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Abner Jay The Backbone of America is a Mule and Cotton Brandie SoN 122161 19?? VG+ VG+ $100.00
The last of the American minstrels ...

Alien City Alien City Dog Star DSP 1945 1979 VG VG $120.00
Read the detailed review ... too bizarre to describe here.

America Is Hard To Find America Is Hard To FInd Multi-Trax ZB-176 1970 VG VG $100.00
Daniel Berrigan reciting poetry backed with a weird rock mass.

Arcesia Reachin' Nine Little Indians none 1987 NM NM $150.00
High quality boot of the impossibly rare Johnny Arcesi's early 1970s real people masterpiece.  See detailed review.

Baldwin, Gary and Mass Murder If I Could Only Play Piano Airhole A.H. 00001 1979 VG VG SOLD
Easily one of the weirdest LPs in my collection.  See the detailed review.

Braddock, J. Leland Evil Is On My Mind Live Bears! none 1988 VG VG $140.00
Bizarre Mississippi-based real person bluesman ...  Too weird for most folks, but real people devotees may find this one interesting.

Brennan, J.D. Pot of Gold Scyne VPAG3625 1984 VG+ VG+ $50.00
Boston eccentric.  See detailed review.

Brown, Bobby The Enlightening Beam of Axonda Destiny DR 2004 1972 VG VG SOLD
California-based one man band with a haunting and surprisingly captivating debut ... 

Brown, Bobby Live Destiny DR-4001 1978 VG VG SOLD
California-based one man band with a haunting and surprisingly captivating debut ... 

Brown, Bobby Prayers for a One Man Band Destiny DR-2002 1982 VG VG SOLD
His third and (as far as I know) last studio set ...  love to know what happened to the talented Mr. Brown.

Buddy Odor Stop Buddy Odor Is a Gas! Ariola ARL 5054 1980 VG+ VG+ $15.00
Hans Vandenburg solo effort (though it features most of Gruppo Sportivo).

Burchette, Wilburn Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness Ebso O.S. 0001 1972 VG VG $100.00
New age-ish instrumentals (see detailed review).

Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid Reprise MS-2050 1972 VG VG $25.00
The Captain goes commercial ... yes the term is used loosely.

Captain Beefheart Clear Spot Reprise MS-2115 1972 VG VG SOLD
Includes the clear outer cover

Captain Beefheart Bluejeans and Moonbeams Mercury SRM-1-1018 1974 VG VG $10.00
Critics hate it, but I don't think it's nearly that bad.

Cheech and Chong Cheech and Chong Ode SP-77010 1971 VG VG $5.00
Their debut hasn't aged all that well, though there are a couple of giggles here and there.

Firesign Theatre, The Presents Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him Columbia CS-9518 1968 VG VG $10.00
Their debut (and one of their best). 

Firesign Theatre, The Dear Friends Columbia KG-31099 1972 VG VG $10.00
Double LP set drawn from their syndicated radio show. 

Firesign Theatre, The Forward Into the Past Columbia 34391 1976 VG VG $15.00
Double LP retrospective. 

Gregory, Dick Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side Poppy PYS-60001 1969 VG VG $25.00
Double LP set, complete with original poster in perfect shape.

Hot Poop Does Their Own Stuff ! Hot Poop HPS 3072 1971 VG VG $150.00
Read the detailed review ...

Hyman, Dick The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman Command 938-S 1969 VG VG $25.00
Early Moog tinkling, though 'The Minotaur' was a hit ...

Kaplan Brothers, The The Universal Sounds of the Kaplan Brothers Kap none 1968 VG+ VG+ $250.00
Lots of folks think their third release is the creative jewel.  I'm not so sure that it isn't actually this debut set.

Kaplan Brothers, The The Kaplan Brothers Kap none 197? VG+ VG+ $250.00
Their second album finds them working as a trio with equally attractive results.

Kaplan Brothers, The Nightbird Quinton Music none 1978 VG+ VG+ $250.00
One of the holy grails in real people music ... includes a signed promo photo.

