Dodd, Dick

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- Dick Dodd - vocals, drums




- The Bel-Aires (Dick Dodd)

- The Casuals (Dick Dodd)

- Eddie and the Showmen (Dick Dodd)

- Joshua (Dick Dodd)

- The Standells (Dick Dodd)





Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  First Evolution of Dick Dodd

Company: Tower

Catalog: ST-5142

Year: 1968

Country/State: W

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor ring wear on cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4

Price: $60.00

Cost: $66.00


Any way you stack it up, Dick Dodd started out life with quite an impressive resume.  One of the original Mouseketeers, his-post Disney career included stints singing and playing drums for a number of Southern California bands including The Bel-Aires, The Casuals, Eddie and the Showmen and The Standells.


Following The Standells' 1967 breakup, Dodd stepped into a solo career with the release of an instantly obscure single:


- 1967s 'Fanny' b/w 'Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name'' (Attarack catalog number 103)


The single did little commercially, though it attracted the attention of Tower Records, which promptly financed a sophomore 45 (1968's 'Little Sister' b/w 'Lonely Weekend' (Tower catalog number 447)).  Again, the 45 did little commercially, but Tower decided to finance an album.  


1968's "First Evolution of Dick Dodd" teamed Dodd with Standells' producer/writer Ed Cobb and Buddy Bowie.  Sure, 'Stone Blues Man' recalled The Standells rough and tumble garage attack, but for the most part the album downplayed the former's gritty attack in favor of a more polished and commercial sound.  That may not sound very promising to some folks, but Dodd had one of those versatile voices that allowed him to effortlessly handle a wide variety of musical styles.  Anyone doubting that comment need only listen to the top-40ish 'Twenty-Four Hours of Loneliness', or the blue-eyed soul-ish 'Mary, Mary Row Your Boat'.   (The LP also included both sides of the earlier 45.)  Certainly not essential, but a nice sidebar for Standells fans.

"First Evolution of Dick Dodd" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Lonely Weekends

2.) Tell the Truth

3.) Stone Blues Man

4.) You Lied To Your Daddy

5.) Under Construction


(side 2)

1.) Hope

2.) Twenty-Four Hours of Loneliness

3.) Little Sister

4.) Mary, Mary Row Your Boat

5.) Here We Go Again


Though we've never heard it, there's also a third, non-LP single: - 1968's 'Guilty' b/w 'Requiem 820' (Tower catalog number 490)



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