop $5.00
Classics IV, The What Am I Crying For? pop $10.00
Clay, Tom (RIP 1995) What the World Needs Now bizarre sold $10.00
Clayton, Merry Keep Your Eye On the Sparrow soul sold $18.00
Clegg, Johnny and Savuka Third World Child rock $7.00
Climax Blues Band Tightly Knit blues-rock $10.00
Climax Blues Band FM Live blues-rock $10.00
Climax Blues Band Stamp Album blues-rock $7.00
Climax Blues Band 1969 / 1972 blues-rock $10.00
Clique, The The Clique pop $30.00
Clouds Up Above Our Heads progressive sold $25.00
Clover, Timothy The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover psych $25.00
Cohen, Laurie Kaye Under the Skunk pop $15.00
Collins, Albert (RIP 1993) Ice Pickin' blues $20.00
Colours MUST OWN LP   Colours psych sold $25.00
Colours  Atmosphere rock $35.00
Colours (different band) Colours country-rock $80.00
Comfortable Chair, The The Comfortable Chair psych sold $60.00
Comstock, Bobby (and the Counts) Our of Sight garage $80.00
Comus  RARE First Utterances progressive sold $200.00
Comus  RARE To Keep from Crying progressive $50.00
Connells, The Fun & Games rock yes
Contraction La Bourse Ou La Vie progressive $40.00
Controllers, The Next In Line soul sold $40.00
Cooder, Ry Ry Cooder blues-rock sold $10.00
Cooder, Ry Into the Purple Valley blues-rock $15.00
Cooder, Ry Chicken Skin Music blues-rock $15.00
Continental IV, The Dream World soul $40.00
Cooper, Alice Pretties for You psych $45.00
Cooper, Alice Billion Dollar Babies rock sold $40.00
Cooper, Alice Muscle of Love rock $20.00
Cope, Julian Saint Julian rock $5.00
Cope, Julian My Nation Underground rock $5.00
Copeland, Ruth Self Portrait rock $25.00
Copeland, Ruth Take Me Back To Baltimore rock sold $20.00
Copperhead Copperhead rock yes
Corbett, Mike & Jay Hirsh Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh with Hugh McCrackin rock $9.00
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, The The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose soul $9.00
Coryell, Larry Coryell rock sold $20.00
Country Joe and the Fish I Feelin Like I'm Fixin' To Die psych yes
Country Joe and the Fish Together psych sold $50.00
Covington, Joe E. Joe E. Covington's Fat Fandango rock sold $20.00
NEW  Cox, Mick Mick Cox Band rock $15.00
Coyne, Kevin In Living Black and White rock $40.00
Crabby Appleton Crabby Appleton rock yes
Crabby Appleton Rotten To the Core rock yes
Cray, Robert Bad Influence soul $10.00
Crazy Elephant Crazy Elephant pop sold $20.00
Crazy Horse Crazy Horse rock $15.00
Crazy Horse Loose rock $15.00
Crazy People, The Bedlam psych $100.00
Cream Wheels of Fire rock $10.00
Cream The Best of Cream rock $5.00
Cream Heavy Cream rock $10.00
Cream Extra Cream rock $10.00
Creative Source Creative Source soul $25.00
Creative Source Migration soul sold $20.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum rock yes
Cressida  RARE Cressida progressive $220.00
Crickets, The Remnants rock $15.00
Crome Srycus Love Cycle psych $80.00
Cropper, Steve With a Little Help from My friends soul $15.00
Cropper, Steve (Albert King and Pops Staples Jammed Together soul $50.00
Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name psych $15.00


Crow Music rock sold $10.00


Mosaic rock sold $20.00
Crusaders, The The Crusaders Make a Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars garage $60.00
Cry 3 Cry 3: An Odyssey of the Spirit rock $100.00
Crystal Mansion, The The Crystal Mansion rock sold $30.00
Cuff Links, The Tracy pop $10.00
Cuff Links, The The Cuff Links pop $10.00
Curly Curve  RARE Curly Curve blues-rock $100.00
NEW  Curved Air Air Cut progressive $20.00
D artists
D. Beaver Combinations progressive sold $20.00
Dahl, Mande Mande Dahl (4 track EP) new wave sold $10.00
Darius (RIP)  RARE Darius psych $450.00
David, The  RARE Another Day, Another Lifetime psych sold $200.00
Davis, Betty Nasty Girl soul sold $20.00
NEW  Davis, Spencer Crossfire rock $10.00
Davis, Tyrone Home Wrecker soul $20.00
NEW  Dawson  RARE Can You Feel It rock $250.00
Day Blindness  RARE Day Blindness psych yes
dB's, The Repercussion rock $20.00
Deal, Harry (and the Galaxies) I Feel Good All Over pop $150.00
Dee, Kiki Patterns pop $25.00
Dee, Kiki Stay with Me pop $9.00
Delaney & Bonnie Motel Shot rock $10.00
Delaney & Bonnie D & B Together rock $9.00
Deerfield  RARE Nil Desperandum psych yes
NEW  DeShannon, Jackie Songs pop $10.00
NEW  DeShannon, Jackie Your Baby Is a Lady pop sold $15.00
NEW  DeShannon, Jackie Quick Touches pop $10.00
Dialogue  RARE Dialogue psych $250.00
Diddley, Bo 500% More Man rock $80.00
Diddley, Bo Where It All Began rock $25.00
Diddley, Bo Got My Own Bag of Tricks rock $20.00
Diddley, Bo Big Bad Bo rock $50.00
Diddley, Bo The 20th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll rock yes
Dilcher, Cheryl Butterfly psych $75.00
Dillards, The Roots and Branches country-rock $12.00
Dillards, The Tribute To the American Duck country-rock $12.00
Doctors of Madness Doctors of Madness punk $20.00
Disciple  RARE Come See Us As We Are! psych sold $50.00
Dodd, Dick (ex-Standells) First Evolution of Dick Dodd rock yes
Dogfeet Dogfeet (reissue) blues-rock sold $30.00
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart pop $25.00
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart Live In Japan pop $50.00
Donovan Wear Your Hair Like Flowers psych $8.00
Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man psych $8.00
Donovan Barbajagal psych $10.00
Donovan Early Treasures pop $10.00
Dorsey, Lee The New Lee Dorsey Amy $50.00
Douglas Fir Hard Heatsingin' rock sold $60.00
Dr. John Destively Bonnaroo rock $15.00
Dr. John City Lights rock $20.00
Dr. John The Brightest Smile In Town rock $9.00
Dragonfly  RARE Dragonfly pysch $300.00
Dramatics, The Jackpot soul $10.00
Dramatics, The Drama V soul SOLD $15.00
Dreamies  RARE Auralgraphic Entertainment psych $300.00
NEW  Drnwyn  RARE Gypsies In the Mists rock $350.00
Duke, Doris MUST OWN LP I'm a Loser soul sold $75.00
Duncan, Leslie Sing Children Sing pop $20.00
Duprees, The The Italian Asphalt & Pavement Co. Present Duprees Gold pop $9.00
Durocs Durocs pop $15.00
Dust Bowl Clementine Dust Bowl Clementine country-rock $75.00
E artists
E-Types, The Live At the Rainbow Ballroom 1966 garage $15.00
Earth and Fire Earth and Fire rock sold $75.00
Earth and Fire Song of Marching Children rock $60.00
Earth and Fire Atlantis rock sold $40.00
Earth Opera Earth Opera rock $20.00
Earth Opera The Great American Eagle Tragedy rock $20.00
Earth Quake 8.5 rock $8.00
Eastfield Meadows Eastfield Meadows country-rock yes
Easybeats, The Falling Off the Edge of the World rock yes
Easybeats, The Friends rock yes
Edgewood Ship of Labor progressive $50.00
Edwards, Dennis Don't Look Any Further soul $8.00
NEW  Egan, Joe (ex-Stealers Wheel) Out of Nowhere pop $15.00
NEW  Eggs Over Easy Cheap 'n' Easy rock $50.00
El Campo Jades The 13th Song garage sold $50.00
Elderberry Jack  RARE Long Overdue rock $120.00
Ellie Pop MUST OWN LP Ellie Pop psych $200.00
Embers, The  RARE The Embers Roll Eleven garage $110.00
Embers, The  RARE Burn You a New One garage $100.00
Embers, The  RARE Just for the Birds pop $100.00
Embers, The I Love Beach Music garage $15.00
Embers, The This One's for You garage $30.00
Emerald City Waiting for the Dawn rock $150.00
Emotions, The Sunshine soul yes
Englishmen, The  RARE Summer Is Here garage $375.00
Equals, The Unequalled Equals rock $30.00
Eric, Mark  RARE A Mid Summer's Day Dream pop $75.00
Escorts, The  RARE Bring the House Down garage $175.00
Estes Brothers, The Transitions rock sold $40.00
Eternity's Children Eternity's Children pop $80.00
Euphonious Wail, A A Euphonious Wail psych yes
Eve Take It and Smile pop $50.00
Ever-Green Blues Band, The The Ever-Green Blues Band rock yes
Evergreen Blueshoes Evergreen Blueshoes rock yes
Everpresent Fullness Everpresent Fullness rock sold $40.00 
Exkursions, The The Exkursions Christian rock yes
Eyes, The (US)  RARE Stroke a Horse's Navel pop $100.00
Eyes, The (UK) The Arrival of the Eyes rock sold $25.00
Eyes of Blue In Fields of Ardath progressive $40.00
F artists
Fable Fable rock $25.00
NEW  Fabulous Rhinestones, The The Fabulous Rhinestones pop $20.00
NEW  Fabulous Rhinestones, The Freewheelin' pop $12.00
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention folk-rock sold $15.00 
Fairport Convention Fairport Convention folk-rock $50.00
Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking folk-rock $25.00
Fairport Convention Leige and Lief folk-rock $20.00
Fairport Convention Fairport Chronicles folk-rock $15.00
Fairport Convention Full House folk-rock $20.00
Fairport Convention House Full folk-rock $15.00
NEW  Fairport Convention Farewell Farewell folk-rock $25.00
Fallen Angels, The The Fallen Angels psych $60.00
Fallen Angels, The MUST OWN LP It's a Long Way Down psych $375.00
Family Bandstand rock $15.00
Family Tree, The Miss Butters pop $60.00
Farina, Mimi and Richard The Best of Mimi and Richard Farina folk $15.00
Farm  RARE Farm psych $350.00
Farmer, Lee  RARE To a Western Sky rock sold $150.00
Far Cry, The The Far Cry rock sold $80.00
Farr, Gary (RIP) Addressed to the Censors of Love rock $35.00
Fat MUST OWN LP Fat rock $100.00
Fat Footloose rock $50.00
Felt  RARE  MUST OWN LP Felt psych sold $500.00
Feminine Complex  RARE Livin' Love psych $100.00
Fever Tree Fever Tree psych $15,00
Fever Tree Another Time Another Place rock $15.00
Fever Tree Creation rock $15.00
Fever Tree For Sale rock $25.00
Fields  RARE Fields psych yes
Fifth Avenue Band, The The Fifth Avenue Band rock sold $40.00
Fifth Estate, The Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead psych sold $40.00 
Filet of Soul  RARE Freedom garage $275.00
Finchley Brothers, The  RARE Everlasting Tribute psych sold $120.00 
Finley, Emmett Emmett Finley rock $100.00
Fire Fire pop $60.00
Fire and Snow (various artists) Reflections On a New World Order bizarre sold $50.00 
Firesign Theatre, The Present Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like That comedy $10.00
Firesign Theatre, The Dear Friends comedy $10.00
Firesign Theatre, The Forward Into the Past comedy $15.00
First Impression, The  RARE Swinging London pop yes
Fisher, Kevin  RARE The First of Fisher progressive $200.00
Fisher, Wildman An Evening with Wildman Fisher bizarre sold $30.00
Five By Five (5 By 5) Next Exit rock $50.00
Five Emprees, The  RARE A Whole Lotta The Five Emprees ... garage $200.00
Five Stairsteps, The Our family Album soul sold $30.00
Flames, The  RARE Burning Soul soul $150.00
Flash Out of Our Hands progressive $10.00
Flat Earth Society  RARE Flat Earth Society psych $370.00
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac blues-rock $20.00
Fleetwood Mac The Original Fleetwood Mac blues-rock $20.00
Fleetwood Mac Kiln House rock $10.00
Fleetwood Mac Vintage Fleetwood Mac blues-rock $15.00
Floating Bridge  RARE Floating Bride rock $90.00
Floyd, Eddie Knock On Wood soul $100.00
Focus In and Out of Focus progressive $10.00
Focus Moving Waves progressive $10.00
Focus Dutch Masters progressive $10.00
Fogerty, Tom (RIP) Tom Fogerty rock $30.00
Fogerty, Tom (RIP) Excaliber rock $25.00
Fogerty, Tom (RIP) Myopia rock $25.00
Folklords, The  RARE Release the Sunshine folk-rock $200.00
Forest   RARE Forest folk $150.00
Fortunes, The It's the Real Thing pop yes
Foundations, The Digging the Foundations soul $8.00
Four Seasons, The Sing Big Hits by Burt Bacharach ... Hal David ... Bob Dylan pop $7.00
Four Seasons, The The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette pop $20.00
Frampton, Peter Wind of Change rock $5.00
Frampton, Peter Frampton's Camel rock $5.00
Frampton, Peter Breaking All the Rules rock $5.00
Francisco  RARE Cosmic Beam Experience progressive $150.00
Franklin, Aretha MUST OWN LP I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (mono) soul $20.00
Franklin, Aretha Amazing Grace soul yes
NEW Franklin, Carolyn (RIP) Baby Dynamite! soul $35.00
Franklin, Carolyn (RIP) Chain Reaction soul $25.00
Franklin, Erma (RIP) Soul Sister soul sold $40.00
Frantic Frantic rock sold $35.00 
Fraternity of Man Fraternity of Man psych $30.00
Fraternity of Man Get It On psych $30.00
Freak Scene, The Psychedelic Psoul psych $40.00
Frederic, The  RARE Phases and Faces psych $600.00
Free Tons of Sobs rock $25.00
Free Free rock $20.00
Free Water and Fire rock $7.00
Free Highway rock $10.00
Free Free Live! rock $10.00
Free Free At Last rock $15.00
  Free Heartbreaker rock $10.00
Free The Best of Free rock $10.00
Free Design, The Kites Are Fun pop $50.00
Free Design, The You Could Be Born Again pop $40.00
Free Movement, The I've Found Someone of My Own soul sold $10.00 
Freeways, The  RARE Last Roundup garage $150.00
French Frith Kaiser Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf rock $10.00
Fresh Air  RARE Fresh Air rock $200.00
Frijid Pink Frijid Pink rock sold $20.00 

