Bond, Graham

Band members               Related acts

- Ginger Baker -- drums (1963-66)

- Graham Bond (RIP 1974) -- vocals, keyboards, sax


- Jack Bruce -- vocals, bass (1963-66)

- Dick Heckstall-Smith (RIP 2004) -- sax (1966-69)

- Jon Hiseman -- drums (replaced Ginger Baker) (1966-69)

- John McLaughlin -- guitar (1963-66)




- Ginger Baker's Air Force

- Coliseum (Dick Heckstall-Smith and Jon Hiseman)

- The Graham Bond Organization

- Holy Magick (Graham Bond)

- Alexis Koerner's Blues Incorporate

- John McLaughlin (solo efforts)





Genre: rock

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Solid Bond

Company: Warner Brothers

Catalog: 2LS-2555

Year: 1971

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: double LP; gatefold sleeve; minor ring and edge wear

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4792

Price: $40.00

Cost: $1.00


I wish I knew about Graham Bond's catalog, but his early work is simply too pricey for my limited budget (which made me extremely happy to stumble on this double album set at a yard sale).


A 12 track, double album set, 1971's "Solid Bond" pulled together previously unreleased material from the 1963-66 Graham Bond Organization catalog.  To be totally accurate, several songs such as 'Walkin' In the Park' and 'Neighbour Neighbour' were actually released on the group's first two studio sets, but in mixes that were considerable different from those found here.  A mix of covers and original material, the compilation's a nice introduction to the group's mix of gritty R&B and jazzy horn-propelled moves.  While the album has a uniquely British feel, there's a good chance that the results won't appeal to either hard core jazz or R&B fans who are likely to respectively find it too R&B-ish, or too jazzy.  On the other hand the four 1963-era tracks are interesting in that they feature the famed Ginger Baker/Jack Bruce/John McLaughlin line-up working their way through some basic jazz jams. Competent, but unless you're a major fan, you can probably live without ''The Grass Is Greener, 'Doxy' and 'Ho Ho Country Kicking Blues'. The nine 1966 tracks were recorded after Baker and Bruce had joined Eric Clapton in Cream and incorporate a stronger R&B /rock component. I've always found it interesting that Bond's voice takes a lot of abuse from the critics who claim Bruce should have handled most of the vocals.  Personally, on tracks like 'Springtime In The City', 'Can't Stand It' and 'It's Not Goodbye' Bond's dark, pseudo-threatening growl is every bit as good as Bruce's high pitched screech.  Any father hearing Bond's lecherous reading of 'Only Sixteen' would probably go looking for his gun ...  


"Solid Bond" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Green Onions (instrumental)  (Booker T. Jones - Steve Cropper - Al Jackson - Lewie Steinberg) - 5:15

2.) Springtime In The City   (Graham Bond) - 3:11

3.) Can't Stand It   (Graham Bond) - 5:07


(side 2)
1.) Only Sixteen   (Graham Bond) - 5:02

2.) Last Night (instrumental)   (The Marr-Keys) - 3:38

3.) Long Legged Baby   (Graham Bond) - 3:12

4.) Walkin' In The Park   (Graham Bond) - 3:04


(side 3)

1.) It's Not Goodbye   (Graham Bond)  - 4:58

2.) Neighbour Neighbour   (Graham Bond) - 3:13

3.) Ho Ho Country Kicking Blues   (Jack Bruce) - 7:55


(side 4)

1.) The Grass Is Greener   (Graham Bond - John McLaughlin) - 9:30

2.) Doxy   (Sonny Rollins) - 11:13


While there's a ton of Bond material on the internet, one of the best is found at:





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