Clegg, Johnny

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- Johnny Clegg -- vocals, guitar

- Derek de Beer -- drums, percussion, backing vocals

- Keith Hutchinson -- keyboards, flute, sax

- Jabu Mabuso -- bass, backing vocals

- Steve Mabuso -- keyboards, backing vocals

- Dudu Zulu (aka Mntowaziowayo Ndlovu) (RIP 1992) --




- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Third World Child

Company: Capital/EMI

Catalog: 46778-1
Year: 1987

Country/State: South Africa

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5421

Price: $7.00


In the interests of honesty, I'll admit that 1987's "Third World Child" wasn't my favorite Clegg/Savuka release.  It wasn't bad, but there were several releases far stronger  (if asked I'd give the the nod to "Cruel Crazy Beautiful World").  So what's the story here?  Produced by Hilton Rosenthal, the collection found post-Juluka Clegg continuing to explore a hybrid of African and Western musical idioms.  The overall sound was certainly a little more commercial than his Juluka catalog, but as with his earlier work Clegg retained an acute sense of political and social activism - check out the title track, ' Asimbonanga (Mandela)', and 'Missing'.  When Clegg got the mix right ('Gumba Gumba Jive' and 'Ring On Her Finger') the results were stunning.; exotic and highly commercial  On the other hand, the sound was distinctively mid-1980s with that dated, synthesizers feel and some of the lesser tracks came off as little more than sub par dance fair ('Great Heart').   It certainly wasn't for everyone, but if you were willing to give it a shot might find the results worthwhile.  


"Third World Child" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Are You Ready?   (Johnny Clegg) - 

2.) Asimbonanga (Mandela)  (Johnny Clegg) - 

3.) Giyani  (Johnny Clegg) - 

4.) Gumba Gumba Jive  (Johnny Clegg) - 

5.) Great Heart  (Johnny Clegg) - 


(side 2)
1.) Missing  (Johnny Clegg) - 

2.) Ring On Her Finger  (Johnny Clegg) - 

3.) Third World Child  (Johnny Clegg) - 

4.) Berlin Wall  (Johnny Clegg) - 

5.) Don't Walk Away  (Johnny Clegg) - 


After 'Scatterlings of Africa' was included in the "Rainman" soundtrack the album was reissued with a new cover and a slightly altered track listing - 'Gumba Gumba Jive' replaced by 'Scatterlings'.




Thanks to YouTube I tracked down a couple of related performances.

"Third World Child"

"Great Heart"

'Asimbonanga (Mandela)'


"Scatterlings of Africa"