Bag, The

Band members               Related acts

- Joe Di Marzo -- keyboards (1968-69)
- Al Esposito -- drums (1968-69)
- Danny Mahony -- vocals, tambourine, bass (1968-69)
- Jay Saving -- guitar (1968-69)  



- none known





Genre: pop 

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  The Bag

Company: Decca

Catalog: DL 75057

Year: 1969

Country/State: New York, USA

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4100

Price: $35.00

Cost: $1.00


We've always wondered about this quartet (keyboardist Joe Di Marzo, singer Danny Mahony, guitarist Jay Saving and drummer Al Esposito). A number of reviewers have categorized the band's sound as psychedelic, but to us they sound like Young Rascal clones.

Released by Decca, 1968's "Real" teamed the quartet with producer Jim Curtiss. Showcasing a mixture of originals (Di Marzo, Mahony and Savino all contributing material) and two covers, the collection offered up an enjoyable set of blue-eyed soul. Propelled by Mahony's crusty voice (baring an uncanny resemblance to Felix Cavaliere), tracks such as "I Want You By My Side", "Got Away" and "I'm Sitting By the Wayside of My Life" were melodic and highly commercial Okay, back to the psych label for a moment: admittedly "Red, Purple and Blue" had a nifty freak-out fade, while "It's All Over" benefited from a tasty lead fuzz guitar. A commercial non-entity, the set vanished without trace. Within a matter of months the band followed suit.

"Real" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Up In the Morning (Joe Di Marzo - Jay Savino) - 2:46
2.) I Want You By My Side (Jerry Vance) - 2:39
3.) I Don't Want To (Joe Di Marzo - Jay Savino) - 2:52
4.) Red, Purple and Blue (Marcia Hilman - Dan Mahony) - 4:14
5.) Bide My Time (Joe Di Marzo - Jay Savino) - 2:38

(side 1)

1.) Nickles 'n Dimes (Jim Curtiss - Dan Mahony) - 2:39
2.) Got Away (Dan Mahony) - 2:29
3.) Nobody's Child (Jim Curtiss - Dan Mahony) - 2:16
4.) Down and Out (Joe Di Marzo - Jay Savino) - 2:42
5.) It's All Over (Jay Savino) - 2:35
6.) I'm Sitting By the Wayside of My Life (Steve Kanyon) - 2:47



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