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- Corky Aldred - vocals, drums

- Rusty Martin - bass

- Brad Reed - vocals, lead guitar



- none known





Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  Bliss

Company: Canyon

Catalog: 7707

Year: 1969

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: promo copy; promo stamp on front and back cover 

Available: 1

Price: $250.00


Geez, who knows what the story is here ...  Arizona band, signed to a California label. but with a miniscule fan base that seems to be located in Rhode Island and Florida ...


One of our favorite recent discoveries, other than the fact the line up consisted of singer/drummer Corky Aldred, bassist Rusty Martin and singer/guitarist Brad Reed, we have to admit knowing virtually nothing about this band.  


Recorded in Phoenix Arizona's Audio Records with producer Hadley Murrell (who also contributed a pair of songs), 1969's "Bliss" was released by the L.A.-based Canyon Records.  Musically the LP offered up a mix of originals (all three members contributing material), and blues covers.  Interestingly, based on the cover which shows a chalice and a young, angry looking priest, our initial expectations were that this might be a Christian-rock LP.  Those thoughts were reinforced by the opener "Ride the Ship of Fool" which blended a nice melody with sweet harmonies and a pseudo-religious lyric and "Cry for Love".  While those characteristics are enough to send a large segment of the population running for cover, in this case the results aren't half bad.  The religious sentiments are kept in check throughout and are wrapped in a series of  tasty rockers.  Powered by Aldred's powerhouse drumming and Reed's fuzz guitar (check out "VIsions" and their cover of Joe Tex's "I Want To be Free"), this is simply a great LP!.


"Bliss" track listing:

1.) Ride the Ship of Fools   (Hadley Murrell - Larry Tuszon) - 4:21

2.) Cry for Love   (Brad Reed - Ann Reed) - 4:50

3.) Gangster of Love   (Johnny Watson) - 2:58

4.) I Want To Be Free   (Joe Tex) - 3:00

5.) Visions   (Rusty Martin) - 3:35

6.) Don't Think   (Buford Riley Aldred) - 2:07

7.) I'm Gonna Hurt You   (Hadley Murrell - Eddie Campbell) - 2:03

8.) Make My Old Soul New   (Bard Reed) - 2:05

9.) Rock Me Baby   (B.B. King) - 3:28




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