Friendsound (ex-The Raiders)  

Joyride psych sold $50.00
NEW Frida (ex-ABBA) Shine pop $20.00
Fringe Benefit Fringe Benefit rock $9.00
Froggie Beaver  RARE From the Pond progressive $150.00
Frogs (ex-Mr. Floods Party)  RARE Frogs For Everybody rock $200.00
Frolk Haven  RARE At the Apex of High progressive sold $75.00
Fugitives, The  RARE On the Run with the Fugitives garage sold $300.00
Fun and Games Elephant Candy pop $35.00
Funkadelic Cosmic Slop funk sold $30.00 
Funkadelic Standing n the Verge of Getting It On funk $30.00
Funkadelic Let's Take the Stage funk $25.00
Funkadelic Tales of Kidd Funkadelic funk yes
Furay, Richie (ex-Buffalo Springfield) Dance a Little Light country-rock $8.00
Furay, Richie (ex-Buffalo Springfield) I Still Have Dreams country-rock $8.00
Fuschia Fuschia progressive sold $200.00
Future Down That Country Road country-rock sold $30.00 
Fuzz, The  RARE The Fuzz soul $125.00
G artists
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Rory Gallagher blues-rock $10.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Duece blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Live! In Europe blues-rock $10.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Blueprint blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Tattoo blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Irish Tour '74 blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) In the Beginning blues-rock $30.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Sinner ... and Saint blues-rock $10.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) The Story So Far blues-rock $10.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Calling Card blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Photo Finish blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Top Priority blues-rock $20.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Stage Struck blues-rock $15.00
Gallagher, Rory (RIP) Jinx blues-rock $15.00
Game Game rock yes
Garcia, Jerry (RIP) Jerry Garcia rock $12.00
Garcia, Jerry (RIP) Run for the Roses rock $10.00
Gardner, Ron (RIP) Ron Gardner rock $15.00
Garnett, Gale (and Gentle Reign) An Audience with the King of Wands pop $15.00
Garnett, Gale (and Gentle Reign) Saulsito Heliport psych sold $30.00
Gas Mark Their First Album rock $15.00
Gates, David (ex-Bread) Never Let Her Go pop $8.00
Gaye, Marvin and Tammi Terrell United soul $40.00
Gaye, Marvin and Tammi Terrell  You're All I Need soul $20.00
Gaye, Marvin and Tammi Terrell  Easy soul $20.00
Gaye, Marvin and Kim Weston Take Two soul $40.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You soul $40.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP)   In the Groove soul $40.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) Soundtrack "Trouble Man" soul sold $10.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits soul $8.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) Marvin Gaye Live! soul $6.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) I Want You soul $15.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) Live at the London Palladium soul $15.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) Here My Dear soul $15.00
Gaye, Marvin (RIP) In Our Lifetime soul sold $8.00
Gear Daddies, The Billy's Live Bait rock $20.00
Geesin, Ron (and Roger Waters) Music from the Body progressive yes
Generations Combo  RARE Meet the Generations Combo garage $400.00
Genesis (US band) In the Beginning psych $100.00
Gentle Soul   RARE Gentle Soul psych $180.00
Geoffrey (De Mers)   RARE Geoffrey psych $150.00
Germany  RARE Germany pop $100.00
Giant Crab Comes Forth, A A Giant Crab Comes Forth psych sold $50.00
Giant Crab Comes Forth, A Cool It ... Helios psych sold $50.00
Gibb, Robin Robin's Reign pop $50.00
Gibbons, Steve Rollin' On rock $8.00
Giguere, Russ (ex-The Association) Hexagram 16 rock yes
Gilder, Nick (ex-Sweeny Todd) You Know Who You Are rock $10.00
Gilbert, John and Meade River   RARE John Gilbert / Meade River psych sold $250.00
Gilmour, David (Pink Floyd) David Gilmour rock $7.00
Gilmour, David (Pink Floyd) About Face rock $9.00
Glass Bottle, The The Glass Bottle pop yes
Glass Family, The Electric Band psych $90.00
Glass Family, The Crazy! disco $20.00
Glitterhouse Color Blind rock $50.00
Globetrotters, The  RARE The Globetrotters soul $100.00
Glory (San Diego) On the Air rock yes
Godley & Creme L progressive yes
Gold Gold rock sold $75.00
Goldberg, Barry Street Man rock $9.00
Golden Dawn  RARE Power Plant psych sold $200.00
Golliwogs, The (pre-CCR) The Golliwogs rock $75.00
Gomm, Ian Summer Holiday pop $20.00
Gomm, Ian Gomm with the Wind pop sold $9.00
Gomm, Ian What a Blow pop $9.00
Good and Plenty The World of Good & Plenty psych $50.00
Good Earth, The  RARE Swinging London pop yes
Good Rats, The Tasty rock $20.00
Goodees, The Candy Coated Goodees pop sold $20.00 
Goose Creek Symphony Goose Creek Symphony - est. 1970 country-rock sold $15.00 
Goose Creek Symphony Words of Earnest country-rock $8.00 
Goose Creek Symphony Welcome To Goose Creek country-rock $8.00 
Gordian Knot, The Tones pop sold $40.00
NEW Gospel Oak Gospel Oak rock $50.00
Gouldman, Graham The Graham Gouldman Thing pop sold $50.00
NEW Gouldman, Graham Animalympics pop $45.00
Gracious!   RARE Gracious! progressive $80.00
Granicus   RARE Granicus rock sold $120.00
Gray, Dobie Loving Arms soul $10.00
Great Buildings (pre-Rembrandts) Great Buildings pop sold $25.00
Greaves, R.B. R.B. Greaves soul $10.00
Greaves, R.B. R.B. Greaves (sophomore LP) soul $10.00
Greaves, R.B. Rock and Roll soul sold $10.00
Green Somebody To Help country-rock $40.00
Green, Al Al Green Gets Next To You soul $20.00
Green, Al I'm Still In Love with You soul $20.00
Green, Al Explores Your Mind soul sold $10.00
Green, Al Call Me soul sold $15.00
Green, Al Green Is Blues soul $15.00
Green, Al Livin' For You soul $20.00
Green, Al Al Green Is Love soul $10.00
Green, Al Time and Truth soul $10.00
Green, Al Greatest Hits, Volume II soul $10.00
Green, Al Tokyo ... Live soul $15.00
Green Lyte Sunday Green Lyte Sunday pop $30.00
Green, Peter In the Skies rock yes
NEW  Greene, Jeanie Mary Called Jeanie Greene rock $20.00
Gregory, Dick Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side comedy $25.00
Griffin Griffin rock $40.00
Grin 1 + 1 rock $9.00
Gringo Gringo progressive $50.00
Grootna Grootna rock $40.00
Groovie Goolies, The The Groovie Goolies pop sold $35.00 
Grosvenor, Luther (ex-Spooky Tooth) Under Open Skies rock $40.00
Group 1850 RARE Paradise Now psych $200.00
Guadalcanal Diary 2 x 4 rock $9.00
Guess Who, The Rockin' rock $9.00
Guess Who, The Live At the Paramount rock $8.00
Guess Who, The Artificial Paradise rock $8.00
Guess Who, The The Way They Were rock $20.00
Guitar Ensemble, The You-n-You Christian rock yes
Gulliver Gulliver rock $12.00
Gulliver's Travels Gulliver's Travels progressive sold $200.00
Guillory, Isaac (RIP) (Cryan' Shames) Isaac Guillory - Side One rock yes
Gypsy Antitthesis rock sold $25.00 
Gypsy Unlock the Gates rock $15.00 
H artists
H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft psych $50.00
H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft II psych $40.00
H.P. Lovecraft Recorded Live May 11 1968 psych $25.00
Habibiya (formerly Mighty Baby) Habibya folk sold $150.00
Hackett, Steve (ex-Genesis) Spectral Mornings progressive $8.00
Norman Haines Band, The Den of Iniquity progressive not for sale
Hamilton, Dirk You Can Sing On the Left or Bark On the Right rock $10.00
Hamilton, Dirk Thug of Love rock $10.00
Hamilton Streetcar Hamilton Streetcar pop $40.00
Hammer Hammer rock sold  $75.00
Hampton Grease Band, The Music To Eat psych $50.00
Hanson (aka Junior Kerr, Junior Marvin) Magic Dragon rock $15.00
Happenings, The Piece of Mind psych yes
Happy Dragon Band, The RARE The Happy Dragon Band psych sold $150.00
Hardin / York (ex-Spencer Davis Group) Tomorrow Today rock $50.00
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin folk sold $10.00
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 2 folk sold $10.00
Hardin, Tim This Is Tim Hardin folk $10.00
Hardin, Tim Tim Hardin 4 folk $6.00
Hardin, Tim Archetypes folk $8.00
Hardy, Francoise Francoise Hardy pop $50.00
Hardy, Francoise Francoise ... pop $35.00
Hardy, Francoise Star pop $20.00
Harlowe, Ray and Gyp Fox First Rays psych $150.00
Harmonia Muzik von Harmonia progressive $50.00
Harris, Allen (Band) Oceans Between Us rock $15.00
Harris, Shaun (ex-WCPAEB) Shaun Harris pop $40.00
Harrison, Mike Smokestack Lightening rock $10.00
Harrison, Mike Rainbow Rider rock $10.00
Harry, Deborah Def Dumb & Blonde pop yes
Haslam, Annie Annie In Wonderland pop $20.00
Hartley, Keef Seventy Second Brave blues-rock $20.00
Haskell, Gordon (ex-King Crimson) It Is and It Isn't rock yes
Hathaway, Donny (RIP 1979) Extensions of a Man soul $10.00
Haycock, Pete (Climax Blues Band) Guitar and Son rock $9.00
Havens, Richie Richie Havens' Record rock $10.00
Havens, Richie Richard P. Havens, 1983 rock $30.00
Hayes, Isaac Soundtrack Tough Guyes soul yes
Hayes, Sherman Catman pop yes
Hayward, Justin (ex-Moody Blues) Songwriter pop $10.00
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels rock sold  $100.00
Heads of Our Time  RARE The Subtle Art of Self Destruction psych sold  $90.00
Heaven and Earth Heaven and Earth soul yes
Hebb, Bobby Sunny soul yes
Hell Preacher Inc. Supreme Psychedelic Underground psych $100.00
Help Yourself Strange Affair rock $45.00
Hendrix, Jimi and Curtis Knight Get That Feeling psych $40.00
