Band members               Related acts

David W. Hoag -- vocals, guitar, mandolin, synthesizers


- John Volio -- vocals, guitar (1978)


  supporting musicians

- Larry Davis -- drums (1978)

- Nancy Fannin -- vocals (1978)

- Cheryl McIlvaine -- vocals (1978)

- Kevin McIlvaine -- bass (1978)

- Randy Pregibon -- lead guitar (1978)

- Greg Smith -- keyboards (1978)




- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Gypsies In the Mist

Company: Winderland

Catalog: 31778
Year: 1978

Country/State: Salem, Ohio

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: still in shrink wrap; includes lyric sheet

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5479

Price: $350.00


I own about 35,000 LPs (yes I am a vinylholic and need help) and out off that collection, perhaps 2,000 are rare with a value of over $100.  Out of that group of rare LPs, I'd say there are 500 that are exceedingly rare and then there are about 100 that are 'holy grail' collectables.  This Salem, Ohio based duo probably falls under the latter category.


From a biographical standpoint 1978's "Gypsies In the Mist"  is kind of an interesting item.  A true private press reportedly limited to 800 copies, dealers hype it with the standard psych and acid-folk tag lines, but as is usually the case those descriptions are only partially apt.  The group consisted of the Reverend David W. Hoag (vocals and multi-instrumentalist) and his sidekick singer/guitarist John Volio.  They were backed by a group of six credited friends.  The Reverend clearly had a longstanding interest in music, but based on the liner notes, found the inspiration to cut an album in a Bob Dylan interview. To quote the liner notes: "And finally, to Bob Dylan for his unintentional encouragement in the March 1978 Playboy interview: "You can be a priest and in Rock 'n' Roll"."


S'alright what's this baby sound like?  With Hoag responsible for all ten tracks, the music offered up a mix of straight forward rock ('Empty Bars') and acoustic folkie numbers like 'Secrets of the Past' and 'Brothers'.  As lead singer Hoag was an okay performer, if somewhat anonymous and occasionally a bit flat.  The addition of a couple of female backup singers in Nancy Fannin and Cheryl McIlvaine helped round off some of the edges.  On the other hand the backing (particularly lead guitarist Randy Pregibon) was surprisingly strong.  Similarly the overall production qualities were far better than I would have expected.  The album sports plenty of social and political commentary ('Brothers'), but perhaps due to Hoag's line of work, I've always heard a slight religious orientation in songs like 'Summer Sun' and 'Move a Mountain' (the latter sporting a great lead guitar from Pregibon).  It's certainly nothing blatant and the influence may be nothing more than my imagination, though every time I've listened to the LP I've flashed back to my teen years and Saturday evening folk masses in my local Catholic Church (I can hear tons of you screaming 'no way I'm interested in this one ...').  Best of the lot were the hypnotic, harpsichord propelled ballad 'Places, Faces, Paces' and the heavily phased 'The Madman and the Angel' which actually came close to showcasing some psych moves.  A little too serious and bland for my tastes, but there are certainly folks out there who will groove to this one.


No idea what Reverend Hoag is doing, but Volio apparently found made a career working for the state of Ohio as an auditor.


"Gypsies In the Mist" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Empty Bars   (David W. Hoag) - 4:55

2.) Summer Sun   (David W. Hoag) - 4:36

3.) Secrets of the Past   (David W. Hoag) - 4:50

4.) Brothers  (David W. Hoag) - 3:03

5.) Move a Mountain   (David W. Hoag) - 5:01


(side 2)
1.) Gypsies In the Mist   (David W. Hoag) - 6:27

2.) Places, Faces, Paces   (David W. Hoag) - 5:26

3.) The Madman and the Angel   (David W. Hoag) - 5:22

4.) Something To Hang On To   (David W. Hoag) - 5:17



For anyone looking to check the album out on the cheap, the collection's been reissued at least twice, though I have no idea about sound quality, or whether or not these are legitimate packages, or bootlegs:


- a 500 copy vinyl pressing by the Spanish Wohn label (catalog number WHN 007LP)

- a  CD format release by the French Underground Masters label (catalog number UM 011CD)