Yeah, everyone and their mother seems to have recently published a 'desert island' LP list.  Given my total lack of originality, there's no reason for me to be any different.  That leads to the usual disclaimers such as there's nothing special or scientific behind my choices.  They're in alphabetical order and are pulled from the 1,900 reviews I've published on my website over the last couple of years.  The choices include albums from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and span quite a few musical genres.  The one thing they share is that each represents an LP that I've repeatedly enjoyed over the years, though just because I liked something in the past doesn't mean I'll continue to enjoy it in the future.  Moreover, something that I love, you may consider to be nothing more than commercial sellout ("Buckingham Nicks").  S'okay, here are choices (subject to change at any time).  You can click on the artist name to get more information.





Anonymous "Inside the Shadow"

Baroques, The "The Baroques"

Big Star "Number One Record"

Buckingham Nicks "Buckingham Nicks"

Byrds, The "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"

Cale, John "Guts"

Clark, Gene "Gene Clark and the Godsin Brothers"

Colours "Colours"

Duke, Doris "I'm a Loser"

Ellie Pop "Ellie Pop"

Fallen Angels, The "It's a Long Way Down"

Felt "Felt"

Franklin, Aretha "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You"

Kinks, The "Something Else By the Kinks"

Kinks, The "The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society"

Mouse "Lady Killer"

Nektar "Down To Earth"

One Way Ticket "Time Is Right"

Owen-B "Owen-B"

Oxfords, The "Flying Up Through the Sky"

Ramases "Space Hymns"

Ramases "Glass Top Coffin"

Rhodes, Emitt "Emitt Rhodes"

Rhodes, Emitt "Farewell To Paradise"

Zombies, The "Odessey & Oracle"


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