Bermuda Jam, The

Band members               Related acts

- Glenn Mello -- (1969)
- Paul Muggleton -- (1969)
- Andy Newmark -- drums (1969)
- James O'Connor -- (1969)



- Sly and the Family Stone (Andy Newmark) 


Genre: pop

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  The Bermuda Jam

Company: DynoVoice

Catalog: DY 31907

Year: 1969

Country State: mulit-national

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring, edge and corner wear

Available: SOLD


Price: SOLD


If you go by the liner notes, this late-1960s quartet was a multi-national affair, the four members coming from Australia (James O'Connor), England (Paul Muggleton), Portugal (Glen Mello) and the States (Andy Newmark). In spite of the accents, one got the feeling this was little more than a goofball studio project, probably masterminded by Bob Crewe, whose DynoVoice label released their sole LP.

Produced by Andy Denno, 1969's "The Bermuda Jam" was one weird affair. Complete with sound effects and spoken word snippets, musically the set found the quartet all over the spectrum. "Hold Me" and "Who Put the Sun In Your Eyes (Who Put the Fly In Your Soup)" offered up harmony rich top-40 pop; "Up Down, Turn Around" found the band turning in a decent blue-eyed soul effort, while "Forever Young" had a C&W feel. Nothing here was terribly wrong, nor with the exception of the meltdown "Good Trip Lollipop" was there anything particularly right. Back to "Lollipop" - complete with meltdown keyboards, LSD drenched vocals (the hysterical laughter and nursery rhyme fragments were a sweet touch) and crunching guitar, it was easily the most psych-oriented effort and the standout track, it's too bad the rest of the LP wasn't as memorable. As you'd expect, the set vanished without a trace, followed in short order by the band. (Nice pajamas guys ...)

"The Bermuda Jam" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Hold Me   (Paul Muggleton) - 2:39
2.) Forever   (Paul Muggleton) - 3:00
3.) Good Trip Lollipop (An Antihystathmn)   (Paul Muggleton) - 4:33
4.) Who Put the Sun In Your Eyes (Who Put the Fly In Your Soup)   (Paul Muggleton) - 4:10
5.) Forever Young   (Andy Denno) - 3:53

(side 2)

1.) Up Down, Turn Around   (Andy Denno - B. Campo) - 2:19
2.) I Want To Love You   (Andy Denno - Glenn Mello) - 3:02
3.) Easy To Say (But So Hard To Do)   (Andy Denno) - 2:39
4.) Medley
     - Down In the Valley   (Andy Denno - Glenn Mello - Paul Muggleton - James O'Connor)
     - Getting Ready for the Heartbreaks   (L. Weiss - L. Edwards) 
     - Don't Fight It   (Wilson Pickett - Steve Cropper) - 
     - I Who Have Nothing   (J. Bryant) - 

Within a couple of years Newmark reappeared as a member of Sly and the Family Stones (see separate entry).


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Chas, Paul Muggleton the guitarist for the Burmuda
Jam has his myspace profile linked to my Dynovoice
tribute Myspace page:

Dynovoice tribute: www.myspace. com/dynovoice
Paul's page: http://www.myspace. com/horrendousme ndez

Here's what's written on his About Me Page:

First band was "The Savages" in Bermuda 1965, band
members: Jimmy O'connor, Howie Rego, Bobby Zuill
and me. Made first album in late '65 "The Savages
Live n' Wild" recorded live except for one track on
a four track machine. It is now very collectable as
one of the foremost garage bands of the sixties.
Went to New York with the original Drifters,
recorded by Chuck Irwin at A&R studios, three
tracks "Roses are Red" being the A-side. Toured West
Indies twice then made The Bermuda Jam album for Bob
Crewe's label Dynovoice in the U.S. band members
were: Jimmy O'connor, Andy Newmark, Glenn Mello and
me. Then very lucky to get gig at Steve Paul's "The
Scene" in New York as houseband in June /July '67
bands supported were Jimi Hendricks, The Doors,
Black Flag, Stevie Winwood, Jose Feliciano, Tiny Tim,
The Young Rascals and The Pigeons[ Vanilla Fudge].
Saw many of the famous jams that occured and are now
posted on the net. Early 1969 went to Spain to
University of Madrid, did external course and
studied classical guitar under Raul Pimento and
signed to Columbia Discos SA and did gigs in Spain,
entered song festivals in Mallorca,Malaga and
Barcelona winning enough money to return to England
in 1970 for birth of first son. Played folk clubs
in south then signed to Polydor in 1973 released
single "Horse and a Hero" which got the aclaim it
deserved. Then with birth of second son, went to
live in Devon worked on farms until friend from
Bermuda asked if I wanted to join the Big Jump Band.
We became "Omaha Sheriff" with Michael Spencer-
Arscott, Bob Noble and Chris Birkett made first
album "Come Hell or Waters High" with Tony Visconti
for RCA in 1976. Album was national breakout on 104
FM stations across U.S. in 1977 then Elvis died and
we were told that they couldn't press our albums.
Made second album called "Long Fingers in the Soft
Rain" but was not released. 1st daughter born and
band decided to split amicably and me and Bob Noble
went to New York to write. Came back to England as
1st daughter born, intended to return to U.S. but
met up with Judie Tzuke who was putting band
together and needed keyboard player and backing
vocalist, said we'd do it for six months to get her
started been there ever since doing odd jobs to
keep all the balls in the be continued...

I sent Paul some questions to answer about the
Burmuda Jam LP. That's record collecting for you...
the story is always much more involved!

Leonardo Flores
www.myspace. com/youngbirdsfl y