Autumn People

Band members               Related acts

- Steve Barazza -- drums, vocals (1976)

- Larry Clark -- vocals, guitar (1976)

- Danny Poff -- keyboards, vocals (1976)

- Cliff Spiegel -- bass, vocals (1976)




- none known




Genre: progressive

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Autumn People

Company: Soundtech

Catalog: SO -3020

Year: 1976

Country/State: USA, Phoenix Arizona

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: someone wrote a "321" in magic marker along the top left corner (see cover picture); gatefold sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4157

Price: $250.00

Cost: $157.00


I haven't been able to find a great deal of biographical information on this short-lived quartet.  From the album liner notes I know the line up consisted of drummer Steve Barazza, guitarist Larry Clark, keyboard player Danny Poff and bassist Cliff Spiegel. We also know their sole LP, 1976's self-produced "Autumn People" was recorded at Soundtech Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.


To be honest, the first time I cued this up the synthesizer opening to "Rock and Roll Fantasie" left us wondering what kind of hype we'd bought into. Not to be unkind, but visions of warmed over Asia-wannabes started dancing through our heads. Largely original material, selections such as "Feeling" and "Never See the Sun" were quite commercially. Full of nice harmonies and decent melodies the LP showed the band trying to find a musical niche somewhere between top-40 AOR and mid-1970s progressive moves. At least two of the four members handled lead vocals, with one of the two occasionally recalling Elvin Bishop's Mickey Thomas (depending on your mindset that may be a good or bad comparison). Elsewhere, Clark was a pretty good guitarist (check out his performance on "See It Through"). Poff's cheesy synthesizers were less attractive to our ears. On it's own the LP's not bad, but anyone buying into the psych/progressive hype will be sorely disappointed.


"Autumn People" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Rock and Roll Fantasie   (Larry Clark - Danny Poff - A. People) - 3:35

2.) Feeling   (Steve Barraza - A. People) - 3:49

3.) See It Through   (Larry Clark - A. People) - 3:23

4.) Never See the Sun   (Larry Clark - A. People) - 2:56

5.) Gabriel   (Steve Barraza - A. People) - 6:12


(side 2)

1.) Ovoid and Cubicle   (Larry Clark - A. People) - 6:43

2.) Moon's Dancing   (Larry Clark - Danny Poff - A. People) - 6:03

3.) Interlude   (A. People) - 2:26

4.) Coffin Maker   (Larry Clark - A. People) - 5:24 



Every so often I'll get an email from someone offering up additional information on a band I've written something about.



Hi - I am a friend of Autmun People guitarist Larry Clark and have worked with him since 1981.  We had several bands together in Phoenix after The Autumn People.  Two versions of Galileo (progressive rock), a band called Paradox (progressive/hard rock), and we both worked with a new age project entitled Voyager.  I have 2 CDs out under the name CHAR-EL (  or . Larry played guitars on my HEAVEN AND EARTH double CD in 2000. He continues to perform his original music regularly in Apache Junction AZ under the name Greywolf. His email is: The spelling in the email is correct, using an "a" instead of "e" in Graywolf.

Keyboardist Danny Poff lives in northern Arizona and still performs live occasionally in his local area. His email:

The other guys are scattered around or deceased.
Charles Thaxton
Fostoria Ohio

November 2008







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