Baldry, Long John

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- Ian Armitt - keyboards

- Long John Baldry - vocals, guitar
- Maggie Bell - vocals  

- Ian Duck - vocals, harp

- Dave Glover - bass

- Ray Jackson - mandolin

- Elton John - piano

- Sam Mitchell - guitar

- Roger Pope - drums

- Caleb Quaye - guitar

- Al Skidmore - sax

- Rod Stewart - vocals

- Ron Wood - guitar 




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Genre: blues-rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  It Ain't Easy

Company: Warner Brothers

Catalog: WS-1921

Year: 1971

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: cut lower right corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4587

Price: $6.00

Cost: $66.00


To my ears 1971's "It Ain't Easy" was Baldry's most commercial and appealing release.  The fact that he was backed by a stunning all-star cast of friends and admirers certainly added to the collection's appeal.  How's this for support?  Maggie Bell, Leslie Duncan, Elton John (and most of his band), Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and others ... With John and Stewart dividing the production chores, material such as the title track, 'I'm Ready' and 'Black Girl' (the latter a duet with Maggie Bell), found Baldry returning to a blues-based attack.  Unfortunately, the album's probably a little too hardcore for pop and rock fans, while it's probably a little too commercial for blues fans.  Elsewhere, Baldry enjoyed a minor American hit with 'Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On the King of Rock and Roll' b/w '' (Warner Brothers catalog number ). 

"It Ain't Easy" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On the King of Rock and Roll   (Jeff Thomas) - 6:41

2.) Black Girl   (Huddie Ledbetter) - 2:50

3.) It Ain't Easy   (Ron Davis) - 4:52

4.) Morning, Morning   (Tufi Kupferberg) - 2:38

5.) I'm Ready   (Willie Dixon) - 4:15


(side 2)
1.) Let's Burn Down the Cornfield   (Randy Newman) - 4:12

2.) Mr. Rubin   (Leslie Duncan) - 4:00

3.) Rock Me When He's Gone   (Elton John - Bernie Taupin) - 5:02

4.) Flying   (Rod Stewart - Ronnie Lane - Ron Wood) - 6:50



Genre: blues-rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Good To Be Alive

Company: Casablanca

Catalog: NBLP-7012

Year: 1975

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor discoloration on front cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4597

Price: $10.00


John Baldry signed to Casablanca ...  talk about one weird partnership!   Even more bizarre than that is the fact the album's surprisingly good.


Produced by Jimmy Horowitz, "Good To Be Alive" was originally released in 1973 on the small English GM label.  It didn't do much commercially which may help explain why the set didn't find an American distributor in the form of Neil Bogart's Casablanca Records for some two years.  Baldry's been quoted as saying that this set's one of his personal favorites.  I'd have to agree with his sentiments it only for the fact it's one of his most mainstream and commercial offerings (I'm using that term rather loosely).  It isn't that I dislike Baldry's blues roots, but his limited voice simply comes off better when he ratchets the tempos up (check out the title track, 'High & Low' and his blazing cover of Bo Diddley's 'Let Me Pass').   


"Good To Be Alive" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Good To Be Alive   (Zoot Money - Colin Allen) - 

2.) Let Me Pass   (Bo Diddley) - 

3.) Rake and Rambling Boy   (traditional - John Baldry) - 

4.) High & Low   (Geoff Thomas) - 

5.) Gasoline Alley   (Rod Stewart - Ron Wood) - 

6.) I Wish I was a Rock   (Derrol Adams) -


(side 2)
1.) Up In the Trees   (Neil Shepherd) - 

2.) Brand New Day  (all Kooper) - 

3.) Song for Martin Luther King   (John Baldry) - 

4.) Maggie Belll   (John Baldry) - 

5.) Let's Go   (Chas Jankel) - 

6.) She   (Chris Etheridge - Gram Parsons) - 


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