Hendrix, Jimi (RIP) Electric Ladyland psych sold $20.00
Hendrix, Jimi (RIP) La Grande Storia del Rock psych $8.00
Henry, Pierre Variations for a Door and a Sigh progressive sold $20.00
Henry Tree Electric Holy Man rock $75.00
Henske, Judy (and Jerry Yester) Farewell Aldebaran psych $150.00
Hensley, Ken (ex-Uriah Heep) Proud Words On a Dusty Shelf rock $10.00
Hep Stars, The We and Our Cadillac pop $70.00
Here Comes Everyone Here Comes Everyone rock $85.00
Hester, Carolyn Coalition The Carolyn Hester Coalition psych $120.00
Hester, Carolyn Coalition Magazine psych $120.00
Hiatt, John All of a Sudden rock yes
Hickory Wind Fresh Produce folk-rock $10.00
Higgins, Gary  RARE Red Hash psych sold $120.00
Highway Robbery For Love or Money rock $80.00
Higney, Kenneth  RARE Attic Demonstration psych $125.00
Hill, Z.Z. (RIP) In Memorium 1935 - 1984 soul yes
H.M.S. Bounty  RARE Things! psych $150.00
Holden, Randy  RARE Population II psych sold $450.00
Holman, Eddie I Love You soul yes
Holman, Rex   RARE Here In the Land of Victory psych $80.00
Hollins & Starr   RARE Sidewalks Talking folk-rock $100.00
Holy Ghost Reception Committee # 9   RARE Songs for Liturgical Worship psych sold $250.00
Holy Ghost Reception Committee # 9   RARE The Torchbearers psych $400.00
Hombres, The The Hombres garage $20.00
Homestead Every Living Thing Has a Place In God's Heart ... pop yes
Hope   RARE Hope psych $80.00
Hot Poop   RARE Does Their Own Thing  bizarre $175.00
Hot Tuna The Phosphorescent Rat rock sold $10.00
Hot Tuna America's Choice rock $6.00
Hotgun   RARE Hotgun rock $70.00
Hou-Lops, Les   RARE Off rock $80.00
Hou-Lops, Les   RARE Les Hou-Lops 69 rock $100.00
Hudson Brothers, The Totally Out of Control pop $10.00
Humble Gathering   RARE Humble Gathering soul $100.00
Husker Du Warehouse: Songs and Stories rock sold $15.00
Hutch, Willie (RIP 2005) The Mark of the Beast soul $20.00
Hutch, Willie (RIP 2005) Concert In Blues soul $10.00
Hyman, Dick The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman bizarre $25.00
I artists
I-Three, The Beginning reggae $15.00
Id, The   RARE The Inner Sounds of the Id psych yes
Idle Race Birthday psych yes
Impala Syndrome   RARE Impala Syndrome psych sold $150.00
Impressions, The Keep On Pushing soul $12.00
Impressions, The The Never Ending Impressions soul $12.00
Impressions, The One By One soul $12.00
Impressions, The Ridin' High soul $20.00
Impressions, The Times Have Changed soul $6.00
Impressions, The We're a Winner soul $25.00
Impressions, The It's About Time soul $10.00
NEW  Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt pop $50.00
Incredible String Band, The The Big Huge folk $9.00
Incredible String Band, The Liquid Acrobat As Regards the Air folk $15.00
Incredible String Band, The No Ruinous Feud rock $22.00
Indian Summer Indian Summer progressive $55.00
Insect Trust, The   RARE The Insect Trust psych $60.00
Insect Trust, The   RARE Hoboken Saturday Night psych $60.00
International Submarine Band Safe At Home country-rock $110.00
Intruders, The The Intruders Greatest Hits soul sold $15.00
Intruders, The The Intruders Are Together soul sold $80.00
Invaders, The   RARE Right On Track garage $350.00
Invictas, The   RARE The Invictas a go-go garage $200.00
Isley Brothers, The This Old Heat of Mine soul $50.00
Isley Brothers, The Givin' It Back rock $9.00
Isley Brothers, The Between the Sheets soul $6.00
Isley Jasper Isley Different Drummer soul yes
It's a Beautiful Day At Carnegie Hall rock yes
J artists
J.B. and the Playboys   RARE J.B. and the Playboys pop $100.00
J.K and Co.   RARE Suddenly One Summer psych $100.00
Jackal Awake rock not for sale
Jackson, Chuck (and Maxine Brown) Saying Something soul yes
Jackson, Deon Love Makes the World Go Round soul yes
Jackson, Millie Still Caught Up soul $10.00
Jackson, Millie Get It Out 'Cha System soul $10.00
Jackson, Millie Hard Times soul $10.00
Jackson, Rebbie Centipede soul yes
Jade Stone & Luv   RARE Mosaic Pieces of Stone psych $120.00
Jaedes, The   RARE The Jaedes soul sold $100.00
Jam, The The Jam (UK EP) rock $15.00
James and the Good Brothers James and the Good Brothers country-rock sold $40.00
James, Elmore (RIP 1963) Screamin' Blues blues $20.00
James Gang, The Yer Album rock $9.00
James Gang, The Newborn rock $5.00
James, Jesse Jesse James soul $60.00
Jameson, Bob Color Him In psych $75.00
Jaguars, Les   RARE Les Jaguars garage $50.00
Jan and Lorraine   RARE Gypsy People psych $150.00
Japser Wrath   RARE Jasper Wrath psych yes
Jarre, Jean Michel Oxygene progressive $6.00
Jazz Butcher, The Cult of the Basement rock $10.00
Jefferson Airplane The Worst of Jefferson Airplane psych $8.00
Jefferson Starship Long John Silver psych $12.00
Jeffreys, Garland MUST OWN LP   Ghost Writer rock $10.00
Jeffreys, Garland   One-Eyed Jack rock $9..00
Jenghiz Khan   RARE Well Cut rock $250.00
Jericho Jericho rock $80.00
Jesse, Wolff and Whings Jesse, Wolff and Whings rock $30.00
Jethro Tull Stand Up progressive yes
Jimmy James & the Vagabonds The New Religion soul $80.00
Jo Jo Gunne Bite Down Hard rock $9.00
Jo Jo Gunne So ... Where's the Show rock $9.00
Johnson, Brian (pre-AC/DC) Strange Man rock $9.00
Johnson, Eric Tones rock $7.00
Johnson and Stubblefield Driftwood country-rock $50.00
Jonathan and Charles RARE Another Week To Go folk-rock sold $100.00
Jones, Davy (ex-Monkees) Davy Jones (1965) pop sold $25.00
Jones, Davy (ex-Monkees) Davy Jones (1970) pop yes
Joseph   RARE Stoned Age Man psych yes
Joseph, Ernie (ex-A Giant Crab) An All American Emperor pop yes
Joseph, Margie Sweet Surrender soul $10.00
Josie & the Pussycats  ARE Josie & the Pussycats pop $175.00
Joy Thunderfoot rock $75.00
Joyfull Noise Joyfull Noise rock $20.00
Jules and the Polar Bears Got No Breeding rock $15.00
Junior's Eyes Junior's Eyes rock sold $75.00
K artists
Kak   RARE Kak psych sold $125.00 
Kangaroo Kangaroo psych $20.00
Kantner, Paul Blows Against the Empire psych $9.00
Kantner, Paul Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra rock $10.00
Kaplan Brothers, The   RARE The Universal Sounds of the Kaplan Brothers real people sold $200.00
Kaplan Brothers, The   RARE The Kaplan Brothers real people $250.00
Kaplan Brothers, The   RARE Nightbird real people $250.00
Katch 22   RARE It's Soft Rock and Allsorts pop $100.00
Kay, John (ex-Steppenwolf) My Sportin' Life rock yes
Kelly, Paul Hooked Hogtied & Collared soul yes
Kennedy, Harrison (ex-Chairmen of the Board) Hypnotic Music soul $30.00
Kennedy, Mike (ex-Los Bravos) Louisiana pop $35.00
Kent, P.C.   RARE P.C. Kent rock $120.00
Kent, Paul.   RARE Paul Kent rock $80.00
Keymen, The The Keymen Live garage $75.00
Kikrokos Jungle D.J. & Dirty Kate disco $20.00
Killing Floor   RARE Killing Floor blues-rock $120.00
Kim, Andy Baby I Love You pop $9.00
King, Albert (RIP) King Albert blues $15.00
King, Freddie Texas Cannonball blues yes
King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon progressive $15.00
King Crimson Starless and Bible Black progressive $9.00
Kinks, The Kinkdom (mono) rock $30.00
Kinks, The Face To Face rock $25.00
Kinks, The The Kinks Live rock $25.00
Kinks, The MUST OWN LP Something Else By the Kinks rock $30.00
Kinks, The MUST OWN LP The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society rock $40.00
Kinks, The The Kinks Greatest Hits rock $8.00
Kitchen Cinq, The Everything But ... psych $50.00
Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit rock $45.00
Kirwan, Danny (ex-Fleetwood Mac) Second Chapter rock yes
Koala   RARE Koala rock sold $120.00
Kongos, John Kongos rock $20.00
Kraftwerk Autobahn progressive $10.00
Kraftwerk Tour de France 12" EP progressive $10.00
Kraftwerk Electric Cafe progressive $10.00
Krieger, Robbie (ex-Doors) Robbie Krieger & Friends progressive $20.00
Kristyl   RARE Kristyl psych sold $300.00
Krokodil Krokodil blues-rock $50.00
Krystals, The   RARE The Krystals pop $250.00
Kunkel, Robb   RARE Abyss rock $100.00
L artists
Lagger Blues Machine Lagger Blues Machine (reissue) progressive $50.00
Lagger Blues Machine Tanit Live progressive $40.00
Lake Lake rock $8.00
Lake Lake II rock $8.00
Lake Paradise Lake rock $8.00
Lake Ouch! rock $15.00
  Lamm, Robert (Chicago) Skinny Boy rock $9.00
Lance, Major Arriving Now soul $10.00
Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution pop $75.00
Landslide Two-Sided Fantasy rock $90.00
Larks, The The Jerk soul $50.00
LaSalle, Denise On the Loose soul $15.00
LaSalle, Denise Right Place, Right Time soul $9.00
Last Words, The The Last Words pop $20.00
Lavender Hill Mob Lavender Hill Mob pop $6.00
Laxton, Julian Celebration rock $25.00
Lazarus Lazarus rock $40.00
Leathercoated Minds, The RARE A Trip Down Sunset Strip psych $150.00
Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door rock $15.00
Lee, Arthur (ex-Love) Vindicator psych sold $30.00 
Lee, Laura The Best of Laura Lee soul $20.00
Lee, Terry RARE Magic Music psych $150.00
Left Banke, The Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina pop $25.00
Left Banke, The The Left Banke Too pop $80.00
Legend, The RARE The Legend psych sold $150.00 
Lemon Dips, The RARE Who's Gonna Buy? The Lemon Dips psych $350.00
LeFevre, Mylon Mylon rock sold $8.00 
Leopards, The RARE Kansas City Slickers rock $150.00
Leopards, The RARE Magic Still Exists rock $80.00
Let's Active (Mitch Easter) afoot rock $10.00
Let's Active (Mitch Easter) Every Dog Has His Day rock $10.00
Leviathan Leviathan progressive $80.00
Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Earth, Air, Fire & Water pop $60.00
