Band members               Related acts

- David Brooks -- keyboards (1968-69)

- Eric Karl -- vocals, guitar (1968-69)

- Jon Keliehor -- drums (1968-69)

Steve Lalor -- vocals, guitar (1968-69)

- Kerry Magness -- bass (1968-69)




- The Daily Flash (Jon Keliehor and Steve Lalor)

- Fantastic Zoo (Eric Karl)

- The Fogcutters (Eric Karl)

- The Kingsmen (Kerry Magness)






Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Bodine

Company: MGM

Catalog: SE-4652

Year: 1969

Country/State: various

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: gatefold sleeve; stereo pressing; small cut out hole lower left corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4826

Price: $40.00

Cost: $1.00


Not to be confused with the late-1970s Dutch metal band, this short-lived late-1960s outfit was cobbled together from members of a number of Northwestern outfits including The Daily Flash, Fantastic Zoo, The Fogcutters and The Kingsmen.


Following his departure from The Daily Flash drummer Jon Keliehor hooked up with ex-Kingsmen bass Kerry Magness.  The pair initially worked as members of Pam Polland's Gentle Soul, but were spotted by manager/producer Paul Rothchild who convinced them to audition for his planned super group Rhinoceros.  While nothing came out of the auditions, the pair hooked up with former Fantastic Zoo/Fogcutter singer/guitarist Eric Kale.  With the addition of keyboardist David Brooks and singer/guitarist Steve Lalor (who had been a member of the Daily Flash with Keliehor), the group began hitting the Northwest club circuit as Popcorn. 


By 1969 the group had metamorphosed into Bodine and picked up a corporate sponsor via MGM Records.  Produced by Bill Cowsill (yes, The Cowsills were signed to MGM as well), "Bodine" stands as a fairly impressive debut.  The cover gives you the somewhat erroneous impression this is going to be a rather lame country-rock set and while there are some country-rock moves ('Short Time Woman'), that's certainly not the whole story here. With three of the five members contributing material (Karl was responsible for the majority of material), more than half of the material including 'Oakland', 'Into My Life' and 'Easy To See' offered up a much harder rock sound with some nice fuzz guitar scattered throughout. Let me add that the country-rock numbers were actually pretty good.  A band like Poco would have given their eyeteeth for something as memorable as 'Travelogue' or the pretty ballad 'It's Just My Way'.  Personal favorite - The Beatles influenced 'Statues Of Clay'.  Elsewhere the blue-eyed soul-ish 'Keep Lookin' Through My Window' b/w "Easy To See' (MGM catalog number K-14088) was released as an unsuccessful single.


"Bodine" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Short Time Woman   (Eric Karl) - 3:41

2.) Oakland   (Kerry Magness) - 3:21

3.) Into My Life   (Eric Karl) - 2:52

4.) Travelogue   (Steve Lalor) - 3:05

5.) It's Just My Way   (Eric Karl) - 5:33

6.) Easy To See   (Steve Lalor) - 2:41


(side 2)
Take It Back   (Eric Karl) - 3:17

3.) Keep Looking Through Your Window   (Eric Karl) - 2:43

4.) Statues Of Clay   (Steve Lalor) - 2:42

5.) Long Way Just To Go Home   (Eric Karl) - 2:51

6.) Between The Lines   (Steve Lalor) - 3:27

7.) Disaster   (Eric Karl) - 3:07





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