Ayers, Kevin (and company)

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- Kevin Ayers -- vocals, guitar
- John Cale -- vocals, keyboards
- Eno -- keyboards
- Ollie Halsall -- guitar
- Archie Leggat -- bass
- Nico -- vocals, keyboards
- Mike Oldfield -- guitar
- Rabbit -- keyboards
- Eddie Sparrow -- drums
- Robert Wyatt -- drums



- Kevin Ayers (solo efforts)

- John Cale (solo efforts)
- Eno (solo efforts)
- Nico (solo efforts)
- Mike Oldfield (solo efforts)
- Roxy Music (Eno)
- The Soft Machine (Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt)
- The Velvet Underground (John Cale and Nico)

- The Wilde Flowers (Kevin Ayers)
- Robert Wyatt (solo efforts)


Genre: progressive

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  June 1, 1974

Company: Island

Catalog: ILPS-9291

Year: 1974

Country/State: UK, Germany

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog number: 5564

Price: $20.00


Whether you look at it as a pseudo Velvet Underground reunion (John Cale and Nico), an abbreviated Soft Machine reunion (Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt), or an alternative all-star gathering, "June 1, 1974" stands as an interesting one-off collaboration. With the ever eclectic singer/guitarist Kevin Ayers garnering lead credits, the album featured an impressive collection of participants, including Cale, Eno, Nico (looking physically beat) and Wyatt.  According to the liner notes, Ayers was scheduled to play at London's Rainbow Club and decided to invite longtime friend Nico to accompany him.  Nico in turn brought along former Velvet Underground compatriot Cale, who in turn brought along Eno.  Recorded before a 3,000 strong partisan crowd, the resulting album was entertaining, if rather erratic.  In a generous gesture, the first side found Ayers turning over the spotlight to his guests.  Eno turned in nifty performances on 'Driving Me Backwards' and 'Baby's On Fire.  Cale was less successful on his half speed reading of 'Heartbreak Hotel', but could be forgiven as he had some other things on his mind - the day before he'd reportedly discovered that Ayers had been sleeping with his wife.  (The harrowing Cale composition 'Guts' was supposedly inspired by the episode.)   For her part  Nico subjecting the audience to a seemingly endless cover of The Doors' 'The End.  On the flip side, backed by his touring band The Soporifics, Ayers' five selections were far more commercial and engaging. Highlights included 'Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes' and 'Two Goes Into Four'.    As to be expected, the set won rave reviews from critics, but failed to generate much in the way of commercial recognition - gee, hard to imagine why your local top-40 station wouldn't play Nico droning away on "The End" ...


left to right: Ayers - Nico - Cale - Eno

"June 1, 1974" track listing:

(side 1)
1.) Driving Me Backwards   (Brian Eno) - 5:48
2.) Baby's On Fire   (Brian Eno) - 3:34
3.) Heartbreak Hotel   (Mac Axton) - 4:54
4.) The End   (The Doors) - 8:51


(side 2)
5.) May I?   (Kevin Ayers) - 5:16
6.) Shouting In a Bucket Blues   (Kevin Ayers) - 4:47
7.) Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes   (Kevin Ayers) - 3:14
8.) Everybody's Sometime and Some People's All the Time Blues   (Kevin Ayers) - 4:06
9.) Two Goes Into Four   (Kevin Ayers) - 2:17