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  line up 1 (1970)

- Félix "Gadget" Rodríguez (RIP) -- drums, percussion

- Ismaelito -- keyboards 

- George Matos (RIP) -- bass

- Junior "El Loco" -- guitar

- Jose Nogueras -- vocals



- none known





Genre: psych

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Bandolero

Company: Eclipse

Catalog: ERC-37925

Year: 1970

Country/State: Puerto Rico

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: minor ring and edge wear

Available: SOLD

Catalog ID: SOLD 4883

Price: SOLD $100.00

Cost: $49.50


Puerto Rican rock ...  not exactly my specialty, but then I'll listen to pretty much anything at least a couple of times.


Much of this one's claim to fame rests with the fact it was included in Hans Pokora's 1001 Record Collector Dreams.  I'll be honest and admit that's the main reason I picked up a copy at a yard sale.  I know virtually nothing about this outfit, other than their sole 1970 album "Bandolero" was recorded in San Juan's Ochoa Recording Studios and the line up consisted of drummer Félix "Gadget" Rodríguez, keyboard player Ismaelito, bassist George Matos, lead guitarist Junior "El Loco" and singer Jose Nogueras.  


Musically the performances were professional, but failed to offer up anything special.  With Nogueras responsible for writing the majority of material, tracks such as 'Together', ''Truth and Understanding' and 'Awake' showcased a fairly standard mix of conventional hard rock ('Together'), blues ('My Life Is Always Going Through Changes') and Latin moves (imagine Santana with a bit of grunge thrown in for authenticity and you'll be in the right aural neighborhood).  As lead singer Nogueras was okay and most of the performances were in English, but a couple of songs featured Spanish lyrics.  Perhaps not a big surprise, but Spanish numbers like 'Salsa Friquea' displayed considerably more energy than the band's Anglo catalog.  Yeah, wish I could be more supportive of this one.  May it'll scratch an itch for someone else..


'Bandolero" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I Got It   (Jose Nogueras - J. Garcia) - 

2.) Ternura   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

3.) Love Me Tonight   ( Jose Nogueras - J. Garcia) - 

4.) Don't Hang Me   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

5.) I Can Always Think of You   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

6.) Salsa Friquea   ( Jose Nogueras) - 


(side 2)
1.) Together   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

2.) My Life Is Always Going Through Changes   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

3.) I Want To Get There   ( Jose Nogueras - J. Garcia) - 

4.) Awake   ( Jose Nogueras) - 

5.) Truth and Understanding   ( Jose Nogueras) -