Liberman, Jeff RARE Solitude Within rock $200.00
Light, Enoch Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out pop $60.00
Light, J.J. (aka Jim Stallings) RARE Heya! rock $100.00
Lightman, Aaron (RIP) Aaron Lightman pop $75.00
Lily RARE V.C.U. progressive sold $125.00
Lily & Marie RARE Lily & Marie pop sold $100.00 
Lincoln Street Exit RARE Drive It! psych $350.00
Linhart, Buzzy Buzzy Linhart Is Music rock $20.00
Linnegard, Steve Classic Epics rock $325.00
Linnegard, Steve Karate Moves rock $100.00
Liverpool Five, The Liverpool Five Arrive rock $25.00
Liverpool Five, The Out of Sight rock $40.00
NEW  Liverbirds, The The Liverbirds garage $150.00
Load, The RARE Praise the Load progressive $200.00
Lodge, Justin (Moody Blues) Natural Avenue pop $10.00
Lofgren, Nils Night Fades Away rock $5.00
Lollipop Shoppe, The RARE Just Colour psych sold $20.00 
Lomax, Jackie Is This What You Want? rock $35.00
Lomax, Jackie Home Is Where Your Head Is rock $6.50
Lomax, Jackie Three rock $7.50
Long, Shorty (RIP) Here Comes the Judge soul sold $40.00 
Long, Shorty (RIP) The Prime of Shorty Long soul sold $40.00
Loot, The The Loot Singles A's and B's pop not for sale
Lord, John Gemini Suite progressive sold $15.00 
Lords, The RARE Ulleogamaxbe psych sold $150.00
Lords, The RARE The Lords pop $100.00
Los Bravos Black Is Black garage $35.00
Los Bravos Bring a Little Lovin' garage $30.00
Lost & Found RARE Everybody's Here psych $75.00
Lothar and the Hand People Presenting Lothar and the Hand People psych $35.00
Lothar and the Hand People Space Hymns psych sold $50.00 
Love Generation Montage pop $40.00
Love Is a Herat-On Love Is a Heart-On bizarre $80.00
Love Unlimited In Heat soul $10.00
Lovecraft Valley of the Moon rock $15.00
Lovecraft We Love You, Whoever You Are rock $15.00
Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box 'Cross the Border pop sold $20.00 
Lucas, Ted (RIP) RARE Ted Lucas psych sold $140.00 
Lucifer Lucifer rock sold $30.00 
Lucifer (Mort Garison) Black Mass bizarre sold $25.00 
Lutins, Les RARE Les Lutins garage $80.00
Lutins, Les RARE Les Lutins En Orbit, Vol. 2 garage $100.00
Lux, Kazimierz Monk? rock $40.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors (flame cover) rock sold $30.00
M artists
Mack, Lonnie Whatever's Right rock $10.00
Mack, Lonnie The Hills of Indiana rock $10.00
Mack, Lonnie Strike Like Lightening blues-rock $15.00
Mad Lads, The A New Beginning soul yes
Magic Bubble RARE The Magic Bubble psych yes
Magic Carpet RARE Magic Carpet psych $350.00
Magic Carpet  Once Moor psych sold $40.00
Magic Lanterns, The Shame, Shame rock yes
Magic Mixture, The RARE This Is the Magic Mixture psych $200.00
Mahal, Taj The Real Thing blues yes
Mahogany Rush Mahogany Rush IV rock $9.00
Major Arcana RARE Major Arcana rock $450.00
Man Slow Motion rock $10.00
Mandel, Harvey Games Guitars Play blues-rock sold $10.00
Mandel, Harvey Get Off In Chicago blues-rock $9.00
Mandrake Memorial, The The Mandrake Memorial psych $50.00
Mandrake Memorial, The RARE Medium psych sold $100.00
Mandrake Memorial, The RARE Puzzle psych sold $120.00
Mandrill Beast from the East soul $12.00
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Solar Fire progressive $15.00
NEW Manning, Terry RARE Home Sweet Home rock $100.00
Manzanara, Phil (ex-Roxy Music) K-Scope progressive yes
Marcus (Rusty Evans) Marcus rock $40.00
Marcus RARE From the House of Trax psych $500.00
Marcus   The Return rock $70.00
Marley, Bob (and the Wailers) Early Music reggae yes
Martha and the Vandellas Dance Party soul $30.00
Martha and the Vandellas Greatest Hits soul sold $25.00
Mar-Keys, The Back To Back soul $25.00
Markley (RIP) Markley - A Group psych sold $75.00
Marsupilami RARE Arena progressive $150.00
Martyn, John So Far So Good rock yes
Martyn, John Sapphire rock yes
Mason RARE Harbour rock yes
Mason Proffit Wanted! Mason Profit country-rock $15.00
Mason Proffit Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream country-rock $20.00
Mason Proffit Bare Back Rider country-rock $15.00
Mason Proffit Come & Gone country-rock $12.00
Matching Mole Matching Mole progressive sold $80.00
Matching Mole Matching Mole's Little Red Book progressive yes
Matthews, Ian If You Could See Thru My Eyes folk-rock $20.00
NEW Matthews, Milt Milt Matthews soul $20.00
NEW Mauds, The The Mauds Roll On pop $80.00
Mayall, John Blues from Laurel Canyon blues-rock $9.00
Mayall, John Memories blues-rock $7.00
Mayall, John Moving On blues-rock $7.00
Mayall, John Notice To Appear blues-rock $7.00
Mayall, John The Last of the British Blues blues-rock $7.00
Mayfield, Curtis (RIP) Curtis Mayfield In Chicago Recorded Live! soul $25.00
Mayfield, Curtis (RIP) Got To Find a Way soul $10.00
Mayfield, Curtis (RIP) Do It All Night soul sold $20.00
Maypole RARE The Real Maypole Colossus $100.00
Maze, The RARE Armageddon psych $375.00
McClinton, Delbert Genuine Cowhide rock $15.00
McClure, Bobby (RIP) The Cherry Album soul yes
McCullough, Henry (ex-Grease Band) Mind Your Own Business! rock $40.00
McCully Workshop Workshop Revisited rock $150.00
McDonald, Michael That was Then, the Early Recordings ... rock $50.00
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman McGuinn, Clark & Hillman rock $9.00
McGuinn, Roger (ex-Byrds) Peace On You rock $9.00
McGuinn, Roger (ex-Byrds) Roger McGuinn and Band rock $9.00
McGuinn, Roger (ex-Byrds) Thunderbyrd rock $6.00
McGuire, Barry Eve of Destruction folk-rock $30.00
McTell, Ralph You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here folk $20.00
Meco The Wizard of Oz disco $9.00
Mel and Tim Good Guys Only Win In the Movies soul $70.00
Mel and Tim Starting All Over Again soul $30.00
Mel and Tim Mel and Tim soul sold $20.00
Melanie Garden In the City folk-rock $10.00
Melcher, Terry (RIP) Terry Melcher rock sold $20.00
Melcher, Terry (RIP) Royal Flush rock yes
Melting Pot Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble rock yes
Meltzer, Tina and David Poet Song folk-rock $100.00
Memphis Horns, The Get Up and Dance soul $15.00
Merry Go Round, The The Merry Go Round pop $40.00
Merseys, Les Les Merseys pop $100.00
Mesmerizing Eye A Musical Light Show psych $80.00
Messina, Jim (ex-Poco) Oasis rock yes
Method Actors Dancing Underneath new wave $15.00
Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Truth Is the Power soul $7.00
Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Live and Direct soul $10.00
Mighty Diamonds, The Indestructible reggae $15.00
Miles, Buddy Them Changes rock $9.00
Miller, Frankie Frankie Miller's Highlife rock $20.00
Milt Matthews Inc. For the People rock $120.00
Mirthrandir RARE For You the Old Ladies progressive $150.00
Miserables, Les RARE Les Miserables garage $150.00
Mob, The The Mob pop sold $20.00
Moby Grape '69 psych sold $25.00
Moby Grape 20 Granite Creek rock $20.00
Moby Grape 'Great Grape psych $15.00
Moby Grape Truly Fine Citizen rock $40.00
Moby Grape Legendary Grape rock $40.00
Modality Stew Modality Stew progressive $100.00
Mojo, The (The Mojo Men) Mojo Magic pop $35.00
Molland, Joey (ex-Badfinger) After the Pearl pop $20.00
Moments, The With the Moments soul $9.00
Monkees, The Head rock $50.00
Monkees, The Instant Replay rock $40.00
Monkees, The Changes rock sold $50.00
Monkees, The Barrel Full of Monkees pop sold $25.00
Monkees, The Re-Focus rock sold $20.00
Moody Blues, The The Moody Blues #1 rock $40.00
Moon, Chris (Band) Chris Moon Band rock yes
Moonstone RARE Moonstone progressive $250.00
Monty Python's Flying Circus Monty Python's Flying Circus comedy $15.00
Monty Python's Flying Circus Another Monty Python Records comedy $15.00
Moraz, Patrick (ex-Yes) Out In the Sun progressive $10.00
Mormos RARE The Great Wall of China folk $300.00
Morning Morning country-rock sold $50.00
Morning Glory Two Suns Worth psych $40.00
Morrison, Van Blowin' Your Mind rock $40.00
Morrison, Van Astral Weeks rock $25.00
Morrison, Van The Best of Van Morrison rock $10.00
Morrison, Van Moondance rock $15.00
Morrison, Van Hard Nose To the Highway rock $12.00
Morrison, Van Saint Dominic's Preview rock $10.00
Morrison, Van T.B. Sheets rock $10.00
Morrison, Van It's Too Late To Stop Now ... rock $15.00
Morse Code Transmission Morse Code Transmission rock $75.00
Mosley, Bob (ex-Moby Grape) Bob Mosley rock yes
Mother Earth Living with the Animals rock yes
Mother Earth Mother Earth Present Tracy Nelson Country country-rock yes
Motherlode When I Die rock sold $10.00
Motions, The (pre-Shocking Blue) Impressions of Wonderful pop sold $100.00
Motions, The (pre-Shocking Blue) Electric Baby rock sold $50.00
NEW Motors, The Approved By the Motors pop $15.00
NEW Motors, The Tenement Steps pop $5.00
Mouse MUST OWN LP Lady Killer psych sold $500.00
Mouzakis RARE Magic Tube rock $150.00
Mr. Flood's Party Mr. Flood's Party psych sold $75.00
Mud Mud On Mudd rock $75.00
Muffins, Thee RARE Pop Up! pop $200.00
Murasaki Doin' Our Thing at The Live House Murasaki rock $50.00
Music Explosion, The Little Bit of Soul garage $70.00
Mychael (ex Felt Myke Jackson) Neon Dreams rock $25.00
Mysterians, The RARE Meet the Mysterians garage sold $350.00
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band psych $100.00
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Clip-Out, Put-On Book! psych $100.00
Mystery Meat Profiles psych sold $50.00
N artists
Nagle, Ron Bad Rice rock $20.00
Nantucket Nantucket rock yes
Napoleons, The RARE Les Napoleons a Go-Go garage $175.00
Nash, Graham Songs for Beginners rock yes

