Eternity's Children

Band members               Related acts

- Bruce Blackman -- keyboards (1966-68)

- Jerry Bounds -- lead guitar (1966-68)

- Linda Lawley -- vocals (1967-69)

- Mike 'Kid' McClain -- keyboards (replaced 

  Bruce Blackman) (1968-69)

- Charles Ross III -- vocals, bass (1966-69)

- Johnny Walker -- lead guitar (1966-68)

- Roy Whitaker -- drums, percussion (1966-69)



- Korona (Bruce Blackman)

- Neurotic Sheep (Mike McClain)

- Charles Ross III (solo efforts)

- Starbuck (Bruce Blackman)





Genre: pop

Rating: 4 stars ****

Title:  Eternity's Children

Company: Tower

Catalog:  5132

Year: 1968

Country/State: Cleveland, Mississippi

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: --

Available: SOLD

Catalog ID: SOLD 5233

Price: SOLD $80.00


Keyboardist Bruce Blackman, guitarist Jerry Bounds, bass player Charles Ross III, and drummer Roy Whitaker started out as members of the Cleveland, Mississippi-based The Phantoms.  By 1967 they'd relocated to Biloxi, picked up lead singer Linda Lawley and a new, hipper name in the form of Eternity's Children.  


Finding mentors in the form of Guy Belello and Ray Roy, the band relocated to Los Angeles where they scored a contract with A&M, releasing the single 'Rumors' b/w 'Wait and See' (A&M catalog number 866).  While the single did nothing commercially, it attracted Capitol's Tower subsidiary which promptly signed them to a contract resulting in the release of a sophomore 45. Produced by Curt Boettcher and Keith Olsen, 1968's 'Mrs. Bluebird' b/w 'Little Boy' (Tower catalog number 416) provided the group with a modest hit. Unfortunately before they could record a supporting album disagreements over musical direction saw the group undergo a major personnel shakeup with Blackman, Bounds and Walker quitting. 


Adding former Neurotic Sheep keyboardist Mike McClain to the line up the survivors soldiered on, releasing 1968's Curt Boettcher produced "Eternity's Children".  Though none of the ten tracks were originals, musically the album was a minor surprise, mixing ample doses of highly commercial 'sunshine' pop with occasional touches of light psych ('Flowers').  As lead singers Lawton and Ross had likeable, if somewhat anonymous voices which made them the perfect foils for Boettcher's highly orchestrated arrangement and production effects.  Giving credit where due, Lawton displayed some true character on the pretty ballad 'Your World', in the process displaying one of the few flashes of band originality.  Anyone into Curt Boettcher's work with Millennium, or Sagittarius would get a kick out of selections like 'Again Again', 'Lifetime Day' and 'Flowers' (the latter was actually written and recorded by Millennium).  Other highlights included the piece of social commentary 'Rupert White', the Boettcher-penned 'You Know I'll Fine a Way' and ''Mrs. Bluebird' (the latter sounding like something by Spanky and Our Gang with a killer fuzz guitar solo slapped on it).  Sure, it wasn't perfect. Tracks like 'My Happiness Day and 'Little Boy' were way too MOR, sounding like Mamas & Papa's outtakes and you were left with the feeling these guys really weren't much of a band, rather little more than a tool for Boettcher to play with.  Elsewhere Tower tapped the album for a single in the form of 'Sunshine Among Us' b/w 'Rupert White' (Tower catalog number 439).  


"Eternity's Children" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Again Again   (B. Tinker) - 3:02

2.) Rupert White   (K. Johnson - J. Ritchey - B. Hopps) - 2:09

3.) Flowers   (Michael Fennelly) - 3:50

4.) My Happiness Day   (S. Dell) - 3:07

5.) Lifetime Day   (S. Dell) - 2:35


(side 2)
1.) Mrs. Bluebird   (Karl Marlon) - 3:15

2.) Your World   (Karl Marlon) - 2:35

3.) You Know I'll Fine a Way   (Curt Boettcher) - 1:50

4.) Little Boy   (D. Anthony) - 3:08

5.) Sunshine Among Us   (Karl Marlon) - 2:44   




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