Linnegar, Steve Karate Moves GNP Crescendo GNPS 2716 1985 NM NM $100.00
Still sealed ...

Love Is a Heart-On Love Is a Heart-On Heavy Music HS-1111 1970 VG VG+ $80.00
Psych-porn ... read the detailed review ...

Meco The Wizard of Oz Millennium MNLP-8009 1979 VG+ VG+ $9.00
Disco madness !!!

Monty Python's Flying Circus Monty Python's Flying Circus Pye PYE-12116 1970 VG+ VG+ $15.00
The best bits from the television series (though they appear to be rerecorded for the album).

Monty Python's Flying Circus Monty Python's Flying Circus BBC BBC-22073 1970 VG+ VG+ $15.00
UK pressing with different liner notes.

Monty Python's Flying Circus Another Monty Python Records Charisma CAS-1049 1971 VG VG $15.00
Funnier than the debut since the material is more appropriate for vinyl grooves.

National Lampoon Radio Dinner Blue Thumb BTS-38 1972 VG VG $12.00
Their debut and best release.  Worth it just for the Lennon bitch-slap 'Magical Misery Tour'.

National Lampoon Missing White House Tapes Blue Thumb BTS-6008 1974 VG VG $12.00
Hasn't aged all that well ...

National Lampoon That's Not Funny, That's Sick Label 21 IMP 2001 1977 VG VG $20.00
Less political, but more obscene.

Nimoy, Leonard Outer Space/Inner Minds Famous Twinset PAS-2-1030 1974 VG VG $40.00
Double album compilation pulling together the bulk of his 1967 debut "Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space" with a bizarre series of rock covers from latter releases.

Pickett, Bobby The Original Monster Mash Parrot XPAS 71063 1973 VG+ VG+ $20.00
1973 reissue of the original LP.

Portsmouth Sinfonia The Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays the Popular Classics Columbia PC-33049 1974 VG VG $90.00
Brian Eno and company with a series of performances that no music lover should be without ...

Portsmouth Sinfonia Hallelujah Live At the Royal Albert Hall Traditional TRA 285 1976 VG VG $50.00
Okay, not quite the killer calibre of the debut, but still pretty bizarre and enjoyable.

Radner, Gilda (RIP) Gilda Radner Live from New York Warner Brothers HS-3220 1979 NM NM $7.00
Probably the funniest solo venture by any of the original Saturday Night Live cast - that is until you remember that she's no longer with us.

Reed, Lou Metal Machine Music RCA Victor CPL2-1101 1975 VG VG $50.00
Never been able to listen to all four sides in one sitting ...

Roamin' Brothers Listen To the Music FEL 552 1970 VG+ VG+ $80.00
Don't listen to the dealer hype.  It ain't Christian psych ...  Still in shrink wrap.

Schaubroeck, Armand A Lot of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck ... Dead! Mirror -- 1978 VG VG SOLD
Triple album concept set ... some of the most painful confessional stuff you'll ever hear.

Session II Session II Yamaha YDD-7901 1977 VG VG $10.00
Odd, but entertaining jazz-rock set put out by Yamaha as a showcase for their instruments.  

Sumac, Yma Miracles London XPS-608 1972 VG VG $75.00
Peru's Sumac goes rock and roll with suitably weird results.

Tucker, Mark In the Sack Tetrapods Spools EDS-64009 1982 VG VG $75.00
Read the review ... I can't even begin to describe it ...

various artists Zapped! Bizarre PRO 368 1970 VG VG $25.00
Various artists sampler from Zappa's Biazarre/Straight catalog.  See detailed review.

Ultra Violet Ultra Violet Capitol ST-11244 1974 VG VG $100.00
Yes, she was one of Warhol's sidekicks.  Check out the detailed review.

Zavaroni, Lena Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me Stax STS-5511 1974 VG VG $10.00
A ten year old Scottish girl easily makes for one of the strangest offerings released on the Stax catalog ... 

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