National Gallery, The  

The National Gallery Performing Musical Interpretations of the Paintings of Paul Klee psych sold $70.00
National Lampoon Radio Dinner comedy $12.00
National Lampoon White House Tapes comedy $12.00
National Lampoon Golden Turkey comedy sold $15.00
NEW National Lampoon That's Not Funny, That's Sick comedy $20.00
Navasota Rootin' rock $40.00
Nazareth The Full Circle rock $8.00
Nazareth 2XS rock $9.00
Nektar Remember the Future progressive $10.00
Nektar MUST OWN LP Down To Earth progressive $10.00
Nektar Magic Is a Child progressive $10.00
Nektar Thru the Ears progressive $20.00
Neon Neon rock $30.00
Neon Philharmonic, The The Moth Confesses pop $20.00
Neon Philharmonic, The Neon Philharmonic pop $20.00
Next Morning, The RARE The Next Morning psych $200.00
New Breed, The The Many Moods of the New Breed garage $250.00
New Colony Six RARE Breakthrough garage $450.00
New Colony Six RARE Colonization garage $80.00
New Colony Six Revelations pop $40.00
New Colony Six Attacking the Straw Man pop $35.00
New Direction, The The New Direction soul $10.00
New Wave, The The New Wave pop yes
New Zealand Trading Company New Zealand Trading Company psych $50.00
Nichols, Chet Time Loop rock sold $100.00
Nickel RARE Nickel rock $100.00
Nickel Bag Doing Their Love Thing pop $30.00
Nico Chelsea Girl progressive sold $50.00
Nico The End progressive $25.00
Nico Drama of Exile new wave $30.00
Nightcrawlers, The RARE Little Black Egg garage sold $120.00 
Nilsson, Harry (RIP) Harry pop $9.00
Nimoy, Leonard Outer Space/Inner Minds bizarre yes
Nirvana RARE The Story of Simon Simopath psych sold $120.00 
Nirvana RARE All of Us psych yes
Nixon, Mojo (and Skip Roper) Bo Da Shush !!! rock $9.00
North, Freddie The Magnetic North soul $50.00
Notting Hillbillies, The Missing ... Presumed Having a Good Time rock yes
Nova Local, The Nova 1 psych sold $150.00
NRBQ NRBQ rock $15.00
NRBQ NRBQ At Yankee Stadium rock $10.00
NRBQ Tiddlywinks rock $10.00
NRBQ Groovies In Orbit rock $8.00
Nuyens, Frank (ex-Q65) Rainman rock $150.00
Nyro, Laura (RIP 1997) Christmas and the Beads of Sweat rock $9.00
Nyro, Laura (RIP 1997) Nested rock $10.00
O artists
O'Jays, The The O'Jays soul $20.00
Ochs, Phil (RIP 1976) I Ain't Marching No More folk $20.00
Ochs, Phil (RIP 1976) Phil Ochs In Concert folk $10.00
Ochs, Phil (RIP 1976) Pleasures of the Country folk-rock $25.00
October Country October Country psych sold $60.00
Oldham, Spooner   RARE Pot Luck rock $100.00
On the Seventh Day On the Seventh Day progressive $50.00
One St. Stephen (boot) One St. Stephen psych $50.00
One Way Ticket MUST OWN LP   Time Is Right rock sold $500.00
Open Road (Donovan Leitch) Open Road rock $20.00
Orange Groove   RARE Crystal Blue Persuasion and Other Sounds ... psych $75.00
NEW Originals, The Baby, I'm For Real soul $15.00
Orion Express, The   RARE The Orion Express rock $100.00
Orion the Hunter Orion the Hunter rock sold $8.00
Orphan Egg   RARE Orphan Egg psych sold $50.00
Other Half, The (US)   RARE The Other Half psych sold $120.00
Owen-B MUST OWN LP    Owen-B rock $150.00
Oxfords, The MUST OWN LP   Flying Up Through the Sky psych $400.00
Oz Knozz RARE Ruff Mix rock $200.00
P artists
Pacific Drift Pacific Drift pop sold $70.00
Pacific Ocean Purgatory rock $70.00
Parker, Robert (RIP) RARE Barefootin' soul $75.00
Paper Garden, The RARE The Paper Garden Presents ... pop $200.00
Parsons, Gram (RIP) GP country-rock $25.00
Parsons, Gram (RIP) Grievous Angel country-rock $25.00
Parsons, Gram (RIP) Gram Parsons country-rock $25.00
Parsons, Gram (RIP) Gram Parsons The Early Years 1963-1965 folk sold $40.00
Parsons, Gene Kindling country-rock $20.00
Passport Cross-Collateral progressive $9.00
Paul, Louis (ex-The Guiloteens) Reflections of the Way It Really Is pop $20.00
Pandamonium The Unreleased Album pop not for sale
Paxton, Tom Morning Again folk-rock $25.00
Payne, Freda Contact soul sold $20.00
Peace & Quiet Peace & Quiet rock sold $40.00
People's Victory Orchestra and Chorus, The  RARE The School rock $100.00
Perlitch, Michael  RARE Keyboard Tales progressive $100.00
Perrine, Pep RARE Live and In Person Humornucleous rock $150.00
Persuaders, The Thin Line Between Love and Hate soul yes
Persuaders, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me soul yes
Persuasions, The  We Still Ain't Got No Band soul yes
Perth County Conspiracy, The The Perth County Conspiracy Does Not Exist psych $80.00
Perth County Conspiracy, The The Perth County Conspiracy Alive psych $80.00
Phantom's Divine Comedy Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1 psych $100.00
Pickett, Bobby The Original Monster Mash bizarre $20.00
Pickettywitch Pickettywitch pop $20.00
Pinder, Michael (ex-Moody Blues) The Promise rock $10.00
Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (reissue) psych $15.00
Pink Lady Pink Lady pop yes
Pipkins, The The Pipkins bubblegum $30.00
Piranahs, The RARE Something's Fishy ... garage yes
Pirates, The MUST OWN LP   Out of Their Heads rock $20.00
Pittsburgh Steelers, The Whatever It Takes 1975 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers spoken word sold $20.00
Plain Jane Plain Jane psych $120.00
Plastic Penny RARE Two Sides of a Penny progressive sold $150.00
Plum Nelly RARE Deceptive Lines rock yes
Plus Seven Deadly Sins progressive yes
Poco Rose of Cimarron country-rock yes
POE Up Through the Spiral psych $80.00
Polland, Pamela (ex-Gentle Soul) Pamela Polland pop yes
Polyphony Without Introduction progressive $200.00
Porter, David Sweat and Love soul yes
Porter, David RARE Victim of the Joke soul yes
Portsmouth Sinfonia RARE The Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Classics bizarre no
Portsmouth Sinfonia RARE Hallelujah Live At the Royal Albert Hall bizarre no
Potliquor First Taste rock $32.00
Preston, Don Blusey rock $20.00
Price, Billy and the Keystone Rhythm Band They Found Me Guilty soul yes
Price, Alan (ex-Animals) Between Today and Yesterday rock $9.00
Price, Lloyd Music Music soul yes
Prior, Maddy Go For Glory rock $20.00
Prior, Maddy (and Tim Hart) Summer Solstice folk-rock yes
Procol Harum Procol Harum rock $25.00
Procol Harum A Salty Dog rock $20.00
Procol Harum Procol Harum rock $15.00
Procol Harum Broken Barricades rock $20.00
Procol Harum Grande Hotel rock $10.00
Purple Fox RARE Tribute To Jimi Hendrix psych $120.00
Puzzle RARE Puzzle rock $80.00
Q artists
Quatrain Quatrain rock sold $80.00
Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne's Lace pop sold $40.00
Quill, The The Quill psych $75.00
Quintet, The (ex-Sir Douglas Quintet) Future Tense rock sold $25.00
R artists
R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders, Number 2 bizarre sold $40.00
Racket Squad Corners of Your Mind psych $60.00
Radio Stars Songs for Swinging Lovers rock $9.00
Rattles, The Gun Mill rock yes


