Fabulous Rhinestones, The

Band members               Related acts

- Harvey Brooks -- bass, backing vocals (1971-74)

- Kal David -- vocals, guitar (1971-74)

- Marty Grebb -- vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, sax,

  guitar (1971-74)




- The Buckinghams (Marty Grebb)

- Chicago (Marty Grebb)

- Kal David (solo efforts)

- The Electric Flag (Harvey Brooks)

- The Exceptions (Marty Grebb)

- Marty Grebb (solo efforts)

- Illinois Speed Press (Kal David)

- Lovecraft (Marty Grebb)





Genre: pop

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  The Fabulous Rhinestones

Company: Just Sunshine

Catalog: JSS 1

Country/State: San Francisco, California

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: gatefold sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5472

Price: $20.00


Given their musical credentials you'd think San Francisco's The Fabulous Rhinestones would have generated considerable attention and commensurate sales.  Didn't happen ...


In 1971 Woodstock promoter Michael Lang became interested in financing a band.  He got in touch with bassist Harvey Brooks who'd previously been a member of The Electric Flag and an in-demand sessions player.  Brooks brought buddy and ex-Illinois Speed Press guitarist Kal David into the project, rounding out the lineup with keyboardist Marty Grebb.  Grebb's resume was equally impressive including stints with The Exceptions, The Buckingham, and Lovecraft.    


Self-produced, 1972's cleverly titled "The Fabulous Rhinestones" took awhile to click with me. 



The LP was tapped for a pair of singles in the form of:

-  'What a Wonderful Thing We Have' b/w 'Nothing New' (Just Sunshine catalog number #500)

- 'Free' b/w '' (Just Sunshine catalog number #501)


"The Fabulous Rhinestones" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Nothing New   (Kal David) - 5:04

2.) Easy As You Make It   (Kal David) - 3:36

3.) Just Can't Turn My Back On You   (Marty Grebb) - 3:42

4.) Living On My Own Time   (Kal David) - 3:26

5.) Free   (Harvey Brooks) - 4:15


(side 2)
1.) What a Wonderful Thing We Have   (Marty Grebb - Harvey Brooks) - 4:55

2.) Live It Out To the End   (Marty Grebb - Kal David) - 3:41

3.) Harmonize   (Marty Grebb - Hal Brooks - Reinol Andino) - 3:12

4.) Big Indian   (Kal David) - 4:03

5.) Positive Direction   (Marty Grebb) - 5:12



Genre: pop

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Freewheelin'

Company: Just Sunshine

Catalog: JSS 9
Year: 1973

Country/State: San Francisco, California

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: original lyric inner sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5459

Price: $15.00


Produced by Bill Szymczyk on Lang's Just Sunshine label, 1973's "Freewheelin'" offered up a first-rate set of early-1970s AOR pop.  With all three members contributing material, tracks like 'Down To the City', 'Go with Change' and 'What Becomes of Your Life' bore more than a passing resemblance to Robert Lamm, Terry Kath and Chicago. The Brecker Brothers were even there to provide horn arrangements.  That may not seem like a very promising comparison to some folks, but I'm talking about early career Chicago when they still knew how to craft a rock song ...  Perhaps no surprise to learn that Grebb late went on to play with Chicago.   With the exception of the cocktail jazzy instrumental 'Whitecaps' virtually any one of these tracks would have made a decent 45, though Just Sunshine managed to pick what was probably the least appropriate song for a single - 'Freewheelin'' b/w 'Whitecaps' (Just Sunshine catalog number #509).  Given these guys weren't the best looking trio you've every heard it might not have been a total surprise to discover the album did sell squat.  


"Freehweelin'" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Freewheelin'   (Marty Grebb - Harvey Brooks - Kat McCord) - 3:07

2.) Down To the City   (Kal David - Marty Grebb) - 4:22   

3.) Go with Change   (Kal David - Marty Grebb - Harvey Brooks) - 3:55

4.) What Becomes of Your Life - Marty Grebb) - 3:54

5.) Vicious Circle   (Kal David - Marty Grebb) - 4:46


(side 2)
1.) Do It Like Ya Mean It   (Marty Grebb - David Thomas) - 4:05

2.) Roots With You Girl   (Kal David - Marty Grebb - Harvey Brooks -- Kat McCord) - 4:19

3.) Hurt Somebody   (Leon Russell) - 4:18

4.) Whitecaps (instrumental)   (Marty Grebb - Harvey Brooks - Kal David - David Sanborn) - 5:30





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