Fifty Foot Hose

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- David Blossom -- guitar, keyboards (1967-69)
- Nancy Blossom -- vocals (1967-69)
- Larry Evans -- vocals, guitar (1967-69)
- Kim Kimsey -- drums, percussion (1967-69)
- Cork Marcheschi -- electronics (1967-69) 



- Ethix (Cork Marcheschi)
- Hoodoo Rhythm Devils (Kim Kimsey) 


Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Cauldron

Company: Limelight

Catalog: LS 86062

Year: 1967

Country/State: Sweden

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: minor ring wear; tape on top seam; writing on cover (50c)

Available: 1

GEMM Catalog ID: not yet listed

Price: $50.00


This one takes some getting use to ... Imagine Grace Slick and the Airplane crossed with Yoko Ono and a bank of out of control moog synthesizers and you'll have a feel for Fifty Foot Hose. 

Based in San Francisco (why wasn't I surprised), bassist/electronics expert Cork Marcheschi started out playing in the band Ethix. The group managed to record an instantly obscure, privately pressed 1966 single ("Bad Trip" b/w "Skins"), before metamorphosing into Fifty Foot Hose. With a line up consisting of Marcheschi, guitarist/keyboard player David Blossom, vocalist Nancy Blossom (David's wife), singer/guitarist Larry Evans, drummer Kim Kimsey and the band began jamming, eventually recording a series of demos. One of the demos attracted the attention of Mercury's experimentally oriented Limelight subsidiary, and with the major labels desperate to sign anyone from San Francisco, they quickly found themselves with a contract.

Released in 1967, their debut "Cauldron" teamed them with produced/engineer Dan Healy. Musically the set's certainly different. Featuring a mixture of conventional rock instrumentation (bass, drums and guitar), the instrumental lineup was rounded out by a formidable array of Marcheschi's electronics (he's credited with audio generators, echolette, squeaky box, siren, ringing oscillator circuits, thereman, etc.). While the instrumental "And After" started the set out slowly (we thought our record player needle was stuck), propelled by Blossom's nifty voice, the quintet proved more than competent musicians, generating considerable energy on original material such as "If Not This Time", "Red the Sign Post" and parts of the extend "Fantasy". Sure, the set wasn't perfect. Marcheschi's sound effects may have been cutting edge at the time, but on tracks such as their cover of Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" they were merely an irritating distraction and Blossom's treated vocals on the title track were enough to drive anyone insane. Needless to say, the set was immediately consigned to cutout bins.

"Cauldron" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) And After (instrumental) (Cork Marcheschi) - 2:05
2.) If Not This Time (David Blossom) - 3:40
3.) Opus 777 (instrumental) (Cork Marcheschi) - 0:22
4.) The Things That Concern You (Larry Evans) - 3:25
5.) Opus 11 (instrumental) (Cork Marcheschi) - 0:22

(side 2)

1.) Red the Sign Post (T. Roswicky - David Blossom) - 2:55
2.) For Paula (instrumental) (Cork Marcheschi) - 0:24
3.) Rose (David Blossom) - 5:03
4.) Fantasy (David Blossom) - 10:08
5.) God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday) - 2:42
6.) Cauldron (David Blossom - Cork Marcheschi - Kim Kimsey) - 4:55

Faced with the need to make a living and pay their bills, the group quickly broke up, several members joining a touring group for the musical "Hair". Marcheschi subsequently turned his attention to sculpture. Kemsey reappeared as a member of the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils.



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