After the Storm psych sold $50.00
Rainbow Bridge Band A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix psych yes


Where? (In Conclusion) progressive sold $75.00
Ramases (RIP) MUST OWN LP   Space Hymns psych $80.00
Ramases (RIP) MUST OWN LP   Glass Top Coffin psych sold $75.00
Rare Bird Rare Bird progressive $15.00
Rare Bird Somebody's Watching progressive $15.00
Rascals, The Time Peace The Rascals Greatest Hits rock $9.00
Rascals, The Freedom Suite rock $25.00
Rascals, The Once Upon a Time rock $15.00
Rascals, The See rock $15.00
Rascals, The Search and Nearness rock $10.00
Rascals, The Peaceful World rock $15.00
Rattles, The Remember Finale Ligure rock $100.00
Rattles, The Gin Mill rock $30.00
Ray, Don The Garden of Love disco $9.00
Raye, Jerry and Fenwyck RARE The Many Sides of Jerry Raye featuring Fenwyck rock sold $300.00
Rayne  RARE Rayne rock sold $120.00
Rebecca and the Sunny Brook Farmers RARE Birth psych $200.00
Rebirth RARE Rebirth Christian psych $150.00
Red Squares, The RARE The Red Sqaures pop $100.00
Redbone Redbone rock $25.00
Redbone Potlatch rock $9.00
Redbone Come and Get Your Redbone rock $15.00
Redding, Otis (RIP) The Dock of the Bay soul $9.00
Redding, Otis (RIP) The Immortal Otis Redding soul sold $15.00
Redeye Redeye rock $9.00
Reed, Lou Metal Machine Music bizarre $50.00
Reed, Preston Playing By Ear folk yes
NEW Reid, Terry River rock $20.00
NEW Reid, Terry Rogue Waves rock $20.00
Reivers, The The End of the Day pop $9.00
Renaissance Ashes Are Burning progressive $10.00
Renwick, Tim Tim Renwick rock sold $20.00
Replacements, The Tim rock $10.00
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros rock $9.00
Rhodes, Emitt MUST OWN LP   Emit Rhodes pop $20.00
Rhodes, Emitt MUST OWN LP   The American Dream pop sold $10.00
Rhodes, Emitt MUST OWN LP   Mirror pop sold $15.00
Rhodes, Emitt MUST OWN LP   Farewell To Paradise pop sold $20.00
Rhythm Devils, The The Rhythm Devils Play River Music progressive $9.00
Richards, Turley Expression pop $20.00
Richards, Turley Therfu pop $10.00
Richardson Jr., Warren S. Warren S. Richardson Jr. rock $60.00
Roamin' Brothers, The  RARE Listen To the Silence Christian rock $80/00
Robbs, The The Robbs pop $40.00
Robert E. Lee Brigade, The  RARE Far Enough rock $150.00
Rockin Foo Rockin Foo rock $20.00
Rocky Fellers, The RARE Killer Joe pop $100.00
R-od-ys, The RARE Just Fancy rock sold $150.00
Ron and Shirley RARE Rock and Scroll rock $100.00
Root Boy Slim (RIP) Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band rock $20.00
Root Boy Slim (RIP) Zoom rock $10.00
Rosanova, Joe (and the Vineyard) Dedicated To the Ones We Love pop yes
Rose, Biff Children of Light pop yes
Ross, Jerry Symposium The Jerry Ross Symposium pop $15.00
Rubber City Rebels Rubber City Rebels punk/new wave sold $20.00
Rumour, The Frogs Sprouts Clogs and Krauts new wave $9.00
Rush, Merrilee (& the Turnabouts) Angel of the Morning pop $10.00
Rust RARE Come with Me psych $200.00
Rutherford, Mike (Genesis) Smallcreep's Day rock yes
NEW Ryan, Paul and Barry Hey Mr. Ryan pop $75.00
Ryder, Mitch The Detroit - Memphis Experiment rock $25.00
Ryder, Mitch Look Ma, No Wheels rock $10.00
S artists

