Band members               Related acts

- Tony Bourn -- lead guitar

- Paula Connors - background vocals

- Nohelani Cypriano -- background vocals

- Dennis Graue -- keyboards, synthesizers, percussion

- Butch Jensen -- bass

- Arthur Michael Joao -- vocals, guitar

- Walter Rickard -- drums

- Howard Shapiro -- vocals, guitar

- John Tsukano -- steel string guitar

- Roscoe Wright -- drums



- none known





Genre: folk-rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Lead Me To the Garden

Company: Kumuna

Catalog: KM-1001

Year: 1980

Country/State: Hawaii

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: gatefold sleeve; inner lyric sleeve is signed by band member; Arthur Michael Joao

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4924

Price: $150.00



Having seen different reviews that variously described this album as folky, hippy, trippy, and simply dull, I frankly had no idea what to expect from this one ... 


Aina was the brainchild of singer/guitarists Michael Joao and Howard Shapiro.  Apparently a vanity project released in small quantities on the small Kumuna label, 1980's "Lead Me To the Garden" was recorded at Hawaii's Audisse & Broad Studios.  Shapiro produced the album and penned four of the 14 tracks with Joao responsible for the other ten tracks.  Both men handled lead vocals, with Jaoa the better of the two.  While the album had a distinctive '70s vibe, forget all that crap you read about acid folk, psych, etc. influences.  Pure dealer hype.  Tracks such as 'The Harmony Song', 'Insouled In You' and 'Winds Of God' actually showcased a distinctive religious agenda, though thankfully most of the material avoided a hard sell attack for a more subtle approach.  Elsewhere tracks like 'Shine On, Humble, Home' and 'Your Light' occasionally recalled something Seals and Crofts, or perhaps America might have recorded had they abandoned the mainland for a life in the islands.  With the exception of a couple of social and political statements, notably Shapiro's atypical rocker 'Nuclear Power', 'Many Roads' (which sported some cheesy synthesizers) and Jaoa's ' America Be One Man' it was all quite pretty and quite forgettable.


"Lead Me To the Garden" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) The Harmony Song   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

2.) Shine On, Humble, Home   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

3.) Your Light   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

4.) Insouled In You   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

5.) Path Of Heart   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

6.) Nuclear Power   (Howard Shapiro) - 

7.) America Be One Man   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 


(side 2)
Many Roads   (Howard Shapiro) - 

2.) Winds Of God   (Howard Shapiro) - 

3.) Morning Star   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

4.) Light Of Me   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

5.) Arms Of Soul   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 

6.) The Road To Go   (Howard Shapiro) - 

7.) Lead Me To The Garden   (Arthur Michael Jaoa) - 





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