Barrister, William

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Genre: country-rock

Rating:  1 star *

Title:  Night RIder

Company: Eralma 

Catalog: AW #14075
Year: 1978

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5729

Price: $40.00


Here's another mystery release on the tax scam Album Glove/Album World roster.  Technically it isn't even on Album Globe/Album World since the liner notes show it as being released by Eralma Records, though it carries the standard Album World catalog nomenclature (AW #14 ...).  Anyhow, never seen it on any reference list, let alone dealer lists.


Namesake singer William Barrister's a complete unknown to me and a quick internet check didn't turn up anything on the man.  With all ten tracks credited to M. Schecter,  musically "Night Life" offered up outlaw country, a couple of more accessible country-rockers, and a couple of totally bizarro song selections.  I'll readily admit I don't know a great deal about country music, but to my untrained ears tracks like 'I Just Found the Hat for Dues' and 'Losers' bore more than a passing resemblance to mid-1970s era Willie Nelson.  Barrister actually had a decent voice; kind of rough and raw, but well suited for the genres.  The production was a bit thin and at least a couple of the songs actually sounded like they were live performances.  In the interests of fair disclosure the set was probably far too country for the majority of folks looking at my website.  There were a couple of exceptions included the stark opener 'Wine Is not the Answer' and  'About You' which actually sported a rock sound.   Maybe just my ears, but 'Balladeer' and 'About You' sounded like they were sung by a different person ...  Not impossible given tax scam labels were notorious for slapping together material from unrelated artists.  It actually got even weirder.  'Together' featured a Patsy Cline-styled female vocalist with a distinctive early-1960s country sound.  Similarly the closer 'We Know' featured another anonymous act.  This time around if was a late 1940s/early-1950s pop vocal group  and the song was actually probably entitled 'Varsity Drag'.


Overlooking the last couple of songs that were clearly added to the track listing in order to pad it, the rest of the album was professional but nothing spectacular ...  too bad there weren't more of the rock oriented numbers.


"Night Rider" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Wine Is not the Answer   (M. Schecter) - 2:53

2.) I Just Found the Hat for Dues   (M. Schecter) - 2:55

3.) Balladeer   (M. Schecter) - 2:38

4.) Your Memory Is Stronger   (M. Schecter) - 2:12

5.) Losers   (M. Schecter) - 3:11


(side 2)
1.) A Love Song   (M. Schecter) - 2:26

2.) Sunshine Love In My Heart   (M. Schecter) - 1:36

3.) About You   (M. Schecter) - 4:40

4.) Together   (M. Schecter) - 2:50

5.) We Know   (M. Schecter) - 2:10