Area Code 615

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- David Briggs - keyboards (replaced Ken Lauber) (1969-70)

- Kenny Buttrey -- drums, percussion (1969-70)

- Mac Gayden -- guitar (1969-70)

- Charlie McCoy -- harmonica (1969-70)

- Ken Lauber -- keyboards (1969-70)

- Wayne Moss -- guitar (1969-70)

- Weldon Myrick -- steel guitar (1969-70)

- Norbert Putnam -- bass (1969-70)

- Bobby Thomson -- banjo (1969-70)

- Pete Wade -- dobro (1969-70)




- Barefoot Jerry (Wayne Moss)





Genre: country-rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Trip In the Country

Company: Polydor

Catalog: 24-4025

Year: 1969

Country/State: Nashville, Tennessee

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 5186

Price: $14.00


Remember the first Rolling Stone album guide (the red one), well this was one of the first LPs I ever bought based entirely on a review ...   


Though virtually unknown to rock fans, the members of Nashville's Area Code 615 (the name a reflection of where Cinderella Studios were located), were true sessions superstars having played individually on hundreds of albums spanning the musical spectrum from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan.  


Formed in 1969, the group's self-titled debut showcased an interesting mixture of originals and then popular covers.  An all instrumental set, the collection offered up a nifty mixture of musical styles and idioms including blues, country, and rock. Some folks have labeled it country.  While there were clearly country influences (just look at the instrumental line up), that wasn't an accurate description since tracks like ''Ruby and 'Nashville 9 - N.Y. 1' showcased a distinctive blues and rock feel.  Serving as an example of their unique hybrids the group's covers of 'Hey Jude' and 'Lady Madonna' mixed country, blues and rock into a surprisingly impressive stew.  Musically "Trip In the Country" was probably a little too eclectic for it to ever get airplay, though all eleven tracks served as a wonderful showcase for the member's individual talents. Standout players included guitarist Mac Gayden and the band's rhythm section - drummer Kenny Buttrey and bassist Norman Putnam.  Polydor also tapped the album for a pair of US singles: 


- 'Southern Comfort' b/w 'Ruby' (Polydor catalog number 56546)  

- 'Why Ask Why' b/w '' (Polydor catalog number PD-14012)


(By the way, judging by the back cover, Cinderella Studios were little more than a converted backyard garage.)


"Trip In the Country" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Southern Comfort (instrumental) - 3:45

2.) I've Been Loving You Too Long (instrumental) - 2:29

3.) Hey Jude  (instrumental)  (John Lennon - Paul McCartney) - 5:15

4.) Nashville 9 - N.Y. 1 (instrumental) - 4:18

5.) Lady Madonna (instrumental)   (John Lennon - Paul McCartney) - 1:59


(side 2)
1.) Ruby (instrumental) - 3:30

2.) Medley: Crazy Arms / Get Back (instrumental) - 0:35

3.) Why Ask Why (instrumental) - 3:15

4.) Lil' Maggie (instrumental) - 4:05

5.) Classical Gas (instrumental)   (Mason Williams) - 2:48

6.) Just Like a Woman (instrumental)   (Bob Dylan) - 3:45


Moss went on to form Barefoot Jerry while Briggs, Gayden and Putnam went on to considerable success as producers.