Ayers, Kevin

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- Kevin Ayers -- vocals, guitar, bass


  supporting musicians:

- B.J. Cole -- steel guitar (1976)

- Mickey Feat -- bass (1976)

- Ollie Halsall -- lead guitar (1976)

- Bill Livsey -- keyboards (1976)

- Charlie McCracken -- bass (1976)

- Zoot Money -- keyboards (1976)

- Tony Newman -- drums (1976)

- Roger Pope -- drums (1976)

- Andy Roberts -- lead guitar (1976)

- Nick Rowley -- keyboards (1976)

- Roger Saunders -- rhythm guitar (1976)

- Rob Townsend -- drums, percussion (1976)

- Rick Wills -- bass (1976)



Kevin Ayers and Company

- Soft Machine

- The Wilde Flowers





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Yes We Have No Mananas

Company: ABC 

Catalog: AB 1021
Year: 1977

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: cut out notch along edge; original lyric inner sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5563

Price: $10.00


He's largely unknown to American audiences, but has a sterling resume, including stints with The Wilde Flowers, The Soft Machine, and a dedicated following among among  fellow musicians.


Produced by Muff Winwood, 1976's "Yes We Have No Mananas" found Kevin Ayers working with a truly impressive cast of English musicians, including Boxer/Patto lead guitarist Ollie Halsall (who turns in a must-hear guitar solo on 'Blue'), Family drummer Rob Townsend, and Taste bassist Charlie McCracken.  The album also found Ayers making efforts to pursue a more open and mainstream sound.  You couldn't really label the set commercial, but it was close enough for ABC Records to sign him to a domestic distribution deal ...  'course you were still left to wonder why ABC would have even tried to promote an eclectic artist like Ayers to an American audience ...  My guess is that Ayers was simply too 'English' for popular American tastes (not that he tore up the UK charts) and ABC's halfhearted promotional efforts were a waste of time and effort.  The funny thing is that the album was one of those weird efforts that actually grew on you if you gave it a chance.  Ayers froggy baritone wasn't much to get excited about; image a Leon Redbone who could actually sing and kind of carry a tune and you'll know what to expect. As a songwriter he was certainly talented, but had limitations there as well.  While love songs like 'Love's Gonna Turn You Around', 'Falling In Love Again' and 'Everyone Knows the Song' weren't anything special, Ayers was far more entertaining when he had a target in his sites.  This time out that target appeared to be the music business itself.  'Star', 'Mr .Cool' and 'Ballad of Mr. Snake' all seemed to reflect his growing frustration with the industry.  In fact shortly after the album was released Ayers went into self-imposed retirement.  Harvest released a pair of singles in the UK, but in an an odd sequence of legal and marketing moves Ayers cover of the chestnut 'Falling In Love Again' was released twice - once by Harvest and subsequently by Island (which had previously dropped Ayers from its recording roster).  Harvest also released the follow on single 'Star' which proved Ayers' final 45 for the next three years.



- 'Falling In Love Again' b/w 'The Owl' (Harvest catalog number HAR ???)

- 'Falling In Love Again' b/w 'Everybody Knows the Song' (Island catalog number WIP 6271)

- 'Star' b/w 'The Owl' (Harvest catalog number HAR 5124)


ABC only bothered to release one single in the States, though I've never seen a stock copy:

- 'Mr. Cool' b/w 'Mr. Cool' (ABC catalog number AB-12303)


"Yes We Have No Mananas" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Star   (Kevin Ayers) - 4:18

2.) Mr. Cool   (Kevin Ayers) - 3:00

3.) The Owl   (Kevin Ayers) - 3:14

4.) Love's Gonna Turn You Around   (Kevin Ayers) - 4:52

5.) Falling In Love Again   (Connelly - Frederick Hollander) - 2:35


(side 2)
1.) Help Me   (Kevin Ayers) - 2:40

2.) Ballad of Mr. Snake   (Kevin Ayers) - 2:02

3.) Everyone Knows the Song   (Kevin Ayers) - 2:33

4.) Yes I Do   (Kevin Ayers) - 3:08

5.) Blue   (Kevin Ayers) - 6:26


YouTube has a related video clip:


'Star' from a 2002 performance



For anyone interested, Ayers has a nice web presence at: