Emerald City

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  line up 1 

- Matthew Enright -- vocals, guitar
- George Gardos -- bass (?)
- Patrick Saraceno -- drums




- Matthew Enright (solo efforts)




Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Waiting for the Dawn

Company: Hippopotamus

Catalog: HLP 97202

Year: 1976

Country/State: Canada

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: still in shrink wrap

Available: 1

Catalog ID: not yet listed

Price: $150.00

Cost: $1.00


Mid-1970s Canadian hard rock bands aren't exactly a novel concept. So, on the surface there wouldn't appear to be much to distinguish Emerald City from a slew competitors. The fact that today the band (singer/guitarist Matthew Enright, bassist George Gardos and drummer Patrick Saraceno), is hopelessly obscure would seem to reinforce the contention these guys didn't have much to offer. Wrong, wrong, wrong !!! 

Released by the small Canadian Hippopotamus Records, the trio's 1976's debut "Waiting for the Dawn" was recorded in Quebec with Joey Perno and Enright producing. With Enright credited with penning all ten selections, tracks such as the instrumental 'Guiding', 'Hold Of My Soul' and the pseudo-funky 'Rythmn Highway' (sic) offered up an intriguing blend of surprisingly commercial moves and Hendrix-styled guitar. At the risk of scaring some of you off, mid-'70s Frank Marino and Robin Trower come to mind, though it isn't an exact comparison. While Marino and Trower worshipped at the Hendrix alter, these guys kept a respective distance. Among the few complaints, the female backing chorus was occasionally disconcerting ('Hold of My Soul'). One if the biggest surprised I've discovered the last year and an album that regularly visits our turntable (well actually the CDR I burned). 

"Waiting for the Dawn" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Opening Lines   (Matthew Enright) - 0:53
2.) Rythmn Highway   (Matthew Enright) - 3:16
3.) Hold Of My Soul   (Matthew Enright) - 2:10
4.) Sass   (Matthew Enright) - 2:20
5.) Guiding (instrumental)   (Matthew Enright) - 3:22

(side 2)

1.) Lonely Lady   (Matthew Enright) - 3:03
2.) Walk On   (Matthew Enright) - 3:22
3.) Waiting for the Dawn   (Matthew Enright) - 2:22
4.) Expressions   (Matthew Enright) - 3:42
5.) Little Red   (Matthew Enright) - 4:48

Also note that the LP was booted in the mid-1990s. No idea how you distinguish originals from counterfeits. Anyone out there know?