Comstock, Bobby (and the Counts)

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- Chuck Ciaschi -- bass (1958-)
- Bobby Comstock -- vocals, guitar (1958-)
- Gus Eframson -- guitar (1958-)
- Dale Sherwood -- drums (1958-)



- none known


Genre: garage

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Out of Sight

Company: ALP 16034

Catalog: Ascot

Year: 1965

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): NM / NM

Comments: still in shrink wrap; mono pressing

Available: 1

GEMM Catalog ID: 5060

Price: $80.00


Over the next six years the band toured extensively, supporting an impressive string of bands ranging from Chubby Checker to The Rolling Stones. During the same period they recorded a stream of little heard singles for a series of small and large labels (Triumph, Atlantic, Festival, Jubilee, Mohawk and Lawn (where they recorded the lost classics "Your Boyfriend's Back" and "The Beatle Bounce"). 

Signed by Ascot Records, 1966 saw the band release their second album. Separately produced by Gerry Granahan and the team of Feldman-Goldstein-Gotthrer, "Out of Sight" was all over the musical spectrum. Clearly a reflection of their journeyman careers, the set found Comstock and company taking capable stabs at R&B (the single "I'm a Man"), folk-rock ("Don't You Believe"), surf instrumentals (the self-penned title track) and blue-eyed soul ("Can't Judge a Book"). To be honest, the set didn't do much for us the first time we heard it, but giving it a second chance revealed more than its share of pleasures. A commercial nonentity, the set vanished without a trace, making it fairly rare in this day and age.

"Out of Sight" track listing:

(side 1)
1.) Can't Judge a Book  (E. McDaniel) - 2:40
2.) Hey Baby  (M. Cobb - Bruce Channel) - 2:02
3.) Stormy Monday Blues  (A.T. Walker) - 4:25
4.) Itty Bitty Pieces  (R. Clark) - 2:15
5.) I Wanna Do It  (B. Feldman - J. Goldstein - R. Gottehrer) - 2:20
6.) I Don't Believe You  (Bob Dylan) - 2:30

(side 2)

7.) Don't You Believe ( B. May) - 2:09
8.) Walkin' the Dog  (Rufus Thomas) - 2:30
9.) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  (Don Covay - R. Miller) - 2:25
10.) There's Something On Your Mind  (C. McNeeley) - 3:00
11.) I'm a Man  (Willie Dixon) - 2:52
12.) Out of Sign   (Bobby Comstock - Gerry Granahan) - 2:40