Cake, The

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- Eleanore Barooshian - vocals (1967-69)
- Jeanette Jacobs - vocals (1967-69)
- Barbara Morillo - vocals (1967-69)



- none known


Genre: pop

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title: A Slice of Cake

Company: Decca

Catalog: DL 75039

Year: 1968

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG- / VG

Comments: edge and corner wear; minor soiling on white surfaces

Available: SOLD


Price: SOLD


We'll admit to having picked this one up for the dated '60s cover (courtesy of artist Jonanna Laine). The drawing of three mod '60s chicks left us hoping this might be something along the lines of The Feminine Complex. 

In view of those expectations, 1968's "A Slice of Cake" was a major disappointment. Co-produced by Charles Greene and Brian Stone, heavily orchestrated material such as "Have You Heard the News 'Bout Miss Molly", "Sadie" and "Tides of Time" offered up a set of self-penned sensitive singer/songwriter pap. Comparisons to Mary Hopkins and Melanie readily came to mind while listening to the set. The trio's occasional stabs at more up tempo material (a cover of Rufus Thomas' "Walking the Dog") weren't much better. The fact that none of the three members (Eleanore Barooshian, Jeanette Jacobs and Barbara Morillo) was a great lead singer (they didn't even harmonize very well), didn't help the proceedings. Simply 'cause it rocked a little, "P.T. 280" was probably one of the few tracks worth hearing more than once. (Wonder what the were smokin' in the Turkish water pipe shown on the back cover ...) (Though we've never heard it, the trio's 1967 Jack Nitzsche produced debut is supposedly far better.)

"A Slice of Cake" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Have You Heard the News 'Bout Miss Molly (C. Connors - M. McGinnis) - 2:44
2.) P.T. 280 (Eleanore Barooshian - Barbara Morillo) - 2:15
3.) Sadie (Jeanette Jacobs - Barbara Morillo) - 2:26
4.) Tides of Time (Jeanette Jacobs - D. Di Rose) - 2:09
5.) Medley - 4:08
Walking the Dog (Rufus Thomas) -
Something Go a Hold of Me (Kirkland - James - Woods) - 
Big Boy Pete (D. Terry - D.F. Bowman Garris) - 

(side 2)

1.) Extroverted Introvert (Eleanore Barooshian - Barbara Morillo) - 2:26
2.) Under the Tree of Love and Laughter (Jeanette Jacobs - Barbara Morillo) - 1:15
3.) Annabelle Clark (Barbara Morillo) - 3:10
4.) Who Will Wear the Crown (Mac Rebbenack - J. Hill) - 2:00
5.) Island of Plenty (Eleanore Barooshian - Charles Greene) - 2:45










My name is Chelsea Lee (formerly Eleanor Barooshian),
and the Cake was my girl group - I was the blonde.
I am actually quite humbled to type my name into my
PC and read about myself almost 40 years later!!!

We formed in NYC in 1966 and wrote our own material,
initially Baroque style with intense harmonies, and didn't
really intend to become Greene and Stone's 'Wall Of Sound',
although I did not mind being like the Ronettes as I idolized
anything Phil Spector did, and we even had Cher singing backups
on that first album. We would sing all our own songs to anyone
who would listen. Harold Battiste told us that we sent him back
to school with our original music.

Goldstar Recording Studios was just a fabulous place in
those days. I met Walter Winchell there, who told me I was
"...a diamond in the rough!" I chose some of Mac Rebenack's
songs that he played for us on piano. All those songs were so
innocent, and as I get older are so relevant to my life now.

Jeanette Jacobs (who died January 1st 1982) and I both were on
tour with Mac Rebenack's group, Dr. John and the Night Trippers!
After that stint, both of us sang with Ginger Baker's Airforce.
We toured all over England and later (without Jeanette) Europe.

Anyone interested to know more of what went on then is quite
welcome to email me offlist. Thank you for the compliments,
I am chuffed! I think we were way ahead of our time back in 67'.