Eastfield Meadows

Band members               Related acts

- John Bierber - (1968)

- David Carpenter - (1968)

- Wayne Grajeda - (1968)

- Tony Harris - (1968)

- Dwight Payne - (1968)

- James Whittemore - (1968)



- Bob Williams and Wayne Grajeda 





Genre: country-rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Eastfield Meadows

Company: VMC

Catalog: VS133

Year: 1968

Country/State: USA

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: small promo sticker on front cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4222

Price: $120.00

Cost: $30.00


Even though I'd never even heard of Eastfield Meadows, I grabbed this LP due to the fact "The David" (one of my favorite slices of mid-1960s psych) is also on the Vance Music Company (VMD) label.  


In terms of biographical information I simply haven't been able to dig up much on this outfit.  The minimal liner notes on their sole LP don't add much information.  Apparently from California, the line-up seems to have consisted of John Bierber, David Carpenter, Wayne Grajeda, Tony Harris, Dwight Payne and James Whittemore.  The liner notes don't even tell you what instruments each member played ...  All six members contributed material though the back cover only showed five guys, leading to speculation on my part that Harris wasn't a full member.  So what's the Hatch produced cleverly titled "Eastfield Meadows" sound like?   Exemplified by material such as 'You're Nowhere' and 'Love's Gone' the predominant sound is harmony-rich country-rock a-la Gram Parsons era Byrds.  'Travelin' Salesman' and 'Cowboy Song (The Time Spent)' actually sound a little like something Michael Nesmith might have penned for The Monkees.  Less typical, 'Only Girl' and 'Silent Night' sport more of a rock/psych-oriented sound, while 'Young Love' sounds like an early Buffalo Springfield effort and the ballad 'Helpless Is a Feeling' recalls The Association.  In case anyone cares, VMC pulled two instantly obscure singles from the LP:


- 1968's 'Silent Night' b/w 'Love's Gone' (VMC catalog number V-734)

- 1968's 'Travelin' Salesman' b/w 'Helpless Is a Feeling' (VMC catalog number V-736) 


One other piece of needless trivia, the actual track sequence differs from what's shown on the back cover liner notes.  


"Eastfield Meadows" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Travelin' Salesman   (Wayne Grajeda) - 

2.) Only Girl   (James Whittemore) - 2:35

3.) You're Nowhere   (Dwight Payne) - 2:26

4.) Cowboy Song (The Time Spent)   (Wayne Grajeda) - 3:01

5.) Love's Gone  (James Whittemore) - 4:15


(side 2)

1.) Weekend   (Tony Harris) - 3:21

2.) The Price   (Wayne Grajeda) - 3:25

3.) Helpless Is a Feeling   (David Carpenter) - 2:20

4.) Young Love   (James Whittemore - Wayne Grajeda) - 2:40

5.) Silent Night   (John Bierber - James Whittemore - Wayne Grajeda) - 4:01


One final non-LP 45, 1968's Vic Brigg's produced 'Friend of Unequal Parallel' b/w 'Love All Men Can Share' (VMC catalog number V-745) and the band was history.

Harris went on to work the production side of the business. Grajeda seems to have kept his hand in music and has a small website at:






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