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- Roy Cox -- bass, vocals (1970-71)
- Dave Fore -- drums, percussion (1970-71)
- Todd Potter -- lead guitar, vocals (1970-71)
- Rod Prince -- lead guitar, vocals (1970-71)



- The Bad Seeds (Rod Prince)

- Bubble Puppy (Roy Cox, David Fore, Tod Potter and 

  Rod Prince)

- Deadhorse Puppy (Rod Prince)

- Manbeast (Rod Prince)

- Todd Potter (solo efforts)

- The Prince Trio (Rod Prince)

- Sirius (Todd Potter and Rod Prince)


- Sirius (Todd Potter, and Rod Prince)


Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Demian

Company: ABC

Catalog: ABCS-718

Year: 1970

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: white label promo copy; gatefold sleeve

Available: 2

GEMM Catalog ID: 

Price: $90.00


By 1970 Bubble Puppy was embroiled in an ever nastier series of legal confrontations with their Texas-base label International Artists.  Relocating to California in hopes of getting some legal support from the musicians union, bassist Roy Cox, drummer David Fore and lead guitarists Todd Potter and Rod Prince became friendly with the band Steppenwolf, picking up a mentor in Steppenwolf bassist Nick St. Nicholas.  Officially killing off Bubble Puppy the quartet reappeared as Demian (the nicked the name from the Hermann Hesse novel), quickly scoring a recording contract with ABC Records (coincidently Steppenwolf's label). Released the following year, 1971's cleverly titled "Demian" found them teamed with Nicholas in the producer's chair. Recorded at L.A.'s Record Plant, material such as 'Faces the Crowd', 'Windy City' and 'There You Go with My Baby' found the quartet largely abandoning their psychedelic-tinged past in favor of an above average collection of Steppenwolf-styled hard rock. Full of tasty Potter/Prince twin guitars ('Coming' was particularly good), and tight group harmonies it may not have been the year's most original offering, but still managed to blow away most of the competition. Elsewhere, the only misstep was the band's ill advised step into country-rock ('Love People'). Unfortunately, on the heels of a brief Texas tour the group collapsed. (Curiously, in 20 years we've only seen two copies of the album - both white label promos.)  For true collectors there's also a Demian 45:


- 1971's 'Face the Crowd' b/w 'Love People' (ABC catalog number ABC-11297)

"Demian" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Face the Crowd (Roy Cox) - 2:53
2.) Windy City (Roy Cox) - 5:18
3.) Love People (Todd Potter) - 2:44
4.) Coming (Roy Cox - Rod Prince) - 5:30

(side 2)

1.) Todd's Tune (Todd Potter) - 3:19
2.) No More Tenderness (Roy Cox - Rod Prince) - 3:50
3.) There You Go with My Baby (Todd Potter) - 4:54
4.) Only a Loner (Roy Cox - Rod Prince) - 4:54

In 1979 Potter and Prince reunited in the short-lived Sirius, releasing one LP on their Elcric label.


In 1973 the small Rock Star Farm label reissued the LP (catalog number ARC 33-01). 1994 saw TRC Records reissue it in CD format (catalog number 048.)




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