Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover, The

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Genre: psych

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover

Company: Tower

Catalog: ST-5114 (stereo)

Year: 1968

Country/State: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: radio station copy; call station (WRCU) on front cover; minor ring wear on back cover; yellow and red tape along spine

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5161

Price: $25.00


Well this is mildly entertaining, if little recognized Bosstown psych.  Did it rival anything coming from the West Coast?  Nah, but so what ...


Apparently a studio project masterminded by Bruce Patch and Lennie Petze who had recently enjoyed some success with Teddy and the Pandas, 1968's "The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover" showcased an entertaining set of heavily orchestrated flower power/lite-psych moves.  Recorded at New York City's Olmsted Studio, the set was produced by Patch and Petze, with Larry Jaspon credited as executive producer.  Largely written by Patch and Petze, material like 'A Harvard Square Affair', 'Cotton Candy (Can Be Yours)' and 'My Friend John' was full of pretty melodies, fey lyrics, and interesting studio touches.  Given they pulled a local bar band to record the material, the results weren't bad.  As lead singer 'John Clover' (whoever he was), had a decent if somewhat anonymous voice.  Imagine a lightweight Donovan, or perhaps Chad and Jeremy, or Peter and Gordon during their hippy stages and you'd get a feel for songs like the title track, 'Great World Next Door' and 'Trolley Car Line'.  While it was all quite pleasant and occasionally had some commercial potential (the harpsichord propelled 'One Day You're a Rich Man'), you were also left with the uneasy feeling that this was little more than big corporation product designed to part teenagers from their hard earned allowances (which it was). In case anyone cared, best of the lot were the last three tracks - 'One Day You're a Rich Man', 'When You're Dreamin' ' and 'Tear-Drop Mobile'.  Ironically the album stiffed commercially.


"The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover track listing:
(side 1)

1.) A Harvard Square Affair   (Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze) - 2:20

2.) His Life To Live Over   (Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze - S. King) - 2:34

3.) Cotton Candy (Can Be Yours)   (Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze - S. King - Larry Jaspon - J. Petze) - 2:56

4.) My Friend John  (Lennie Petze - S. King - J. Petze - L .Collins - R. Morse) - 2:28

5.) Great World Next Door   (Joe Renzatti - N. Bryon) - 2:18


(side 2)
1.) Timothy Clover   (Larry Jaspon - Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze) - 2:30

2.) Trolley Car Line   (Larry Jaspon - Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze) - 2:08

3.) One Day You're a Rich Man   (Bruce Patch - Lennie Petze - Tom Landrey) - 2:18

4.) When You're Dreamin'   (Lennie Petze - S. King) - 2:08

5.) Tear-Drop Mobile  (F Gefland - Gary Katz) - 3:16