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- Mike Garson - keyboards (1970-72)
- Tom Cosgrove - guitar, vocals (1970-72)
- Rick Marotta - drums (1970-72)
- Stu Woods - bass, vocals (1970-72)


- none known




Genre: country-rock

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Brethren

Company: Tiffany

Catalog: TFS-0013

Year: 1970

Country/State: New York

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: still in shrink wrap

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD

Cost: $1.00


Here's what we know about this short-lived '70s New York-based entity:

1.) The line up consisted of keyboardist Mike Garson, guitarist Tom Cosgrove, drummer Rick Marotta and bassist Stu Woods. 2.) They were one of the original (aka few) acts signed to Scepter's short-lived Tiffany subsidiary. 3.) Their debut album was recorded in Hollywood's Gold Star Studios.

1970's "Brethren" teamed the band with producer Jay Senter. With three of the four members contributing material (Cosgrove was the mainstay composer), the album featured a mix of what a friend has labeled "white boy blues" ("Hitchin' To Memphis" and "Everybody In the Congregation") and country-rock numbers (a nice cover of James Taylor's "Don't Talk To Me Now" and "Mississippi Freighter"). Cosgrove had a nice raspy voice, well suited to the up tempo material. He was also a capable guitarist (check out his sterling performance on the funky "Outside Love" and the meltdown instrumental "Success Brand of Oil"). While much of the set recalled something out of the early-'70s Bobby Whitlock, or Delaney and Bonnie catalogs, nothing here was particularly original or commercial. To our ears, the Gospel-influenced rocker "I've Been Provided For" provided the album's highlight. The album's also interesting for it's bizarre mix of guests - The Blossoms (providing backing vocals), Dr. John and Poco's Rusty Young.

"Brethern" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Hitchin' To Memphis (Tom Cosgrove) - 2:43
2.) Everybody In the Congregation (Tom Cosgrove) - 3:55
3.) I've Been Provided For (Tom Cosgrove - Stu Wood - Rick Marotta - Jay Senter) - 3:10
4.) Outside Love (Tom Cosgrove) - 3:06
5.) Just To Be There (Mark Klingmon) - 3:02
(side 2)

1.) Midnight Train (Tom Cosgrove - Stu Wood - Rick Marotta) - 2:55
2.) Don't Talk Now (James Taylor) - 3:55
3.) Mississippi Freighter (Tom Cosgrove - Stu Wood - Mark Klingmon) - 
4.) Success Brand of Oil (Tom Cosgrove - Stu Wood - Rick Marotta) - 4:50

There's a second album, 1971's "Moment of Truth" (Tiffany catalog number TFS-0015), which we've never heard. Their second album contains original material and three covers: a long version of Dr. John's Loop Garoo, The Sun And The Moon by Mark Klingman and Freedom Blues penned by E. Reeder. Well played, but nothing outstanding. 

"Moment of Truth" track listing:

The band backed jazz singer Annette Peacock on 1972's "I'm the One" and then apparently called it quits. All four became in-demand studio players, supporting everyone from David Bowie (Garson), to Steely Dan (Cosgrove and Marotta) and Smashing Pumpkins (Garson again).

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