Burchette, Wilburn

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- Wilburn Burchette -- guitar, keyboards




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Genre: bizarre

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Wilburn Burchette Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness

Company: Ebos

Catalog: O.D. 0001

Year: 1972

Country/State: Kentucky

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: includes the rare insert 'instructional' booklet

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5148

Price: $100.00


While I can't say I know much about this guy, he actually has a rather extensive discography (I'm aware of seven early-to-mid-1970s LPs, though  1972's "Wilburn Burchette Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness" is probably the one with the most interest to psych fans. 


A true one man show, Burchette seems to have done everything himself, including writing all of the material, producing and building the unique 'guitar' shown on the back cover.  (Wisconsin artist Caren Caraway provided the trippy cover art).  So, in the interests of fairness, let me have Burchette describe the album himself: "[the album] has been created by Wilburn Burchette from his own original ideas. The music was written, performed and produced by Mr. Burchette. Not only did Burchette create the concept, he combined the creative with the practical by designing and building the unique IMPRO GUITAR on which the music is played and engineering the entire production on special electronic equipment he built and operated himself.  Wilburn wrote the poetry and collaborated in the creation of seven pieces of original artwork representing the seven gates with Wisconsin artist Caren Caraway.  This is real stereo!  Be prepared to hear things you may have never heard before!  To eliminate the back void of emptiness I have used a background of "white sound" much as a painter employs a white canvas, upon which to play my effects.  Any background noise you may occasionally hear are far from imperfections of record production.  They are part of the "white sound" and as such enhance the total effect of the music.  for the best results, I advise listening with an open heart, a clear mind and good stereo equipment."


So now that you're sitting there scratching your head and thinking 'what the hell does that mean ...', I'll tell you what this album really sounds like.  While some high priced dealers will try to convince you this is a lost psych masterpiece, you'd be better served (as would your investment portfolio) to consider Burchette a new age forefather.  Mind you, there are some distinctive psych and trance influences strewn into these six instrumental  tracks.  'Dawn of Awakening' started out sounding like an abbey full of tripped out monks, before taking detours into raga and medieval folk realms.  'Regeneration' began with some chilling spacey sound effects, before heading off in a phase-heavy mid-Eastern direction.  Still, overlooking the album title and the psych-ish cover, instrumentals like 'Regeneration' and 'Transformation' had a very new age feel and sound, though the results were weird enough to make their way on to my turntable every now and then (good rainy Sunday morning LP).  Course, it that genre doesn't do much for you, then I'd suggest you approach this with some hesitation.    


"Wilburn Burchette Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Dawn Of Awakening (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 

2.) Regeneration (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 

3.) Transformation (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 


(side 2)
Piercing The Psychic Heart (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 

2.) Invoke The Name Of God (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 

3.) Introversion and Realization (instrumental)   (Wilburn Burchette) - 




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