Dennis Coulson

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- Dennis Coulson -- vocals, guitar (1973)


  supporting musicians:

- Mark Choig -- trumpet 

- Hughie Flint -- drums 

- Benny Gallagher -- guitar, bass, accordion, keyboards

- Malcolm Griffiths -- trombone 

- Dick Hart -- tuba

- Jim Jewell -- sax 

- Nicky Judd -- keyboards 

- Henry Lowther -- trumpet

- Graham Lyle -- bass, banjo, dobro, guitar, mandolin

- Geoff Perkins -- trombone

- Bruce Rowland -- drums 

- Paul Rutherford -- trombone 

- Ian Stewart -- keyboards

- Toad Thompson -- guitar 

- Kenny Wheeler -- trumpet 




Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint  (Dennis Coulson)

- McGuinness Flint (Dennis Coulson)





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Dennis Coulson

Company: Elektra

Catalog: EKS-75067

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: gatefold sleeve; promo sticker on cover; white inner label, includes info sheet insert

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 5538

Price: $20.00


Can't say I know a great deal about singer/guitarist Dennis Coulson.  In fact the only reason I know him at all is as a result of his work with McGuinness Flint and the short-lived spin-off Coulson, Dean, McGuiness, Flint.  Little known in the States (and hardly better known in the UK), these guys were responsible for recording what may be the best set of Dylan covers to ever see vinyl - 1972's 'Lo and Behold".  


Recorded after the quartet called it quits and namesakes Tom McGuinness and Hughie Flint revived the McGuiness Flint nameplate, Coulson made his debut with 1973's cleverly titled "Dennis Coulson".  Jointly produced by Coulson, Keith Harwood, Benny Gallagher, and Graham Lyle (the latter two former members of McGuinness Flint), the collection showcased a mixture of originals and Gallagher and Lyle compositions.  Coulson wasn't the greatest singer you've ever heard; occasionally recalling Joe Cocker at his shrillest ('S.S. Man'), or a British version of Randy Newman - doubt the comparison then check out 'Job On the Tyne'.  Musically and lyrically most of the eleven tracks sported a very English feel and atmosphere and I've always wondered why Jac Holzman and Elektra decided to sign him to a contract.  True, a couple of the songs were quite catchy.  Sporting a nice lead guitar solo 'Lady Fortune', 'What Went Wrong' and the up tempo 'Let It Shine' all had pretty melodies that would have sounded good on FM radio.  Amazingly Elektra even elected to tap the single for an America 45:



- 1974's 'Let It Shine' b/w 'Wrong' (Elektra catalog number EK-45582)


Of course the LP went nowhere, Elektra wasting no time in dropping him from its recording roster.  As far as I can tell that effectively concluded Coulson's solo recording career.


"Dennis Coulson" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Yesterday's Dream   (Dennis Coulson - Hill) - 2:54

2.) Job On the Tyne   (Dennis Coulson - Hill) - 3;20

3.) S.S. Man  (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 2:57

4.) Lady of Fortune   (Dennis Coulson - Hill) - 4:26

5.) Neurosis U.S.A.  (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 6:15


(side 2)
1.) What Went Wrong   (Dennis Coulson - Dean) - 3:40

2.) Let It Shine  (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 3:12

3.) Only Friend   (Dennis Coulson - Hill) - 2:57

4.) Mississippi  (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 3:14

5.) Is It Me   (Dennis Coulson - Hill) - 2:50

6.) Sunset Song  (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 3:24