St. James, Rod  

Has Anyone Seen the Superstar rock yes
Sacred Mushroom  RARE Sacred Mushroom psych $120.00
Sagittarius Present Tense pop $75.00
Sagittarius The Blue Marble pop $50.00
Sahm, Doug (RIP) Hell of a Spell rock $10.00
Sailor  RARE Sailor rock $80.00
NEW Sailor (UK band) Trouble pop $9.00
NEW Sailor (UK band) The Third Step pop $9.00
NEW Sailor (UK band) Dressed For Drowning pop $9.00
Sainte-Marie, Buffy It's My Way! folk $20.00
Saint Steven Over the Hills psych sold $100.00
Salem Mass  RARE Witch Burning psych sold $200.00
Sam & Dave Back at 'cha! soul sold $75.00
Sammy Sammy rock $25.00
Samudio, Sam (ex-Sam & the Shams) Sam, Hard and Heavy rock sold $15.00
Sanders, Ed (ex-Fugs) Beer Cans On the Moon rock sold $25.00 
Santa Fe  RARE The Good Country country-rock $150.00
Santa Fe Santa Fe country-rock sold $20.00 
Santana Amigos rock $5.00
Santana Moonflower rock $10.00
Sapphire Thinkers  RARE From Within psych $180.00
Sarofeen and Smoke Sarofeen and Smoke rock sold $40.00
Sarstedt, Peter Where Do You Go To My Lovely pop $9.00
Satan and Deciples Underground garage $150.00
Satterfield, Esther The Need To Be pop yes
Savage, Robert The Adventures of Robert Savage, Volume 1 rock yes
Savage Resurrection Savage Resurrection psych yes
NEW Savoy Brown Looking In blues-rock $10.00
NEW Savoy Brown A Step Forward blues-rock $10.00
NEW Savoy Brown The Best of Savoy Brown blues-rock $10.00
NEW Savoy Brown Make Me Sweat blues-rock $15.00
Schaubroeck, Armand A Lot of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck ... Dead! bizarre sold $80.00
Schwartz, Bernie The Wheel rock sold $75.00
Scorpion  RARE Scorpion psych $200.00
Scott, Peggy (and Jo Jo Benson) Soulshake soul $25.00
Screamin' Jay Hawkins What That Is! soul $40.00
Screams, The The Screams rock sold $9.00
Searchers, The The New Searchers LP rock $20.00
Searchers, The Searchers rock $15.00
Searchers, The Love's Melodies rock $15.00
Sensational Alex Harvey Band The Impossible Dream (US pressing) rock $25.00
Sensational Alex Harvey Band The Impossible Dream (UK pressing) rock $25.00
Serpent Power Serpent Power psych sold $100.00
Session II Session II jazz $10.00
Seventh Dawn Sunrise (reissue) folk-rock sold $125.00
Shades of Blue, The Happiness Is the Shades of Blue pop yes
Shape of the Rain  RARE  Riley, Riley, Wood and Waggett rock $350.00
Shannon, Del (RIP 1990) RARE The Further Adventures of Charles Westover psych $100.00
NEW Sharks First Water rock $15.00
NEW Sharks Jab It In Yore Eye rock $15.00
Sharpe, John E. (and the Squires) Maybelline garage $400.00
Sheridan/Price  RARE This Is To Certify That ... pop yes
Ship, The A Contemporary Folk Music Journey folk $35.00
Shocking Blue At Home rock $40.00
Shocking Blue Scorpio's Dance rock $40.00
Shocking Blue Live In Japan rock $75.00
Shocking Blue Shocking Blue rock sold $10.00
Shocking Blue Atilla rock $40.00
Shocking Blue Ham rock $75.00
Shocking Blue Inkpot rock $40.00
Shocking Blue Venus rock sold $10.00
Short Cross  RARE Arising psych $180.00
Silk Smooth As Raw Silk rock $35.00
Silver Apples Silver Apples progressive $50.00
Silver Apples Contact progressive $75.00
Silver Condor Trouble At Home rock $9.00
Simon Caine Simon Caine rock $75.00
Simon, Joe The Sounds of Simon soul $15.00
Simone, Nina (RIP 2003) Black Gold soul sold $30.00
Simpson, Valerie Keep It Coming soul $10.00
Sinners, Les  RARE Sinnerismes (Rusticana) pop $100.00
Sinners, Les  RARE Sinnerismes (Jupiter) pop $100.00
Sinners, Les  RARE Vox Populi psych $150.00
Sinners, Les  RARE Sinners rock $100.00
Sinners, Les ? pop $20.00
NEW Sir Douglas Band, The Texas Tornado rock $15.00
NEW Sir Douglas Quintet, The Rio Medina rock $30.00
Sir Henry & His Butlers  RARE Sir Henry & His Butlers Are Serving You rock yes
Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come rock $100.00
Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore rock $75.00
Sirius (ex-Bubble Puppy / Demian) Rising rock $100.00
Skip and the Creations MOBAM garage $300.00
Slickee Boys, The Uh Oh ... No Breaks! rock yes
Sledge, Percy Warm & Tender Soul soul $20.00
Sledge, Percy The Best of Percy Sledge soul $10.00
Sledge, Percy I'll Be Your Everything soul $15.00
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow rock $100.00
Small Faces, The Playmates rock $6.00
Smith, Bob  RARE The Visit psych $200.00
Smith Connection, The Under My Wings soul $80.00
Smoke, The  RARE The Smoke psych sold $150.00
Smoke Rise A Rock Opera The Survival of St. Joan rock sold $40.00
Smokestack Lightenin' Off the Wall blue-eyed soul $40.00
SMUBBS, The This Is the End of the Night! rock $50.00 
Soccio, Gino Closer disco sold $10.00
SOD Face the Music rock sold $25.00
Soft Machine, The The Soft Machine progressive sold $75.00
Sorts, The More There rock $30.00
Soundsations, The  RARE Shout garage sold $300.00
South Shore Commission South Shore Commission soul $25.00
Souther, J.D. Home By Dawn country-rock $9.00
Spanky and Our Gang Without Rhyme or Reason b/w Anything You Chose pop $15.00
Special Delivery Special Delivery soul $40.00
Spectrum, The  RARE The Light Is Dark Enough pop $200.00
Spencer Davis Group, The Heavies rock $8.00
Spencer Davis Group, The  RARE Funky rock $100.00
Spiffys, The  RARE The Spiffys  garage $200.00
Spiffys, The  RARE The Spiffys 68 garage $300.00
Spirit Spirit rock $8.00
Spirit The Family That Plays Together rock $8.00
Spirit Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus rock $8.00
Spirit Son of Spirit rock $10.00
Spooky Tooth The Mirror rock $10.00
Spring (UK)  RARE Spring progressive $350.000
NEW Spring (US)  RARE Spring pop $120.00
Springfield, Dusty (RIP 1999) A Brand New Me soul $10.00
Springfield, Dusty (RIP 1999) Living Without Your Love pop $10.00
SRC SRC psych sold $80.00
SRC Milestones psych sold $75.00
SRC Traveler's Tale psych $50.00
Stackridge Stackridge rock $20.00
Stained Glass Crazy Horse Road rock sold $80.00
Stained Glass Aurora rock $150.00
Stamford Bridge  RARE The First Day of Your Life pop $150.00
Staple Singers, The Swing Low Sweet Chariot Gospel sold $20.00
Staple Singers, The Be What You Are soul $10.00
Staple Singers, The Unlock Your Mind soul $10.00
Staple Singers, The Family Tree soul $9.00
Staple Singers, The Turning Point soul $9.00
Staples, Mavis Only for the Lonely soul $25.00
Staples, Mavis Oh What a Feeling soul $9.00
Staples, Mavis Time Waits for No One soul $9.00
Staples, Pops Pops Staples soul $9.00
Stark, Peter  RARE Mushroom Country psych yes
Stark Naked Stark Naked psych $50.00
Starr, Edwin (RIP) Free To Be Myself soul $25.00
Starr, Edwin and Blinky (RIP) Just We Two soul yes
Starry Eyed & Laughing Starry Eyed & Laughing pop $25.00
Starry Eyed & Laughing Thought Talk pop sold $35.00
NEW Staton Brothers Band, The The Staton Brothers Band rock $20.00
NEW Staton, Candi Stand By Your Man soul $35.00
Status Quo Pictures of Matchstick Men psych $50.00
Status Quo Status Quo rock $20.00
Status Quo Status Quo Live rock $20.00
Status Quo Rocking All Over the World rock $10.00
Steam Steam pop yes
Stec, Joey Joey Stec pop yes
Steeleye Span Steeleye Span Live At Last! folk-rock yes
Steely Dan  RARE You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It Or You'll Lose that Beat (1971 original) rock $40.00
Steely Dan  RARE You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It Or You'll Lose that Beat (1978 reissue) rock $30.00
Steely Dan  RARE + Fours rock sold $35.00
Steppeulvene  RARE Hip rock sold $100.00
Stewart, Eric (ex-10 C.C.) Frooty Rooties rock $110.00
Stewart, John The Phoenix Concerts folk $20.00
Stone, Jade (& Luv)  RARE Mosiacs psych yes
Stone, Sly Sly Stone Recorded In San Francisco 1964-1967 soul sold $35.00
Stone Circus  RARE The Stone Circus psych $300.00
Stone Harbour  RARE Emerges psych $600.00
Stone the Crow Ontinuous Performance rock $20.00
Storch, Jeremy (ex-Vagrants) From a Naked Window rock sold $25.00
Storch, Jeremy (ex-Vagrants) 40 Miles Past Woodstock rock $25.00
Streetwalkers Vicious But Fair rock yes
String Driven Thing String Driven Thing rock $20.00
NEW  String Driven Thing The Machine That Cried rock $35.00
Stuart, Alice Believing rock $10.00
Stud Stud blues-rock sold $150.00
NEW  Stud September blues-rock $90.00
Stud Goodbye Live At the Command  blues-rock sold $30.00
NEW  Sturges, Jeff (and Universe) Jeff Sturges and Universe rock $25.00
Stylistics, The MUST OWN LP   Round 2 soul $8.00
Stylistics, The Thank You Baby soul $8.00
Stylistics, The Hurry Up This Way Again soul $10.00
Sugar Bears, The Presenting the Sugar Bears pop $75.00
Sugar Creek  RARE Please Tell a Friend psych $200.00
Sugar Cube Blues Band Sugar Cube Blues Band psych yes
Sullivan, Tom If You Could See What I Hear pop $9.00
Sultans, Les  RARE Les Sultans garage $120.00
Sultans, Les  RARE Express garage $120.00
Sultans, Les  RARE Les Sultans en Personne a Starovan garage $100.00
Sum Pear Sum Pear psych $100.00
Sumac, Yma  RARE Miracles bizarre $75.00
Summer Sounds, The Up-Down garage $100.00
Summerhill  RARE Summerhill rock $80.00
Sunshine Company, The Sunshine & Shadows pop $15.00
Supertramp Supertramp progressive $8.00
Supertramp Crime of the Century progressive $5.00
Supertramp Crises, What Crises! progressive $5.00
Supremes, The Touch soul yes
Supremes, The The Supremes soul yes
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Reach for the Sky pop $10.00
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Sailing pop $10.00
Swamp Dogg  RARE Total Destruction To Your Mind soul sold $100.00
Swamp Dogg Rat On! soul $30.00
Swamp Dogg Swamp Dogg's Greatest Hits? soul $30.00
Swamp Dogg Cuffed Collared & Tied soul $20.00
Swamp Dogg Finally Caught Up with Myself soul $25.00
Swamp Dogg I'm Not Selling Out, I'm Buying In soul $25.00
Swamp Dogg I Called for a Rope and They threw Me a Rock soul $25.00
Swampgas  RARE Swampgas rock yes
Sweet Marie  RARE Sweet Marie 1 rock $120.00
Sweet Marie  RARE Stuck In Paradise rock sold $100.00
Sweet Pants  RARE Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants psych yes
Sweet Rush Living On Giving rock $75.00
Sweet Stavin Chain Sweet Stavin Chain blues-rock sold $70.00
Sweet Toothe  RARE Testing rock yes

Swift Rain RARE

Coming Down rock sold $95.00
Swimming Pool Q's, The The Deep End rock $10.00
Swiss Movement, The It's Time for the Swiss Movement soul $40.00
Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops new wave $15.00
Szabo, Gabor (RIP 1982) Macho jazz-rock $20.00
T artists
T.2  RARE It'll All Work Out In Boomland progressive $150.00
T. Swift and His Electric Bag Are You Experienced psych $75.00
T.C. Atlantic  RARE Recorded Live at the Bel-Rae Ballroom garage yes
T.S. Truck  RARE T.S. Truck rock sold $150.00
T-Rex T-Rex rock yes
T-Rex Slider rock yes
Tabor, June Ashes and Diamonds folk yes
Talbert, Wayne Dues To Pay rock yes
Tams, The Time for the Tams soul $9.00
Tangerine Dream Phaedra progressive $9.00
Tangerine Dream Zeit (double LP) progressive $15.00
Tangerine Dream Force Majeure progressive $7.00
Tangerine Peel Soft Delights pop $100.00
Tangerine Zoo  RARE Tangerine Zoo psych $170.00
Tangerine Zoo  RARE Outside Looking In psych $200.00
Taste (Rory Gallagher RIP) Taste blues-rock $30.00
Taste (Rory Gallagher RIP) On the Boards blues-rock $30.00
Taste (Rory Gallagher RIP) Taste Live blues-rock sold $30.00
Taste (Rory Gallagher RIP) Taste Live At the Isle of Wright blues-rock sold $30.00
Tayles, The Whoaretheseguys rock yes
Taylor, Alex (RIP) With Friends and Neighbors rock $9.00
Taylor, Alex (RIP) With Friends and Neighbors rock $9.00
Taylor, Allan Sometimes rock $25.00
Taylor, Bobby Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers soul $60.00
Taylor, Debbie Comin' Down On You soul $50.00
Taylor, Kate Sister Kate rock $8.00
Taylor, Kate Kate Taylor rock $9.00
Tea & Symphony  RARE An Asylum for the Musically Insane progressive $300.00
Tea Company, The Come and Have Some Tea with the Tea Company psych $70.00
Tee Set, The Join The Tea Set pop $100.00
Tempchin, Jack Jack Tempchin rock $10.00
Temptations, The The Temptations Sing Smokey Robinson soul $10.00
Ten Wheel Drive (Genya Ravan) Peculiar Friends rock $15.00
Ten Years After Ten Years After blues-rock $40.00
Ten Years After Undead blues-rock $8.00
Ten Years After Stonedhenge blues-rock $20.00
Ten Years After Ssssh blues-rock $10.00
Ten Years After Cricklewood Green blues-rock $20.00
Terence (Terry Black) An Eye for An Ear rock yes
Terrell, Jean (ex-The Supremes) I Had To Fall In Love soul $20.00
These Trails RARE These Trails psych SOLD $220.00
Tetes Blanches, Les RARE Voici Les Têtes Blanches!! garage $80.00
Tex, Joe Hold On! It's Joe Tex soul $80.00
Tex, Joe Live and Lively soul $40.00
NEW  Tex, Joe Spills the Beans soul $15.00
Thin Lizzy Fighting rock $15.00
Thin Lizzy Life - Live rock $15.00
Thomas, Carla The Queen Alone soul SOLD $15.00
Thomas, Carla Love Means ... soul $9.00
Thompson, Don RARE Jupiter folk $150.00
Thompson, Richard Small Town Romance folk $10.00
Thorinshield Thorinshield psych $40.00
Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream rock $25.00
Thundertree RARE Thundertree psych $125.00 
Tiffany Shade RARE Tiffany Shade psych $200.00
Tino and the Revlons RARE By Request at the Sway-zee Dearborn $150.00
Titus Groan RARE Titus Groan progressive $100.00
Titus Oates Jungle Lady rock review only
Toad RARE Toad blues-rock $150.00
Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove rock $40.00
Tony's Tygers RARE Little By Little pop $150.00
Tosh, Peter (RIP) Legalize It reggae $10.00
Tosh, Peter (RIP) Bush Doctor reggae $10.00
Tosh, Peter (RIP) Mystic Man reggae $8.00
Tosh, Peter (RIP) Wanted Dread & Alive reggae $9.00
Tosh, Peter (RIP) Peter Tosh Captured Live reggae $8.00
Touch RARE Street Suite psych $150.00
Touch of Class I'm In Heaven soul $20.00
Toussaint, Allen Southern Nights soul $25.00
Town Criers, The #4 rock $75.00
Toy Factory Toy Factory pop sold $25.00
Trace Trace progressive $10.00
Tractor RARE Tractor psych sold $250.00
Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die rock $10.00
Traffic Lowe Spark of High Heeled Boys rock $10.00
Traffic On the Road rock $10.00
Traffic When the Eagle Flies rock $10.00
Train Costumed Cuties rock $80.00
Tramline Somewhere Down the Road blues-rock $60.00
Trapeze The Final Swing rock $10.00
Trois, Chuck Chuck Trois & the National Band rock $50.00
Troll Animated Music psychedelic sold $75.00
Trower, Robin For Earth Below rock $8.00
Trower, Robin Robin Trower Live rock $8.00
Trower, Robin Long Misty Days rock $6.00
Trower, Robin Passion rock $12.00
Truth Truth rock $50.00
Truth and Janey  RARE No Rest for the Wicked psychedelic $320.00
Tucker, Mark In the Sack real person / bizarre $75.00
Turner, Ike and Tina The World of Ike and Tina Live! soul $20.00
Turner, Velvert Group  RARE Turner Velvert Group psychedelic $150.00
Turnquist Remedy  RARE Iowa By the Sea rock $100.00
Tweddle, Charlie  RARE Fantastic (Greatest Hits by Eilrahc, Edleedwt) bizarre $500.00
NEW  Twilighters, The Both Sides of the Twilighters pop $70.00
Twilley, Dwight Jungle rock $8.00
U artists
U.S. Apple Corps U.S. Apple Corps Christian rock $40.00
NEW  Ultra Violet Ultra Violet bizarre $100.00
Undisputed Truth, The Higher Than High soul $15.00
Undisputed Truth, The Cosmic Truth soul sold $15.00
Uniques, The Uniquely Yours garage $50.00
Unifics, The Sittin' In At the Court of Love soul $20.00
NEW  Upp This Way Upp soul $15.00
Upset, The Sunshine pop $50.00
Uriah Heep Very 'eavy, Very 'Umble rock $20.00
Uriah Heep Innocent Victim rock $9.00
Uriah Heep Fallen Angel rock $10.00
Utopia (Todd Rundgren) Ra progressive $5.00
Utopia (Todd Rundgren) Utopia rock $8.00
V artists
Van Der Graff Generator The Grey Aerosol Machine progressive yes
Van Dykes, The Tellin' It Like It Is soul $100.00
Van Peebles, Melvin What the ... You Mean I Can't Sing soul $35.00
Variations, The  RARE Dig em Up! garage $350.00
various artists Goofy Gold pop sold $25.00
various artists Ocean Drive, Volume III soul $10.00
various artists Original Soundtrack The Magic Christian rock $20.00
various artists Music and Rhythm world music yes
various artists Epitaph for a Legend garage $80.00
various artists The Living Word, Wattstax, Vol. 2 soul $20.00
various artists Zapped! bizarre $25.00
Vegas, Pat and Lolly Pat & Lolly Vegas At the Haunted House garage $50.00
Velez, Martha Escape from Babylon reggae $20.00
Vibrations, The Shout! soul yes
Victims of Chance  RARE Goin' Home Blues country-rock $150.00
Victoria The Secret of the Bloom folk-rock sold $20.00
Victoria Victoria folk-rock sold $20.00
Vitous, Miroslav  (ex-Weather Report) Magical Shepherd jazz-rock $20.00
W artists

David Wagner   (ex-Crow)

David Wagner d/b/a Crow rock yes
Wahonka Wahonka pop $20.00
Wailers, The Outburst! rock

sold $75.00

Wailers, The Walk Thru the People psych


Walsh, Joe Got Any Gum rock


Wammack, Travis Not for Sale rock


Wanka  RARE The Orange Album rock


Warm Dust Warm Dust progressive

sold $100.00

Washington Redskins, The Play-By-Play Highlights of the 1972-1973 Season spoken word

sold $25.00

Waterboys, The MUST OWN LP  Fisherman's Blues folk-rock $6.00
Watersons, The Green Fields folk $20.00
We All Together We All Together rock $100.00
Weigaltown Elemental Band Don't Hurt Yourself rock $100.00
Weight  RARE One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweat Hog rock $100.00
Wendy & Bonnie  RARE Genesis psych sold $150.00
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Part 1 psych $100.00
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Volume 3: A Child's Guide To Good and Evil psych $110.00
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Where's My Daddy? psych $80.00
NEW  Weston, Kim For the First Time soul $15.00
Wetton Manzanera Wetton Manzanera rock $10.00
Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey, Etc. psych $120.00
White, Chris (ex-Zombies) Mouth Music pop $50.00
White, Tony Joe The Train I'm On rock $15.00
White, Tony Joe The Real Thang rock $10.00
White, Tony Joe Dangerous rock $5.00
White Witch White Witch rock sold $25.00
White Witch A Spiritual Greeting rock $25.00
Whitley, Dan  RARE In Search of Justus psych $120.00
Who, The A Quick One / The Who Sell Out rock $15.00
Who, The Magic Bus - The Who On Tour rock yes
Who, The Tommy rock $15.00
Who, The Live At Leeds rock $40.00
Wild Butter Wild Butter psych $60.00
Wildweeds, The The Wildweeds country-rock $40.00
Williamson, Robin (ex-ISB) Journey's Edge folk $15.00
Wilkinson Tri-Cycle  RARE Wilkinson Tri-Cycle psych $90.00
Wilson, Al Looking for the Dolphins soul $.00
Wilson, Dennis (RIP) Pacific Ocean Blue rock sold $75.00
Wilson, Little Kenny Flying Together and Other Short Subjects rock $50.00
Wilson, Little Kenny Fill In the Measure rock $50.00
Winstons, The Color Him Father soul $50.00
Winter, Edgar The Edgar Winter Album rock yes
NEW  Wishful Thinking Live Vol 1 pop $80.00
NEW  Witch Lazy Bones !! psych $105.00
Wizard  RARE The Original Wizard psych sold $300.00
World Party Private Revolution rock $5.00
Wray, Link Bullshot rock yes
Wright, Betty Travelin' In the Wright Circles soul yes
Wright, Gary (Spooky Tooth) Extraction rock $20.00
Wright, Gary (Spooky Tooth) Footprint rock $20.00
Wyatt, Robert  (Soft Machine) Rock Bottom progressive $50.00
Wyatt, Robert  (Soft Machine) Nothing Can Stop Us progressive $25.00
Wyoming  RARE In Prison rock yes
X artists
Xit Plight of the Redman rock $25.00
Xit Silent Warrior rock $15.00
XTC Go To rock $10.00
XTC Skylarkin' rock $6.00
Y artists
Yankee Dollar, The RARE The Yankee Dollar psych $150.00
Yanovsky, Zal (ex- Lovin' Spoonfull) Alive and Well In Argentina rock sold $35.00
Yellow Balloon, The The Yellow Balloon pop yes
Yellow Hand Yellow Hand rock $48.00
Yellow Payges, The The Yellow Payges pop yes
Yesterday's Children  RARE Yesterday's Children rock $200.00
Yost, Dennis  (ex-Classics IV) Going Through the Motions pop $15.00
Young, Jesse Colin On the Road rock yes
Young Hearts, The  RARE Sweet Soul Shakin' soul sold $75.00
Young, Neil On the Beach rock yes
Z artists
Zager & Evans Zager & Evans rock $15.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) We're Only In It for the Money progressive $30.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Absolutely Free progressive $30.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Cruising with Ruben & the Jets progressive $30.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Cruising with Ruben & the Jets progressive $30.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Hot Rats  progressive $25.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Mothers Live at the Fillmore East June '71  progressive $15.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Soundtrack "200 Motels"  progressive $50.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Waka/Jawaka  progressive $20.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Just Another Band from L.A.  progressive $15.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Overnite Sensation  progressive $10.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) One Size Fits All  progressive $10.00
Zappa, Frank (RIP) Bongo Fury progressive sold $15.00
Zavaroni, Lena (RIP) Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me pop yes
Zerfas Zerfas rock review only
Zig Zag People, The The Zig Zag People Take Bubble Gum Music Underground psych sold $40.00
Zodiac, The Cosmic Sounds of the Zodiac psych sold $40.00
Zoldar & Clark  RARE Zoldar & Clark progressive sold $150.00
Zombies, The MUST OWN LP  Odessey & Oracle psych $60.00
Zombies, The Time of the Zombies psych $20.00
Zombies, The The Zombies Live On the BBC 1965-67 psych $15.00
Zoo, The  RARE The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose psych $200.00
Zuider Zee Zuider Zee rock sold $40.00
ZZ Top Rio Grande Mud rock $10.00
ZZ Top World Wide Texas Tour rock sold $25.00

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